Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

Song: link
The cerchio comes in from the right. When it stops, a bolt of lightning appears, followed da the name, WindWakerGuy430

Announcer: Good morning New Jersey. We hope you're having a pleasant giorno as we get some Rock N' Roll playing.

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SeanTheHedgehog & windwakerguy430 Present

Six Shooters

Starring SeanTheHedgehog as Alan Martinez
windwakerguy430 as Harry Penn
John Pankow as Captain Ford
Kristen campana, bell as Amy
Ashleigh Ball as Camryn Jones

Also starring

Robert Pine as Andrew McLaren
Oscar Isaac as Daniel Astrachan

Harry: *Wakes up in his bed, and gets up*
Amy: *Downstairs making eggs with bacon* Are te up yet honey?
Harry: Yeah. I'll be right there. *Turns off the radio, and puts on a pair of slippers*

Cape May, 1963

Harry: *Walks downstairs*
Amy: Good morning.
Harry: Morning honey. *Sits down at the table* Almost done? I gotta get to the station in 20 minutes.
Amy: te have plenty of time.

Alan was wearing a dark blue suit, with black shoes. He was with three other men in similar outfits, walking over a bridge crossing the Delaware River.

Man 3: Now that we told Pennsylvania about the guys, what do we do?
Alan: We head back to the cafe. If they leave before we get back, they'll get 'em. If we get there before they leave, they're ours.
Man 2: Just a simple bust.
Man 1: I don't like it.
Alan: te think it's a trap?
Man 1: Yeah.

The four of them entered the cafe. Inside, a jukebox was playing this song: link

Alan: *Pulls out a .38 Snub nose* Okay te five, you're coming with us.
Man 63: What makes te say that?
Alan: te wanna eat a bullet? Come with me, and you, and your Friends are gonna go up to a lovely place called Jail.
Man 63: I don't think te understand-
Alan: No, te don't understand. You've pulled off a lot of crazy stunts before, but this is the end of the line for you. te crazy cock sucker.
Man 63: Boys, waste these cops.
Men: *Standing up, and pointing pistols at Alan, and his three men*
Man 63: te got a lot of nerve trying to shut us down.
Alan: *Looking at his men* Run!! *Leaves the cafe*
Men: *Shooting Alan's partners*
Alan: *Runs out to the parking lot, taking cover behind a Mercury*
Man 95: *Comes out with a Tommygun* Come back Alan! We want to see you, and your tiny six shooter.
Alan: Okay asshole! Here I am!! *Stands up, and shoots the man in the head*
Man 95: *Falls down*
Alan: *Shoots three più of the bad guys through a window*
Man 56: Over there!! *Shooting at Alan with a shotgun*
Alan: *Shoots him, and another guy. He reloads while heading back to the cafe*
Man 63: He's killing everyone with one shot.
Man 76: Sir, we should leave!
Man 63: No we're not. We gotta protect the dope.
Alan: *Steps back in* I'll protect it for you.
Man 63: Shit!
Alan: *Shoots both men*

As Alan was collecting the dope, a police car pulled up. On the door was a New Jersey State Police logo.

Alan: *Looks at the car, then at the men he just killed. Then he looks at his dead partners*
People: *Staring at Alan, with fear*
Alan: *Looking at the other people* What the hell are te staring at me for? Get back to your business.

Alan was now in the office of his superior. Lieutenant Daley.

Lieutenant Daley: Alan Martinez. You're a Corporal in the police force, not the army.
Alan: Are te kidding? They shot at me first. It was me, o them.
Lieutenant Daley: Look, Martinez, te have two stripes. I wanna see te make it to three. You've been getting in too many fights for three years now. You're nearly getting yourself killed, and your wife divorced te last anno because of that. I think what te need is a change in scenery.
Alan: Are te saying I should go on vacation?
Lieutenant Daley: No. I'm saying te should go on a temporary transfer.
Alan: A temporary transfer?
Lieutenant Daley: One week. Cape May. Nothing ever goes on there, so do your job, and don't get into anymore trouble.
Alan: *Leaves the building* That's why he wants me to go to Cape May? Because nothing goes on there? *Gets into his 1962 Corvette, and drives away*

His Corvette is in this picture:

Alan: At least Daley was generous enough to give me $2,000 for the hotel.

Meanwhile at Cape May

Harry: *Walks into the police station*
Captain Ford: Harry, I need to talk to you.
Harry: Yes sir. *Walks with the Captain to his office*

In the office

Captain Ford: Harry, you're the best Sargent this police department could ask for.
Harry: Thanks sir.
Captain Ford: That's why I'm giving te this assignment. *Gives Harry a folder*
Harry: *Looks in the folder. In it is a picture of Alan with his info*
Captain Ford: Information on one of our guys, coming here for a temporary transfer from Frenchtown.
Harry: Two reprimands, and a 90 giorno suspension. What the hell does this guy do?
Captain Ford: Whatever it is, it's your job to stop him. Help him turn over a new leaf, and become a better officer.
Harry: Yes sir. Do te know when he'll be here?
Captain Ford: Noon. He's driving here, heading to the Cape Harbor Hotel Inn.
Harry: I'll wait there for him when he arrives.
Captain Ford: Good.

