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Narrator: For all stella, star Wars fans, comes Sean's stella, star Wars Collection. All five of his stella, star Wars fan fictions will be together as they are postato here once a day.

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Narrator: Starting with his first story from 2016, comes the longest fan fiction he has ever written, Where Eagles Dare.
John: How are te sure he's there sir?
Morris: *Shoots at an Officer laying down, using another set of stairs for cover*
Imperial Officer 52: *Returns fire*
Morris: *Stays behind the wall, and returns fire*
Imperial Officer 52: *Gets hit, and dies*
Colonel Turner: The MC40 they were on crash landed on the planet.
Narrator: Based off of the highly successful 1968 film of the same title, Where Eagles Dare retells the classic story in the stella, star Wars galaxy. Followed da two più fan fictions from 2017. The Bounty Hunter has SeanTheHedgehog as Logan, helping a lady gain freedom for the Geonosians on their home planet.
Logan: Come on Meghan. *Starts up the bike* Let's send those bastards from Naboo to hell.
Meghan: *Climbs on behind Logan* Sounds interesting.
Logan: *Starts to ride*
Meghan: I have never seen people get sent to hell before.
Narrator: And The Battle Of Coruscant recreates another classic 1960's movie, The Battle Of Britain.
Mygeeto Pilot 53: Repeat please. *Turns left, heading towards the Tie Fighters*
Justin: I say again, head back to Coruscant.

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Narrator: The most recente fan fictions were postato this year. They are Kelly's Heroes.
Big Joe: Alright, we're trying to find a hotel. We need a place to stay before our successivo assignment starts.
Colonel Allandra: A hotel?
Big Joe: Yeah. We need to know if there are any hotels to stay at.
Narrator: And The Longest Day. Both are well written, and spectacular masterpieces.

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Narrator: The excitement in all five of these fan fictions are coming your way, available now from SeanTheHedgehog. And now, we are honored to present, our feature presentation.

The song fades away as the fan fiction begins.
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

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SeanTheHedgehog Presents

A stella, star Wars fan Fiction

Starring Louis Bodine as John Smith

Sean Bodine as Morris Schaffer

Emma Watson as Mary in

Where Eagles Dare

An Imperial Landing Craft was flying through a planet covered in snow, 18 inches thick.

Also starring Keith Wickham as Colonel Turner and Simon Greenall as Admiral Roland

And Rob Rackstraw as Colonel Kramer

The Landing Craft continued to fly as it was getting towards some mountains.

Tom Kane as General Rosemeyer
Jesse Neighbour as Major Von Hapen
Scarlett Johansson as Lieutenant Schwartz
Jordan Carver as Heidi

Also featuring

Brian Connery as Jott McPherson
Kevin Shoemaker as Barkley
Kevin Meizanis as Thomas
RJ Shoemaker as Christianson
Matthew Broderick as Harrod

The Landing Craft was going lower to the ground as it flew to the left of another mountain

And Hugh Laurie as Cartwright Jones

Based off the 1968 film of the same name

The Landing Craft was approaching another mountain. As it got closer, it took a sharp turn to the right, and starting gaining altitude to pass over another section of the mountain.

This takes place just minuti after the events of The Empire Strikes Back. Research for this fan fiction has been done on Wookieepedia, though the planet Chevrelium, and a few vehicles have been created specifically for this fan fiction.

We now go inside the landing craft, to take a look at the men inside. We got the pilot, but he's not important. Not compared to the seven men sitting behind him. The seven men chosen for a daring mission against the Empire, each wearing white snow suits, armed with E-11 blasters, and silenced pistols.

Stop the song

The seven men are John Smith, Morris Schaffer, and their teammates, Barkley, Thomas, Christianson, Jott, and Harrod.

Morris: *Looks to his right, and sees John*
John: *Looks to his left, also looking at Morris*
Pilot: *Flying over another mountain*
Republic Soldier: *Talking on a radio* Affirmative Colonel, we are three minuti away from the drop zone. *Turns on a red light*

The light would turn green, signalling John, and his team to jump out with parachutes, but the red light reminded him of the briefing he had on Coruscant before the assignment.

