Michael: te stood in front of the full length mirror in just your bra and panties and sighed as te stared at yourself. Disgust was the thing te saw. Michael came in behind te and wrapped his arms around your waist. “Don’t do this to yourself, (YN).” “I don’t like what i see in the mirror, Michael.” te detto it anyway and Michael shook his head. “You need too, cause you’re beautiful. Damn gorgeous if i do say so myself.”

Luke: te saw all the stretch marks and sighed. Why did Luke Amore te when te had all those horrible nasty marks all over your body. Luke seemed to have read your mind as he walked out of the bathroom and saw te staring at yourself in the mirror. “(YN), te may not like what te see in the mirror, but i Amore what i see, you’re gorgeous. Those marks are a part of te and i Amore them.”

Ashton: te just wanted to lose the weight that te had gained with your pregnancy, but so far, it wasn’t budging. “Ashton, damn te for getting me pregnant, the extra fat isn’t leaving!” te screamed and Ashton came into the room with your 5 week old son in his arms. “You need to give yourself some time, (YN), you’ll lose it, trust me, soon we’ll be able to have sex again and it’ll be gone in no time!” te giggled. “Yeah, now i Amore what i see.” te joked with yourself.

Calum: He sat on the letto and watched as te pinched and poked all over your body. “(YN), will te stop doing that and come over here and cuddle with your boyfriend?” he said, a tint of annoyance in his voice. te sighed before turning around and pointing at the mirror. “That thing does not do me justice, it makes me look horrible!” te say as te flop onto the bed. Calum laughs. “(YN), te cannot let the mirror be better then you, mostra the mirror whos’ boss!” te lifted your head up. “Ok, me, you, we run everyday starting tomorrow morning!” He was about to say no when te put a finger to his lips. “No, te detto that i had to be better then the mirror, so you’re going to help me! successivo time think before te speak!”

a/n: sorry i got carried away with Calum’s haha