Alan arrived at the Cape Harbor Hotel Inn. He parked his car right successivo to the pool.

Alan: *Gets out of the car*
Camryn: *Walks out of a house in front of the hotel* Alan Martinez?
Alan: Yes ma'am.
Camryn: I'm Camryn Jones. The owner of this hotel.
Alan: Pleased to meet you.
Camryn: Your Lieutenant says you're staying here for ten days.
Alan: I guess so. *Holding $2,000* And he gave me this, to give to you.
Camryn: The 4th of July is two days away. We have a discount on that, so te only have to give me 1,900.
Alan: *Puts one of the hundred dollar bills in his pocket, and gives Camryn $1,900* There te are ma'am.
Camryn: *Gives Alan the key to his room* 211. 2nd door on the right, of the 2nd floor.
Alan: 211 huh? I hope none of those occur here. You're too pretty to be robbed.
Camryn: Pretty? No one has ever called me that before.
Alan: What are te doing tonight Miss. Jones?
Camryn: Oh, I don't know.
Harry: *Parks his Cadillac successivo to Alan's Corvette* Mr. Martinez?
Alan: te better not be a gangster.
Harry: I'm Harry Penn of the New Jersey State Police. Are te Alan Martinez, o not?
Alan: I am.
Harry: *Gets out of the car, and sticks his hand out for a handshake*
Alan: *Pulls out his .38* Not so fast. If you're really a police officer, you'll mostra me your badge.
Harry: Suit yourself. *Takes his badge out of his pocket*
Alan: *Looks at Harry's badge, and gives it back to him* And, some I.D. If your name's not Harry Penn, I'll shoot you.
Harry: *Grabs his driver's license in his car* Whatever te say Martinez.
Alan: *Looks at his license* Okay Mr. Penn. What's going on?
Harry: I've been assigned to work with you.
Alan: Okay. Now I'll take the handshake. *Shakes Harry's hand* Sorry if I made te uncomfortable, but I have trouble trusting some people.
Harry: I know what te mean.

Alan heard a voice on Harry's radio

Dispatch: Attention all units, hit & run suspect, eastbound on spiaggia Avenue, just passing Cabana's spiaggia Bar & Grille.
Alan: Hey, how long have te lived on this island?
Harry: Five years. Why?
Alan: Does spiaggia Avenue intersect with this street?
Harry: Yes. Why are you-
Alan: Dispatch, have the pursuing units get the suspect heading to the Cape Harbor Hotel Inn on Pittsburgh Avenue. I'll stop him.
Dispatch: 10-4.
Harry: What are te going to do?
Alan: Watch me. *Walks to the street*
Harry: I don't think I want to.
Alan: *Gets into the middle of the street, watching a Red falco, falcon being pursued da two police cars. He aims his gun at the driver*
Driver: What the he-
Alan: *Shoots the window*
Driver: *Spins out of control, hitting a tree. He lays on the horn, unconscious*
Alan: *Walking towards the car*
Harry: *Runs up to Alan* te killed him!
Alan: No I didn't. The bullet didn't even hit him. He knocked himself out da crashing into the tree.

Once Alan got to the Falcon, he opened the door, and the driver woke up.

Alan: Come on. You're under arrest.
Police Officers: *Looking at Alan* What were te thinking?
Alan: *Shows his badge* te wanted him to be stopped? I did it.

Harry took Alan to the police station. They were walking to the shooting range

Harry: What do te think of the briefing room?
Alan: It's just a briefing room. Who gives a damn?
Harry: te don't have to talk like that. te could have just detto the three words, I don't care.
Alan: Fine, I don't care. *Reaches the shooting range with Harry* Alright, now what?
Harry: We practice.
Alan: Suit yourself. *Takes out his .38*
Harry: *Takes out his .357* te need to replace that little snub nose, and quickly.
Alan: What for? It gets the job done.
Harry: You're so interested in killing, why don't te get a six shooter with a longer barrel like mine?
Alan: Don't need to.
Harry: *Shoots two bullets into the bulls eye of a target* Don't need to?
Alan: It doesn't matter what gun te use, as long as te hit the critical parts of a human body.
Harry: The critical parts of a human body?
Alan: The head, neck, o heart. Any of those three critical points, and your target goes down with only one bullet.
Harry: What if te miss?
Alan: I never miss.
Harry: Okay. Let's see what te got.
Alan: Okay. *Looks at the body target in front of him* The head. *Shoots a bullet on the head* The neck. *Shoots the neck* And the heart. *Shoots the heart* Those are the three critical points my friend. When you're done practicing, I'll be waiting for te da the water cooler. *Leaves the shooting range*
Harry: Working with this bastard maybe tougher than I thought. *Shoots his target*

Meanwhile at the train station.