An alarm went off in his head: link

John: *Thinks about the briefing*

Skip the alarm to 1:26

Colonel Turner: Our man was shot down around 10 AM this morning. A shame it had to happen to an important man. Damn idiots.. Damn idiots for going through that sector, and double damn idiots for ignoring my consigli in the first place. Anyway, *Points to a planet on a map* Here he is, on a planet called Chevrelium, at the Schloss Adler. The castello of Eagles. Believe me, it's well named, because only an eagle can get to it. Our job is to get inside there, and get him out as soon as possible, before they have a chance to get any information out of him.
John: How are te sure he's there sir?
Colonel Turner: The MC40 they were on crash landed on the planet. There were two other planets in the Colonies, but they were further away than the castle. Where else would they take him?
John: How did the ship crash sir? Were there other ships near Chevrelium?
Colonel Turner: Schloss Adler has several stella, star Destroyers make deliveries for supplies, and reinforcements once a month. Their last shipment was ten days ago. There shouldn't have been any other ships, or, that's what the pilot thought, when a wandering Tie Fighter shot them down. Anyway, that's not important. *Walks away from the map* What is important is that we get him out before he talks. o I should say, te get him out.
Barkley: What about paratroopers sir? Can they get him out?
Colonel Turner: Not unless te want to get your heads blown off da a Scout trooper. We can't have anyone land too close, otherwise they'll see you, and take your life the first chance they get. te are familiar with one another, but you've never worked together before. I know it's especially true with Lieutenant Schaffer. te see the Lieutenant is a member of the Rebel Alliance. We requested his presence, because we don't have enough men with the skills te have. Stealth, and secrecy are our only hope. te seven, are I trust, stealth, and secretive.
Christianson: There is another way sir. Another way that will get us 100% of guaranteed success.
Colonel Turner: Alright. Would te like to share it with us, and the admiral?
Christianson: We still have a fleet of Y-Wing bombers that we can use to destroy the castle. I don't think anyone in there will ever talk again.
Admiral Roland: Nor do I think that te understand the reality of our situation. The captured man, General Carnaby, is a Rebel. He has plans for a secondo front against the Imperials. He was sent to Kashyyyk to discuss it with the Wookies, when he passed Chevrelium, and got shot down da that Tie Fighter. If we were to destroy General Carnaby, then I'd think Luke Skywalker, and the rest of the rebels would come after us instead of the Imperials.
Christianson: Oh.
Colonel Turner: Alright then. Ten O' Clock tonight on the dot. Major Smith will lead the group. Anymore questions, Major Smith will answer them.

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John, Morris, and the others in their group stood up, preparing to jump off the landing craft.

Republic Soldier: *Opens the back door*
Morris: *In front of everyone else*
Harrod: *In the middle, behind John, Morris, and Jott, but in front of Barkley, Thomas, and Christianson*
Republic Pilot: Get ready, we're approaching the drop area.
Republic Soldier: Stand by!
Harrod: *Looking back at Barkley, Thomas, and Christianson*
Barkley: *Looking at Harrod's radio*
Republic Pilot: *Heading towards a mountain. He gains altitude to fly over it*

Within a few seconds, the red light turned green, signalling the time to jump. Stop the song.

Republic Soldier: Green light, go! *Deploys a drop pod*
Morris: *Jumps off first*
John: *Jumps*
Jott: *Jumps*
Harrod: *Jumps*
Barkley: *Jumps*
Thomas: *Jumps*
Christianson: *Jumps*

After jumping, they deployed their parachutes, and decreased speed as they fell toward the snowy surface. Their snow suits, being white, blending in with the snow.

Back on the landing craft.

Republic Soldier: *Looks at a woman with a parachute, and also wearing a snowsuit*
Woman: *Jumps off the landing craft, and deploys her parachute*

The men were getting close to landing.

Harrod: *Lands successivo to a tree*
Morris: *Lands in an open field*
John: *Lands near a hill*
Morris: *Stands up, and begins to sposta towards the drop pod*
John: *Moves his parachute towards him*

After three secondi of getting rid of the parachutes, everyone was heading for the drop pod. Well, almost everyone.

John: *Makes it to the drop pod first, and opens it. Seven white backpacks are inside*

Everyone except Harrod made it. John was the first to notice.

John: Where's Harrod?

da the time he asked, everyone stood Frozen while staring at John.

Morris: Well, last time I saw him he drifted towards those trees over there.
John: Alright. Spread out. Let's go find him.

Leaving the drop pod with four of the backpacks, the six men went to look for Harrod.

John: *Searching with Morris*
Jott: *With Barkley, he points at something in the snow*

Song (Start at 0:49): link

It was Harrod.

Jott: MAJOR!!
John: *Hears Jott, and walks towards him*
Morris: *Follows John*

They arrived. Thomas, and Christianson made it too. Then, they saw Harrod, laying in the snow on his back.

John: *Kneels down, and looks over Harrod* His neck's broken.
Thomas: Dammit!
John: *Takes the radio off Harrod*
Jott: Well what do we do now? Do we bury him, o do we leave him here?
John: We leave him here. The snow will cover him in a couple of hours. It's best if te go back, and pick up the rest of the equipment. I want to see if the radio is still working.
Morris: *Leading the men back to the drop pod*
John: *Places the radio in the snow. He turns it on, and everything seems fine.

Next, John moved Harrod up, and looked at the snow below him. He moves it out of the way so Harrod can get closer to the ground, and get covered up da the snow quicker.