Engineer: *Stops his train at the station*
Daniel: *Gets off with Andrew*
Women: *Staring at Daniel*
Daniel: Yes sir, this is it. Welcome to America. *Walks with Andrew to a taxi* Wait for us!
Taxi Man: *Opens the back door for Daniel, and Andrew*
Daniel: *Gets in with Andrew*
Andrew: *Holding a piece of paper* Can te take us to this address lad? I need to pick up a brand new Corvette.
Taxi Man: Right away sir. *Drives the car* It's only two blocks away. te could have just walked there-
Andrew: *Pointing a Walther at the driver* I'm an old man te Yankee Bastard. Don't act like a smart ass.
Taxi Man: *Stops at a dealership* Here we are sir. Have a good day.
Andrew: That's better. Have più respect for your elders, especially the foreign ones. *Steps out of the taxi*
Daniel: *Gives the Taxi Driver 20 dollars* Don't tell anyone about this. *Gets out*
Taxi Driver: *Drives away*

Harry, and Alan were patrolling the streets of Cape May, in Harry's Cadillac. They were parallel to the beach.

Alan: te must have saved a lot of money to buy one of these.
Harry: That, and I used some of the money I got from selling my house in The Bronx to sposta here.
Alan: te moved here from The Bronx?
Harry: Yeah. It was a hell hole. As soon as I scraped up enough money, me and my wife left.
Alan: Is that where te were born?
Harry: No, Brooklyn. When I was 5, I moved there with my parents.
Alan: When was this?
Harry: 1945.
Alan: Okay, so te were born in 1940. Now you're 23. How'd te get to be a Sargent so quickly?
Harry: When I joined last year, I had a meeting with the Captain. I thought I did something wrong, but he detto that I was setting a fine example for everyone in the force. There were no Corporal spots available, so they just made me a Sargent.
Alan: I'm 25 years old, and I'm still a Corporal.
Harry: You'll make it to Sargent one day. Just stop shooting at people.
Alan: *Chuckles* Sometimes, it's the only way to get people to stop committing crimes.
Harry: Not necessarily. Just pull out the gun, and they'll stop, no bullets need to be fired.
Alan: te try doing that in Frenchtown. It's not always a picnic.

Soon, they heard a voice on their radio

Dispatch: Bravo-1, we got a citizen's segnala of a disturbance at a GM dealership on Washington Street.
Harry: Let's do it.
Alan: Bravo-1, we're on our way.
Harry: *Turns left onto Leggere Avenue*

Alan, and Harry arrived at the dealership. The taxi driver that brought Andrew, and Daniel over was waiting.

Harry: *Parks the car*
Alan: *Looks at the taxi driver* Did te make the call?
Taxi Driver: Call? Oh, te must be the police. I couldn't tell since you're not in uniform.
Alan: I'm Alan Martinez, and this is my partner Harry Penn.
Harry: Our dispatch detto someone here made a call to us about a disturbance here. Was that you?
Taxi Driver: That's right. This Scottish guy with white hair pointed a gun at me. He, and another Scottish man with black hair bought a green Corvette here. A brand new one.
Alan: We'll check it out. Thank you. *Gets back into the car with Harry*
Harry: *Drives away*
Alan: Did te see that Harry? I didn't use my gun to kill him. Now te can stop criticizing me about that.
Harry: Okay. Let's find that Corvette.
Alan: It should be easy to find, if they didn't leave this island.

Andrew, and Daniel did not leave Cape May yet. They were at Sunset spiaggia on the west side.

Andrew: *Parks successivo to a man*
Man 62: Nice car boss.
Andrew: Thank you. Tell the men that it's time. Get the truck, and tank onto the beaches, kill everyone te see, and take their money, and other personal belongings, only if te think it's worth at least a grand.
Man: People don't usually bring those kind of belongings to the beach, but we'll check it out.
Andrew: Good. *Drives away*

Harry parked his car at a miniature golf course, but he, and Alan didn't come to play mini golf. They went across the strada, via to get a hot dog.

Harry: Hope te brought your bathing suit, because we go off duty in ten minutes.
Alan: Are te inviting me to the beach?
Harry: te bet. I'll drop te off at your hotel after we get our hot dogs, te get ready, and when I'm ready, I'll come by, pick te up, and take te to the beach. You'll Amore it.

Harry stopped his car just in front of the Cape Harbor Hotel Inn.

Alan: *Gets out of the car* What time do te think you'll be back?
Harry: About five minutes. *Drives away*
Alan: *Walks to his hotel room, taking his key out of his pocket*

He got to the superiore, in alto of the stairs, took a right, and saw Camryn standing in front of his room.

Alan: Camryn?
Camryn: I just finished cleaning your room.
Alan: I didn't even get to go in yet. *Comes towards Camryn* te didn't have to clean it.
Camryn: It was a real mess in there.
Alan: Why don't te come with me to the beach? My partner is coming back soon, and I'd like a lady to unisciti us.
Camryn: I can't, I gotta run the hotel.
Alan: *Pulls Camryn towards him* Your hotel isn't going anywhere. Your cleaning ladies can watch it for you.
Camryn: *Blushing* I don't know what to do. You're making my mind go crazy.
Alan: The crazier, the better. *Kisses Camryn on the lips*
Camryn: *Hugs Alan*

When Harry came back, he saw Alan standing with Camryn.

Harry: *Parks his car successivo to Alan, and Camryn*
Alan: *Sits in the back with Camryn* Let's do this Harry.
Harry: I thought it was just going to be-
Camryn: *Puts her hand on Harry's shoulder* Just, go. *Lays down with Alan, and kisses him*
Harry: *Drives* Okay, but don't try any funny business back there. Understand?
Alan: Loud, and clear. We're saving that for when we get back.

Harry parked his car successivo to the beach.

Alan: *Gets out, carrying a bag with towels, and sandwiches*
Harry: *Gets out* I'll get the surfboards.
Camryn: *Gets out* Where do te have surfboards?
Harry: The trunk.
Alan: The only sensible place to store surfboards in a Cadillac.
Harry: Come on, let's pay for our badges.
Alan: *Follows Harry, and Camryn up a small flight of stairs* Badges?
Camryn: Around here, depending on how much time you're spending on the beach, te pay for a badge.
Alan: The hell? te shouldn't have to pay to go on a beach.

But it was only 50 cents, and the three of them put their things down near a lifeguard's tower.

Alan: Where do te think that Corvette is now?
Harry: I don't know. What I'd like to know is who's driving it.

On the other side of Cape May, on Sunset Beach, Andrew returned with Daniel in his Corvette.

Andrew: *Stops successivo to a man* Is everything ready?
Man 62: Yes sir.
Andrew: Alright. Go Daniel, and make me proud.
Daniel: Yes sir. *Steps out of the Corvette, and walks with the man to a truck, and tank*
Scottish Men: *Surrounding the truck, and tank with movie equipment*
Scottish Man 77: Astrachan's coming lads.
Scottish Man 38: Good.
Police Officer: *Approaching the Scottish people* What film are te guys working on?
Scottish Man 38: A war film. We haven't named it yet, but we were thinking about naming it Potato Masher.
Scottish Man 66: A nickname for those German grenades.
Police Officer: Ah yes. My cousin told me about those. One nearly took away his left leg.
Scottish Man 66: What a shame man.
Police Officer: Okay. I'm gonna let te two get back to work. *Leaves*
Daniel: *Arrives* What was that about?
Scottish Man 66: The movie equipment fooled him. He thinks we're really filming a movie.
Scottish Man 95: *Approaches Daniel* Astrachan, you're going to operate the MG42 on the back of the truck. There are two buttons on the bacheca to your left. The green one makes the box turn left, and the yellow button makes te turn right.
Daniel: Got it. Get everyone, and everything ready. McLaren wants us to get $100,000.
Scottish Man 95: With money like that, we can rule Cape May with an iron fist, and then work our way back into New York City.
Scottish Man 77: Those Italians think they own the big apple, but we'll prove them wrong after we take over this island.

Daniel got to the MG42 at the back of the truck, and two men got in the front. Four men got into the tank. Then, they drove the vehicles forward, to kill people, then rob them.

Alan, and Camryn laid down successivo to each other on one of the towels.

Harry: *Grabs his surfboard* te guys coming to surf, o what?
Alan: We're going to stay here for a few minutes.
People: *Running past Alan, and Camryn*
Alan: What the hell is going on? *Goes with Camryn, and Harry to follow the people*
Person 94: There's a truck with a tank.
Daniel: *Rotates the box to the left, and shoots four people*
Scottish Man 77: *Gets out of the tank, and takes money from the dead people*
Scottish Man 95: *Driving the tank. He turns the torretta to the right, and shoots a life guard tower*
Life Guard: Everyone get out of here!!
People: *Leaving the beach*
Alan: Harry, are te quick pulling the trigger?
Harry: Yeah.
Alan: Then take out the people in the tank. I'm going for the truck.
Harry: But Alan, how are we going to attack them?
Alan: Wait da the tower. When they pass, that's when te take them out.

Two minuti later, the truck, and tank passed the tower.