Morris: *Returns to the drop pod with the others*
Thomas: *Takes two backpacks*
Christianson: *Takes the last backpack*

There was one più thing John wanted to check before the rest of his team got back. The cause of the broken neck.

John: *Rolls Harrod over on his side. He moves the zipper of his snow suit down, and moves the superiore, in alto of the cappotto away from the neck so he can examine it. When he looks at the neck, he finds a big bruise*

While John was thinking about this, the others returned with the rest of the equipment.

John: Alright. There's a valley down below. We can go inside one of the buildings to check our equipment.
Barkley: What about the people that live in it?
John: There aren't any. People only go there for the summer. They come here in May, and leave in September. Come on. Let's go.

Skip the song to 4:02

Following John, the men walked to the valley below. As they started walking downhill, they passed several alpine trees. The valley was small. In front of them was one of the houses with a wooden shed successivo to it. As they got closer, it stopped snowing, and it began to get darker.

Once everyone was inside, they took off their snowsuits, and were now wearing Imperial Officer's uniforms.

John: *Lights a lamp*
Jott: I don't feel like myself for some reason.
John: Neither do any of us Jott. You're the cook, so cook some hot tea, o maybe some coffee, and I' the admiral at Coruscant. Damn I left the notebook with Harrod.
Barkley: I'll go get it.
John: No it's my own mistake, I'll get it. *Putting his snowsuit back on* If I'm not back within in hour, signal me with a flare, it can bring a blind man home.
Barkley: Yeah, and maybe even the Imperials.
John: There's not a single Imperial within a five mile radius. They won't see it. Nobody leaves here until I get back. *Walks to the door* Jott. *Looks at him* Save me some coffee.
Jott: It'll be cold da then.
John: That's an advantage for me, since te can't taste cold coffee. *Leaves*

John walked outside. He took a look at the dark sky above him. It began to snow again, but the flakes were slower than the precedente ones.

John: *Goes to the right. He walks into a shed successivo to the house*
???: *Cocks a DL44 Blaster*

Song: link

John: *Hears the blaster, and slowly lights a lantern with a match. After lighting the lantern, he blows out the match*
Mary: Halt.
John: *Stops moving*
Mary: *Holding the DL44, pointing it at John* Turn around.
John: *Turns around, and looks at Mary*
Mary: *Puts her blaster away* Took your time getting here.
John: We had some trouble upon landing. Did te make it here alright?
Mary: Hardly, I nearly froze to death on that damn shuttle. *Walks towards John* Why couldn't te have provided me with a warm white heated suit? I thought te loved me.
John: te made it here alright, didn't you?
Mary: Is that all the greeting I'm going to get?
John: I'm afraid so, for the time being. My radio operator was killed.
Mary: What happened?

The song fades away as the conversation continues.

John: He was hit in the neck, either with the back end of a lightsaber, o a blaster. It was badly bruised, which means someone hit him immediately after we landed, and made it look like an accident. I don't know who it was yet, but I will find out. Now listen. I'm gonna take the group across the woods, down into the village. In that village is a bar called Alpine. Behind it is a wood shed called Heizung liefert. Meet me there at 8 O' Clock tomorrow night. *Opens Mary's suitcase, and pulls out one of her panties* Well, I see te came fully prepared.
Mary: Never mind that, how do te know all these things? The village, the alpine bar, and Heizung liefert?
John: *Walks to the lantern*
Mary: I'm entitled to know.
John: You're entitled to know, nothing. *Blows out the lantern's lights*
Mary: We've been working together for three years now, and I'm a professional.
John: *Goes back to Mary* So am I.
Mary: If I were the marrying kind-
John: *Kisses Mary*
Mary: *Hugging John* I thought te were in a hurry.
John: I was, and I still am.

Back inside the house, Morris was taking apart an E11, to make sure it was working properly. Jott was also awake, looking out a window. Everyone else was asleep.

John: *Walks out of the shed, and back into the house*
Morris: *Hears the door open, and pulls out his silenced blaster*
John: *Looks at Morris*
Morris: *Puts his blaster away when he sees John* What kept you?
John: Well I was about to receive the notebook, when a group of Korienas arrived. I had to use my blaster to scare them away. Anyway, thanks for waiting up for me. *Sits down, and turns on the radio*
Morris: No problem. *Begins to put the E11 back together*
John: Lieutenant, why don't te get some sleep? It's almost dawn. *Looks back at Jott* te too Jott.
Morris: I figured I'd wait for you.
John: *Listens to the radio. There is nothing, but static* I can't hear anything.
Morris: Probably the storm, huh?
John: Yes, maybe. We'll try again in the morning.

successivo morning, John lead his group into the forest. They stopped, and John checked his watch.

John: Lieutenant, come with me. The rest of te stay here. *Walks with Morris*
Morris: *Walks down a hill*

They were walking towards the edge of a cliff.

Morris: *Looking at mountains far away*
John: *Walking towards the edge*
Morris: *Following John*
John: *Sees the castle*

Song (Start at 1:21): link

The song is literally six secondi long, so stop it at 1:26

Morris: These guys have got to be crazy. Just how does your Colonel expect us to get in there?
John: Turner's gone through più complicated situations. At the start of the Galactic Civil War, he penetrated the Imperial system.
Morris: He did what?
John: He went onto Endor, and destroyed several Imperial vehicles, and weapons. Even got to shake Lord Vader's hand before his sabotage started.
Morris: Well I thought he looked a little nuts.
John: He probably still is, but we got problems of our own. Take the rest of the group to the end of the forest.
Morris: Alright. What about you?
John: I'll be along with te shortly.
Morris: *Walks back up the hill*
John: And be sure to stay behind the trees.
Morris: Gotcha.
John: *Pulls out his macrobinoculars. He looks at the castle*

A steam train was heard in the distance. It blew it's whistle twice.

John: *Puts his macrobinoculars away, and turns on the radio. He hears the train blow it's whistle again as he picks up the receiver from the radio* Broadsword calling Danny Boy. Broadsword calling Danny Boy. Over.
Republic Corporal: Danny Boy calling Broadsword. Please wait for Admiral Roland.
Admiral Roland: This is Admiral Roland Broadsword. What is your present position?
John: Woods due west of castle. Descending at dusk. Harrod dead, over.
Admiral Roland: Was Harrod killed accidentally, over?
John: No, over.
Admiral Roland: da the Imperials, over?
John: No. Time of successivo broadcast uncertain. Will te standby?
Admiral Roland: Colonel Turner and I will standby until operation is complete. Over, and out. *Stands up from his chair, and walks with Colonel Turner into another room*

Two ships were heard flying past as they walked into the other room.

Colonel Turner: It looks as though you're right sir.
Admiral Roland: Yes I'm afraid so. Who's successivo I wonder? Smith himself maybe.
Colonel Turner: Oh I doubt that. *Walks to the other end of the room* Some people have a sixth sense. Smith has a sixth, seventh, and an eighth. He's our best man.
Admiral Roland: Yes he is. Still, even if he is the best, this whole operation seems impossible now.

Song (Start at 1:28): link

Morris: *Laying down, looking through his macrobinoculars at the castle*

He looked to the left, and saw a cable car station.

Morris: *Continues to look at the castle*
John: *Walks down the hill, and lays down successivo to Morris, also looking at the castle*

Stop the song

Morris: Take a look down there. *Points to an area on the ground below the castle*
John: *Looks at an Imperial Troop Transport passing a fence. It passes an astro droid with small cannons attached to it's side* That little droid has powerful cannons.
Morris: Yeah. Astro droids with cannons, a guard tower, and a wire fence.
John: Fences can be climbed o cut Lieutenant.
Morris: I doubt if that one could be climbed, it looks like it's got 3,000 volts around it. *Points to the right* If I'm not mistaken Major those are some army barracks over there.
John: *Looks to the right*
Stormtroopers: *Marching in the area that Morris was pointing at*
John: No mistake Lieutenant, this is where they train some of the best storm troopers, and officers in the Empire.
Morris: Okay. As long as we don't go anywhere near there, I don't have to know about it.
John: I thought te knew Lieutenant. Why do te think we're dressed as Imperials? Training troops come in, and out all the time. One of six new faces among hundreds of other new faces.
Morris: Look Major. This is primarily a Republic operation. I'm in the Rebellion. I don't even know why the hell I'm here.
John: Lieutenant you're here because, you're in the Rebellion.

They heard the sound of a Tie Fighter. Only this ship looked completely different. It was a brand new Tie Interceptor.

John & Morris: *Watching the Tie intercettatore, interceptor hover above the castle*
Imperials: *Watching the Tie Interceptor*

It was getting close to landing.

Imperial Officer 853: Go!
Imperials: *Running into position*
Imperial Officer: Storm troopers to the right, everyone else to the front, and left side of the ship!

Once everyone was in position, five officers walked up to the Tie Interceptor. Four stopped, but one walked up close to it.