Scottish Man 95: Looks like the area is clear.
Scottish Man 66: Contact the driver of the truck, and tell him to head back to Sunset Beach. There's nothing left for us here.
Harry: *Runs from the tower, and climbs onto the tank*
Scottish Man 66: Did te hear that?
Harry: *Opens the door to the superiore, in alto of the tank, and shoots all four of the Scottish men inside*

Song: link

Alan: *Gets up, taking a sand covered blanket off of him, and runs to the truck*
Daniel: *Rotates the box on the truck to the right*
Alan: *Climbing to the superiore, in alto of the box, and jumps down, kicking Daniel*
Daniel: *Stands up, and grabs the MG42*
Alan: *Punches Daniel off the truck, and uses the MG42 to shoot through the box, hitting the driver, and the other guy sitting successivo to him*
Driver: *Leans to the right. His foot is still on the gas pedal, so the truck goes around in a cerchio at 5 miles an hour*
Daniel: *Using a C96, he shoots Alan's foot*
Alan: Ah!! *Falls down*
Daniel: *Climbs back into the box*
Harry: *Looking at the dead driver in the tank. Though the driver is dead, he's still making the tank sposta forward* How do te stop this thing?!
Daniel: *Throws Alan off the truck, and kicks him*
Harry: *Sees Daniel kicking Alan* te leave him alone! *Shoots at him with the Machine Gun*
Daniel: *Falls down as 28 bullets hit the ground near his feet*
Alan: Jeez Harry, improve your aim with automatic pistole before it's too late.
Daniel: *Kicks Alan again*

Skip the song to 1:47

Alan: *Stands up grabbing his .38*
Daniel: *Shoots it out of Alan's hand*

The truck ran it over, flattening the gun in two secondi

Alan: *Takes the C96 out of Daniel's grip, and hits his face with it*
Daniel: *Pushes Alan down, and wrestles with him.

The gun was on the ground successivo to the two of them

Harry: Alan!!
Camryn: *Waiting da Harry's car* The shooting stopped. Maybe they got the bad guys. *Runs back to the beach*
Alan: *Sees Harry driving towards them* HARRY, STOP THE TANK!!!!
Daniel: *Gets up, and pushes Alan towards the tank*
Alan: *Moves out of the way in time, and pushes Daniel to the side of the tank*
Harry: *Still trying to stop the tank*
Camryn: *Runs onto the beach, and sees the tank, and truck* They're dead, but the truck is still moving. *Runs to the truck*
Alan: *Slams Daniel's head into the tank, and runs to the gun*
Daniel: *Grabs Alan's legs, and tackles him onto the ground*
Camryn: *Gets the driver out of the truck, and turns it off after stopping it* There. *Turns to her right, and sees Alan fighting Daniel*

Skip the song to 2:58

Daniel: *Grabs Alan's arm, and punches his stomach*
Alan: *Moves back, holding his stomach*
Daniel: *Pushes him onto the ground, and sits on him, punching his face*
Alan: *His nose is bleeding, and his glasses are broken*
Camryn: ALAN!! NO!!
Daniel: *Turns around*
Alan: Camryn?
Harry: *Finally stops the tank, and gets out*
Alan: *Sees Harry* Harry...
Harry: *Shoots Daniel, and kills him*

Stop the song

Harry: *Helps Alan stand up*
Alan: *Smiles while holding his nose* And te think I kill people for no reason.
Harry: It was him o te man.
Alan: *Laughing*
Harry: It's not funny. I'm taking te to my place.

At Sunset Beach, Andrew was waiting for the news on his plan.

Scottish Man 30: *Standing successivo to Andrew, who is sitting in his car* The plan failed sir. Two men took them out. Saw the whole bloody thing through the binoculars.
Andrew: Did te get a good look at them?
Scottish Man 30: I saw police badges on their belts. They're police officers.
Andrew: The last thing we need are police officers giving us trouble. At least we're leaving for Scotland today to honor Astrachan. He was a good man. After we honor him in our country, we will come back here on the 4th, to kill those coppers, then work our way back into New York City.
Scottish Man 30: Yes sir.

Harry took Alan, and Camryn to his house.

Alan: *Laying on a couch*
Harry & Camryn: *Standing successivo to Harry*
Amy: *Arrives, looking at Camryn with Harry* Who's this?
Alan: My girl friend.
Amy: *Freaks out* Ah!! Who's that?!!?
Harry: Amy, this is my new partner. Say hello to Alan Martinez.
Alan: *Looks at Amy* Pleasure to meet you.
Amy: Why is there blood coming out of your foot?
Alan: Because I got shot there. Your husband was kind enough to treat my wound.
Amy: Harry, did te let him talk te into bringing him here?
Harry: Nope, this was the first place that came to mind.
Amy: Haven't te heard of a hospital?
Harry: Too expensive.
Amy: *Fuming, she walks upstairs*
Alan: I don't think she likes me.
Harry: She'll get used to you. How are te feeling?
Alan: Terrible.
Camryn: I know what'll make te feel better? *Moves Alan's pants*
Harry: Put that back up!
Camryn: *Moves Alan's pants back up*
Alan: te can do that to me at the hotel.
Harry: Alright. *Gets the bullet out of Alan's foot* That does it. Now te just need a cast. With luck, te can get back to work with me on the 4th.
Alan: All this on the first giorno of my transfer.