General Rosemeyer: *Climbs out of the Tie Interceptor's cockpit, and jumps down successivo to it*
Colonel Kramer: It's a pleasure to see te again General.
General Rosemeyer: te too, but te had più hair last time we met.
Colonel Kramer: How is Endor sir?
General Rosemeyer: Nothing has changed. te like our new fighter?
Colonel Kramer: It seems a little dangerous-
General Rosemeyer: Well te must try it someday.
Colonel Kramer: Major Debeldun, in charge of shipping in weapons.
Major Debeldun: *Salutes Colonel Kramer*
Colonel Kramer: Major Enn, commodities.
Major Enn: *Salutes Colonel Kramer*
Colonel Kramer: Colonel Weissner, head of security.
Colonel Weissner: *Salutes Colonel Kramer*
Colonel Kramer: Major Von Hapen, in charge of storm troopers.
Major Von Hapen: *Salutes Colonel Kramer*
General Rosemeyer: *Looking over Major Von Hapen* That will be all. *Walks with Colonel Kramer*
Colonel Kramer: Is everything to your liking?
General Rosemeyer: There is one thing. That Major Von Hapen. Does he know the General is here?
Colonel Kramer: I have informed him about the General, but not of his importance.
General Rosemeyer: Good, good. If possible we must keep the storm troopers out of this.
Colonel Kramer: Why?
General Rosemeyer: This is strictly an Imperial matter, for the time being. The storm troopers are better at killing than interrogating. *Walks inside the castle, and walks downstairs* I've had a very tiring day. I'd like to freshen up a bit.
Colonel Kramer: I'll see te to your room. Oh, and the meeting will begin, whenever you're ready.

In a village near the castle, a steam engine blew it's whistle, pulling seven hopper cars. Once the train was gone, it was sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza for John, and his men to attraversare, croce the tracks. They had to pass between two più freight cars, marked for the Imperials.

Morris: te know Major, I thought this galaxy got rid of trains over 200 years ago.
John: Not on this planet. They're preserved for recreational, and educational purposes. Let's go into the depot across the street.

Song: link

Quickly, and quietly, John and the others got to the depot. John held the door open for the others as he watched to make sure no Imperials spotted him. Once the other five got in, John walked in, and closed the door.

Barkley, Thomas, Christianson: *Putting their bags on a shelf*
Jott: *Puts his bag successivo to Barkley's*
Morris & John: *Put their bags on a different shelf*

Next, they took off their snow suits, once again revealing their Imperial Officer uniforms.

Morris & John: *Putting on their Officer hats, and grey winter coats*
Jott: *Puts on his hat, and wearing a camouflage sweater*
Barkley, Thomas, Christianson: *Also wearing camouflage sweaters over their Imperial Officer uniforms*

They left their E-11's with the bags so they wouldn't look suspicious, but kept their silenced blasters with them.

John: *Walks towards the door*
Others: *Following John*
John: *Signals them to stop*
Others: *Waiting behind John*
John: *Puts his hand on the door knob, and slowly opens the door*

Stop the song. John looked around to make sure no one was watching them. He only saw three storm troopers walk into an arancia, arancio building across the street.

John: *Signals the others to follow him outside*
Others: *Following John outside*

An IFT-D passed with three storm troopers inside. It began to attraversare, croce a bridge.

IFT-D's picture: link

John: *Signals the others to follow him. They attraversare, croce the same bridge*

A clock tower began to ring, and another train was heard.

John: *Looking at the IFT-D in front of them*
Driver: *Getting checked da another storm trooper at a security gate*
Morris: *Looks at the gate*
Storm Trooper Guard: *Raises the gate, letting the IFT-D pass*
John: *Watching the IFT-D speed away from them*
Imperial Officers: *Walking by*
Storm Trooper Guard: *Lowers the gate* Halt. mostra me your papers.
John: I've been here many times of course, so it's not like the guard to forget me.
Storm Trooper Guard: *Raises the gate*
John: These five are with me.
Storm Trooper Guard: Yes sir. *Watches the six of them pass*
John: I also remember having the toughest instructor when I was first recruited in the outer rim.
Morris: Yeah, I think I had him too. What was his name anyway?
John: Fred.
Morris: Fred? Oh yeah I remember Fred. Dark skinned human with a big mustache.
Storm Troopers: *Pass them in an Imperial Troop Transport*

They walked into the center of the village. It was busy with many different creatures, and speeders going in all directions. It was very loud too since almost everyone was talking at the same time.

Storm Troopers: *Driving an IFT-T through the village, passing two Imperial Troop Transports*
John: *Looks a bar marked Alpine* We'll try here. If this place is the same as the rest of this planet, there should be lots of Imperials inside. Keep your ears open for anything about General Carnaby. We'll meet back here in half an hour.

John, and the others walked into the bar. A band was playing music: link

The six men took their coats off, and put them on a cappotto hanger.

Jott: *Sits at a tavolo with Thomas, Barkley, and Christianson*
Morris: *Walks to a counter with John. He looks at the bartender* Two beers.
Bartender: *Goes to get the drinks*
John: *Looks around the bar, and sees Heidi*
Heidi: *Serving drinks to two Imperials*
John: *Sees another tavolo with three officers* Excuse me.
Morris: *Watches John go to the table*
John: *Sits down at the table*

One of the officers had black hair, and stared at John.