Andrew: *Watching Daniel's coffin go underground*

Oban Scotland, July 3, 7:52 AM

Scottish People: *Sad*
Scottish Man 94: *Gets successivo to Andrew* Sir, after the funeral, we would like to discuss some plans to get back at the officers who killed Daniel.
Andrew: Good.

Let's return to Cape May. Alan was in his hotel room, laying down in a letto looking at a picture of his ex wife. She had curly blonde hair, and was wearing a rosa gonna with a white T-shirt, and rosa high heels, standing successivo to Alan in front of an arancia, arancio Desoto.

Alan: We were together for eight years. te made a mistake leaving me, because now, I found a woman. A real woman.
Camryn: *Walks in* Hi Alan.
Alan: *Puts the picture down on a tavolo to his right* Hello Camryn.
Camryn: What's in the picture?
Alan: *Shows Camryn the picture* My ex-wife. She divorced me last year, because she detto I was "too violent." Dumb bitch.
Camryn: *Takes the picture, and throws it into a garbage can* Forget about her. *Kisses Alan* And focus on me. *Takes off her shirt, revealing a blue bra*
Alan: Can te take that off too?
Camryn: *Gives Alan a devious smile* te take it off.
Alan: *Takes off the bra, looking at Camryn's breasts*

Fifteen minuti later, they had the curtains covering the windows, and all of their clothes was on the floor to their left.

Alan: *Laying down in the letto with Camryn on superiore, in alto of him. The blanket is covering everything up to their neck* Wanna go into the pool?
Camryn: Maybe.
Alan: How about a yes?
Camryn: *Moves her face closer to Alan's* Maybe. *Kisses him* Right now, I want te to pleasure me.
Alan: With pleasure. *Kisses Camryn*

The successivo giorno was the 4th of July. Alan was swimming in the pool while waiting for Harry to arrive.

Harry: *Parks successivo to Alan's corvette*
Alan: *Sees Harry's Cadillac, and climbs out of the pool* Harry, over here.
Harry: *Walks towards Alan* Well, I see your foot got better.
Alan: I thought te wouldn't arrive until 9.
Harry: Something came up. Get yourself dried off, and dressed. We need to talk to Captain Ford.
Alan: *Nods, and goes to his room*

At the police station, they talked to Captain Ford in his office.

Captain Ford: Those guys te fought with two days fa were part of the Scottish Mafia. They've been giving us trouble for two years since the Italians pushed them out of New York City. Those two guys te were trying to find in the green Corvette are also part of the gang. *Shows Harry, and Alan their pictures* Well, one of them's dead actually.
Alan: *Looks at Daniel's picture* ciao Harry. That's the guy who was on the back of the truck. The guy te killed.
Harry: Daniel Astrachan. *Looks at Andrew McLaren's picture* His descrizione is exactly the same as the guy who harassed the taxi driver.
Captain Ford: That's because it is him. He spent most of his time on this island in Sunset Beach, but now we got a segnala saying he, and his gang left two days fa to honor Astrachan.
Alan: They could be back any giorno now.
Captain Ford: Right te are Alan. te two keep your eyes peeled.

Three boats were in the Atlantic Ocean. They were 450 miles away from Cape May.

Andrew: Attacking during the fuoco works is a brilliant idea. They won't expect it.
Scottish Man 94: Thank te sir.
Scottish Man 85: At the rate we're going, we estimate that we'll arrive at Cape May at 9:30 PM. That's when they begin the fuoco works. I'm really looking inoltrare, avanti to launching some of the ones we brought.

Six hours later, it was 3 PM.

Alan: *On the board walk, which is actually made out of pavement* Why do they call this a board walk when it's not made out of boards?
Harry: Because it's close to the beach.
Alan: Whatever. *Looking at the boats in the ocean* Those are the boats with the fuoco works, right?
Harry: Yeah. I feel sorry for those guys. They have nothing to do, and they gotta stay there until 9:30.
Amy: *Walking by* Harry, did something happen?
Harry: No, we're just walking around, enjoying the view.
Amy: We're? *Turns around, and looks at Alan* Oh great, him again.
Alan: Ma'am, I know I have a great body, but you're already married. Remember?
Harry: *Laughing*
Amy: *To Harry* te need a new partner, and fast. *Walks away*
Harry: *Laughs* You're gonna get me divorced man.
Alan: Good. te need a better wife. te need someone like Camryn.
Harry: Gesù Christ. *Laughs*
Alan: *Laughs* Wanna get back on patrol?
Harry: te bet.