Heidi: *Arrives at the table* Anything else I can get for you?
John: *Puts his arm around Heidi, and pulls her towards him*
Heidi: Oh!
John: And who might te be my pretty alpine rose?
Heidi: Heidi. Stop Major, I got work to do.
John: There's no più important work than to entertain the men who keep the galaxy in order. Shall I sing te a song?
Heidi: No thank you.
John: Alright, I'll whistle it to you, it goes like this. *Whistles a song*
Heidi: *Laughs* I bet te have beautiful Canto voice too.
John: Yes. *Hugs Heidi, moving his mouth closer to her ear, and whispers* meet me in the wood shed in the back in five minutes. now slap me across the face as hard as te can.
Heidi: Oh! *Backs up, and slaps John in the face, walking away*
Officer With Black Hair: Major?
John: *Looks at the officer*
Officer With Black Hair: Your position as an officer does not permit te to harass civilians.
John: *Glares at the officer* When te address me, te address me as sir. My full name is Nathan Sidious. Does that name mean anything to you?

All the officer could do was nod. He was too nervous to say another word.

John: I advise te mind your own business from now on. Is that understood?
Officer With Black Hair: *Nods*
John: *Walks away*
Officer With Black Hair: *Lets out a sigh of relief*
John: *Returns to the bar, and sits successivo to Morris* Another birra please.
Morris: Make that two. *Looks at John* I don't suppose te found out anything about General Carnaby.
John: We never got to discuss him.
Morris: What were you, and that Major talking about?
John: I told him I was The Emperor's brother.
Morris: *Looks back at the officer, noticing how scared he is* I can see why that would shake him up a little.
John: più than a little I should think. Keep an eye on things, I'll be back. *Walks away*

As John left the Alpine Bar, another song was heard: link

John: *Turns right, and walks down the street*

As he walked away from the bar, the song began to fade away.

Stormtroopers: *Passing da in an IFT-D*
Officer 94: How's it going?
John: Fine, thank you. *Salutes two Stormtroopers*
Stormtroopers: *Return their salutes*
Astro Droid: *Beeping as it exits a house, moving towards the two stormtroopers*
John: *Sees the wood shed, and opens the door, walking inside*

Mary was waiting for him. As soon as she saw John, she began to hug him, and the two kiss.

John: Take your clothes off.
Mary: But I-
John: Don't argue. Take your clothes off.
Mary: *Takes off her coat*
John: Relax, I didn't mean it. I need te to help me get into the castle.
Mary: How? Naked?
John: Seems like a good idea, but a bit too obvious. The Imperials are short on secretaries, and Schloss Adler is no exception. You're cousin is Heidi. She works at the Alpine Bar, and it's because of her te got the job. te used to live in Toydaria, and were one of the very few humans on that planet. te were a T.V star, but were forced to give up your job, when the Hutts killed your director, and the CEO of the company producing your show.
Mary: Where are my identity papers?
John: Here. *Pulls them out of his pocket*
Mary: What's all this about?
John: I got to get in there before the Imperials find out that they don't have General Carnaby. The man they got knows no più about the secondo front than I do about other planets from different galaxies.
Mary: I thought General Carnaby's ship crash landed on this planet early yesterday morning.
John: That's what they want us to think. The ship landed perfectly on the planet, but it was riddled with holes from blasters. Republic blasters, but what the hell? A blaster is a blaster to some.
Mary: Are te trying to say that they're risking the life of another man for a phony rescue mission?
John: Oh not at all. The man inside that castello is a Rebel. Corporal Cartwright Jones. He wants to retire one day, and get a new career in acting.
Mary: te talked this poor man into doing this stunt?
John: I didn't have to, he volunteered. Like all good actors. This may even start a successful career for him.
Mary: Yes, a one night stand.

Someone was knocking at the door.

John: Wait here. *Pulls out his silenced blaster as he walks to the door. He slowly opens it*
Heidi: *Walks in, and sees John pointing his blaster at her*
John: Oh good, te made it. *Puts his blaster away* Heidi this is your cousin Maria. Mary, this is Heidi. One of the best Republic agents ever. She's been working for us in Chevrelium since the Galactic Civil War began, and... *Stares at Heidi* What a disguise. *Walks away*

After leaving the shed, John walked back to the Alpine Bar. Another song was heard in the distance, coming from the bar: link

John: *Looks to the left behind two Imperial Troop Transports, and finds a body. He walks towards it*

It was Jott. He was dead. Blood was coming out of his mouth.