9:25 PM. Five minuti were left before the fuoco works would be fired from two boats in the ocean. People gathered around in many different parts of spiaggia Avenue.

Song: link

Mayor: *Standing in front of a microphone, between four lit torches* Ladies, and gentlemen. Visiting us to celebrate this wonderful holiday is the governor of South Carolina, Ernest Hollings!
People: *Clapping*
Ernest Hollings: *Steps in front of the microphone* te hear that there song?! That's the Confederate Anthem! We down south are gunna take over this here country of yours, and take back what's rightfully ours!
Security Guards: *Taking Ernest Hollings away*
Mayor: Sorry about that folks. I guess people in the south have no common sense, and don't know anything about the 4th Of July. Will somebody get rid of that song?!
Police Officer 46: But te requested this song Mr. Mayor.
Mayor: Oh, *Sweating* I did. Anyway, at precisely 9:30, only 4 minuti from now, we will launch fireworks to celebrate Independence Day, the birthday of the United States Of America!
People: *Cheering*
Scottish Man 96: *Tying the fireworks people up in a boat* Take the fireworks.
Scottish Man 94: *Putting fireworks on Andrew's boat*
Andrew: Good. Launch a few of them into the air to keep everyone from getting suspicious. I'm going with the others, to attack up close. *Gets onto another boat*
Scottish Man 99: *Drives the barca Andrew got on*
Alan: *Sitting successivo to Harry on a bench* Only three minuti away.
Harry: I know Alan. I can keep track of time too.
Alan: Do te like fireworks?
Harry: Not really. I only came here, because Amy wanted to come here.
Alan: Where did she go?
Harry: Inside.
Alan: Did I scare her?
Harry: te didn't have to. I told her te would be here.
Scottish Man 99: *Stops the barca at the shore* Okay, go.
Andrew: *Gets off with four others*
Scottish Man 53: There's a big crowd out there sir. Do te think the five of us can take them all on?
Andrew: There's più of our guys waiting at a miniature golf course, just across the strada, via from where everyone is.

Four Scottish men were standing successivo to the miniature golf course.

Andrew: *Walks with the other Scottish men onto the boardwalk* So this is Cape May's board walk. Why is it made out of bloody tarmac?
Scottish Man 85: It's not a real board walk then.
Alan: *Looks to the right* ciao Harry?
Harry: What?
Alan: Call me crazy, but I think Andrew is about a quarter mile away from us, walking towards us.
Harry: *Looks to the right* I see him too. Four other people are with him.
Alan: Let's get him. *Stands up, and walks with Harry*
Harry: But how do we stop them?
Alan: Just use your six shooter.
Harry: *Worried* Yeah. That's great advice.
Alan: *Goes to the left* Head towards the fence. Look at the beach. We'll attack them from behind.
Harry: Okay.
Andrew: *Passes Alan, and Harry with the other four Scottish men* Now if I'm correct, our guys will shoot the fireworks at these people in three... Two....
Scottish Man 96: *Aims a firework at the people on spiaggia Avenue*
Andrew: One.
Scottish Man 96: *Shoots a firework at the people*
Man 93: It's coming towards us!!! *Runs, but gets hit, and dies*

The firework exploded, killing più people. Some parts of the fireworks even lit a car on fire.

Alan: Wait a minute. *Sees another firework heading towards the people from a boat* Deal with Andrew, and his goons. I think there's più of them out on the water. *Runs to the beach*
Harry: *Shoots the two men on Andrew's right side*
Andrew: *Turns around pulling out a C96* Find that bastard!
Harry: *Pops up from behind a garbage can, and shoots the other two men*
Andrew: *Shoots Harry's arm*
Harry: *Falls down onto a Plymouth, he shoots Andrew's leg*
Police Men: Harry's in trouble!! *Running towards Harry, pulling out their .38 Revolvers*
Andrew: *Running away from Harry*
Harry: *Tired, he can't get off the Plymouth*
Alan: *On the beach, he stops near the water as a wave begins making it's way to the beach*
Scottish Man 96: *Shoots another firework at people*
Alan: *Shoots Scottish Man 96*
Scottish Man 96: *His head falls off, and he lands on the fireworks, soaking them with his blood*
Scottish Man 94: Bloody hell! The fireworks are ruined!
Scottish Man 86: *Grabs a Kar98 with a scope* Find the guy on the beach!
Alan: *Shoots a bullet through the scope, hitting Scottish Man 86's eye*
Scottish Man 86: *Cries in pain, falling down with blood, and tears going down his face*
Scottish Man 94: *Shoots four bullets from his Walther P38*
Alan: *Taking cover from a Lifeguard tower*
Scottish Man 94: *Moves the barca closer to the beach*
Alan: *Shoots Scottish Man 94*

The barca went too far on the sand, and only one guy was left on the boat.

Scottish Man 72: *Gets out*
Alan: *Shoots him* Back to Harry. *Runs back to the boardwalk*
Andrew: *Pushing people out of his way as he runs away from Harry*
Police Man 55: *Stops to help Harry*
Police Man 30: *Running after Andrew*
Scottish Man 44: *With three others at the miniature golf course* Now.

These four were wearing overcoats, and each were hiding a Sten. They pulled them out, and shot the other two officers.

Andrew: *Sees the other four* There's one più lying on a Plymouth. Come here, and kill him with me.
Scottish Man 44: *Goes with the other three to Andrew*
Harry: *Trying to wake up, but his blood loss is making it difficult*
Alan: *Runs to Harry* Harry? te awake?
Harry: no. get me a drink. anything.
Alan: *Goes to a pizza stand, and gives the cashier two dimes* Two cokes.
Andrew: *Sees Harry, and shoots the cappuccio of the car between Harry's legs* Yep. He's dead. Otherwise, he would have-
Alan: *Turns around, and shoots Andrew. He runs to the right side of the pizza stand to hide* I only have one più bullet left.
Scottish Man 44: Go to the left. Me, and O'Neil will get to his side. *Goes with another guy as the other two go to the left*
Alan: *Puts five più bullets in his cylinder* There.
Scottish Man 92: *Gets behind Alan*
Alan: *Turns around, and shoots the two Scottish men behind him*

Their heads were shot.

Scottish Man 44: *Goes slow with O'Neil*
Alan: *Picks up a Sten from one of the bad guys* Always wanted to try one of these. *Turns around*
Scottish Man 44: *Pops up in front of Alan* Die!!
Alan: *Shoots him*
O'Neil: *Too scared to fight. He runs to the street*
Alan: *Gets behind O'Neil, and shoots him nine times, watching him fall down, and die*

After that, Alan gave Harry two cups of Coca Cola. He helped his partner drink them.

Alan: Harry?
Harry: What?
Alan: When the ambulanza gets here, and takes te to the hospital, when will te get out?
Harry: Four days? I don't know.
Alan: Well, te hang in there. You're gonna be fine.
Harry: No shit. I've done this before Alan, I'm gonna be okay.
Alan: *Smiles* Alright. I'm heading to the station to write my report.

July 12, Harry knew this was the giorno that Alan would be leaving Cape May, and heading back to Frenchtown. His temporary transfer was over. The first thing Harry did after getting out of the hospital was to talk to Camryn at the Cape Harbor Hotel Inn, where Alan was staying.

Harry: *Driving his Cadillac to the hotel. He turns right, into the parking lot, and is surprised to see Alan's Corvette parked successivo to the pool* Looks like he didn't leave yet. I still have a chance to say goodbye. *Parks successivo to Alan's Corvette, and walks to the hotel*
Alan: *Laying successivo to Camryn, with a blanket covering both their bodies. They are having sex*
Harry: *Opens the door*
Alan: *Stops*
Camryn: *Sees Harry* Knock te pervert!
Harry: I'm gonna pretend that this never happened. Alan, aren't te leaving today?
Alan: Nope. I talked to my Lieutenant, and your Captain a week fa after te got into the hospital. They agreed to make my transfer here permanent as long as I don't break any rules.
Harry: Well congratulations Alan! That's great!
Alan: Thanks. You, and me are gonna be partners for at least twenty più years.
Harry: Haha. Great. I'm gonna leave now.
Alan: Okay. successivo time te come here, knock.
Harry: I will. *Leaves, closing the door*
Camryn: *Turns on the radio*

Song: link

Alan: How much longer do te want to do this?
Camryn: Fifteen minutes. *Goes to a lower part of Alan's body*
Alan: *Closes his eyes smiling* Ooh. Yeah.
Harry: *Walks back to his Cadillac*

The End

Harry: *Gets into his Cadillac, backs to the left, and drives out of the parking lot*

Cast of characters

SeanTheHedgehog as Alan Martinez
windwakerguy430 as Harry Penn
John Pankow as Captain Ford
Kristen campana, bell as Amy
Ashleigh Ball as Camryn Jones
Robert Pine as Andrew McLaren
Oscar Isaac as Daniel Astrachan

Songs used

Dion & The Belmonts - Donna The Prima Donna
Robert & Johnny - Dream Girl
Fist Fight & Flying Wing - Raiders Of The Lost Ark Soundtrack
Dixie Land - Confederate National Anthem

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