John: *Back inside the bar with Morris* He was heading towards me. Until someone killed him. Did te see where the other three went?
Morris: I couldn't see. This place is very crowded, and there's più than one exit. Anyone of them could have slipped out. If te don't mind me saying so Major, I think there's più to this operation than you're letting me in on. We both know Harrod was killed after he landed. te better start telling me the truth Major, o I'll be leaving this planet on the first ship I see. Now with McPherson dead, there's only five of us left. So either te let me know what's going on o there's only gonna be four.
John: Alright Lieutenant. Earlier this morning, te asked me why you, a man in the Rebel Alliance was in on this mission. The answer is simple really, it's-

While John was talking to Morris, Mary entered the bar in a beige coat, and a black beret.

Heidi: *Talking to Major Von Hapen, and sees Mary. She runs towards her* Maria. *Hugs her* How nice to see you.
Mary: My dear cousin, it's so good to see te again after all these years.
Major Von Hapen: *Walks up to the ladies*
Heidi: May I present to te a very close friend of mine in the Galactic Empire. Major Ulrand Von Hapen.
Major Von Hapen: *Holds Mary's hand* Your cousin told me te would be coming, but Heidi, te did not tell me she was so beautiful.
Mary: Thank te Major.
Major Von Hapen: Perhaps when te are ready to go up to the castle, I will take te to the cable car.
Heidi: And, I'm going with her.
Major Von Hapen: Oh, both of you.
Heidi: We'll go upstairs, and get our things ready. Then we'll go with te to the castle.
Major Von Hapen: I'll be waiting for te here.

Upstairs, Heidi began to give Mary instructions.

Heidi: *Giving papers to Mary* Here are your papers, and a map to the castle. Do your homework well.

But just outside of the bar, five Imperial Troop Transports arrived, with three IFT-D's, and two Imperial Speeders. The Imperial Speeders look like the IFT-X tank, minus the guns.

John: *Sitting at a tavolo with Morris, Barkley, Thomas, and Christianson* Have any of te got information about General Carnaby?
Barkley: No. No one here knows about him.
Imperial Officer: *Kicks the door open, and blows on a whistle*

Stop the song

People: *Frightened*
Stormtroopers: *Run into the bar*
Imperial Officers: *Following the stormtroopers*

One of the officers was Colonel Weissner, who was at the castello in a precedente segment of this fan fiction.

Colonel Weissner: *Stands up on a stage* Attention! We're looking for five members of the Galactic Empire that have gone AWOL. They were last seen on this planet.
John: clever. very clever.
Colonel Weissner: I want a thorough cerca on every officer in this building at once. *Walks up to a stormtrooper* Check their papers.
John: well gentlemen? any suggestions?

Only Morris had an idea.

Morris: I think we'll stand a better chance out there than we will in here.
John: Agreed. Gentlemen, see te after the war.

They stood up, and walked over to Colonel Weissner.

Colonel Weissner: A Major with two women? I gave them permission to leave. *Sees John, and the other four men walk up to him* What is it Major?
John: My Friends and I are the ones you're looking for. We've come to surrender.
Colonel Weissner: TX-593.
Stormtrooper 44: *Walks up to the Colonel*
Colonel Weissner: Take the three in for questioning. The Major, and Lieutenant will come with me.

As everyone left, some of the people in the bar began murmuring to each other about the situation, and how frightened they were.

Major Von Hapen arrived at the cable car station with Mary, and Heidi, but there was no car.

Major Von Hapen: Excuse me. *Hits a green button*

A video display turned on in front of Major Von Hapen. It was supposed to mostra the cable car operator, but no one was seen. A cable car was moving towards them, stopping in the left section of the station.

Finally, the cable car operator stepped into view.

Cable Car Operator: Hello?
Major Von Hapen: Major Von Hapen.
Cable Car Operator: *Nervous* Yes sir!
Major Von Hapen: *Opens the door for Mary, and Heidi* After te two.
Mary: Thank you. *Walks into the cable car with Heidi*
Major Von Hapen: *Walks in, and hits a button, activating a buzzer*

Once the buzzer went off, the cable car operator began to sposta there car to the station at the castle.

John and Morris were being taken to a prison camp in an Imperial Speeder.

John: *Sitting in the back with Morris, and two stormtroopers*
Colonel Weissner: *Driving the speeder*

Song (Start at 1:42): link

Morris: *Looking at the two officers up front, and moves his head towards the floor*
Stormtroopers 58: *Grabs Morris' arm* Halt!
Morris: It's just my shoelaces. *Looks at the floor, then pushes the stormtrooper out of the speeder*
John: *Fighting with the other stormtrooper. He uses his E11 to shoot the two officers up front*
Colonel Weissner: *Loses control, and crashes into a pile of gravel* Ah!! *Flies out of the speeder, and dies upon landing*

Everyone else was dead. John looked around as Morris went out to get the stormtrooper he pushed.

Morris: *Puts his hand on his nose, and wipes a small spot of blood off*
John: *Gets out of the speeder, and picks up Colonel Weissner. He moves him back to the speeder, and puts him through the window where he flew through*
Morris: *Reaches the Stormtrooper, and picks him up*
John: *Grabs the other officer, and puts him through the left door. He then closes it*
Morris: *Returns with the stormtrooper, and puts him in the speeder* We need to get rid of this thing.
John: *Looks to the right* Over there. Let's push.

They pushed it backwards, away from the gravel. It was hard work, but it would be over soon.

John: *On the left side of the speeder with Morris* Okay, push. *Pushes the speeder with Morris* Push! *Getting towards the cliff* A little more.

Their plan was to push the speeder over the edge. Once it got there, the speeder rolled down the collina da itself.

Morris: *Standing successivo to John, watching the speeder catch on fuoco halfway down the cliff*
John: *Watches the speeder flip onto it's superiore, in alto side, landing into a stream*

After watching the destruction, they walked away.

Major Von Hapen was now in the castello with Mary, and Heidi. They walked up to Lieutenant Schwartz's desk.

Major Von Hapen: Good evening Lieutenant. We have a new member for the female staff.
Lieutenant Schwartz: Can I see your papers please?
Mary & Heidi: *Pull out their papers, and give them to Lieutenant Schwartz*
Lieutenant Schwartz: *Looking at the papers, and stands up* Will te come with me please?
Major Von Hapen: I will see te later.
Mary: Thank te Major.

After the three women left, Major Von Hapen examined some papers on the desk.

Colonel Kramer: *Arrives* Did te find anything interesting Major?
Major Von Hapen: *Looks at the Major, but doesn't say a word*
Colonel Kramer: *Walks closer* I heard there was some excitement in the village.
Major Von Hapen: Oh nothing serious, there were just some men that went AWOL. That's all.
Colonel Kramer: Not quite. That was the original report. The five men turned out to be Republic agents, dressed in Imperial uniforms.
Major Von Hapen: Republic agents, why wasn't I informed?
Colonel Kramer: I'm informing te now Major.
Major Von Hapen: Colonel, if te knew they were Republic agents, then te must have known for some time, who they were, and what they were doing.
Colonel Kramer: We went to your office. te were not here.
Major Von Hapen: Colonel I don't have to remind you, that I'm in charge of all activities involving espionage.
Colonel Kramer: te were not here Major!
Major Von Hapen: Then te find me Colonel!
Colonel Kramer: What, do te expect me to cerca every house, in every village on this planet?!
Major Von Hapen: I know your duties, and your loyalties.
Colonel Kramer: Well let me remind te Major, that I am a Colonel in the Galactic Empire. And not some Stormtrooper that can be frightened with your threats!
Major Von Hapen: Your rank, and position are familiar to me Colonel! And so are your attempts to discredit me with my superiors on Endor!
Colonel Kramer: If there is any discredit, te bring it upon yourself. Goodnight. *Walks away*

Heidi arrived with Mary to her room.

Heidi: *Closes the door, and walks to Mary. She puts her suitcase on the bed, and opens it* Here are the things you'll need. *Pulls out a DH17* Another blaster in case your current one overheats. *Pulls out the map of the castle, six hundred feet of rope, and a ball of yarn with a hook attached to one end* The map, rope, and yarn. Good luck cousin.
Mary: *Watches Heidi leave*

John, and Morris returned to the depot, and got back into their snowsuits. They were packing some of the bags with supplies.

John: *Holding two light sticks, a smaller version of a lightsaber* We may need these. *Set them down successivo to a bag*
Morris: I guess it's occurred to te now that the Imperials know what we're up to.
John: The thought did attraversare, croce my mind. *Turns on the radio* Broadsword calling Danny Boy, Broadsword calling Danny Boy. Over. Broadsword calling Danny Boy, Broadsword calling Danny Boy. Over.
Republic Corporal: *Hears John, and walks into Admiral Roland's room* It's Broadsword sir. *Returns to the radio*
Admiral Roland & Colonel Turner: *Standing behind the Corporal*
Republic Corporal: Danny Boy calling Broadsword. Come in Broadsword.
John: McPherson murdered. The other three have been captured. We are making our way into the castello now. Please have transport standing by.
Admiral Roland: Pull out now Major, save yourselves.
John: te must be joking. Over, and out.
Admiral Roland: That is an order Broadsword.

But there was no reply.

Admiral Roland: Broadsword? Broadsword? *Panicking* Come in Broadsword! *Waits three seconds* Broadsword!
Republic Corporal: They're gone sir.
Colonel Turner: *Faces away from the radio* DAMMIT!! It's all my fault.
Admiral Roland: It's all our fault Colonel.
Colonel Turner: Maybe I'm getting too old.
Admiral Roland: There's nothing più te could have done. *Sighs* Well, there's no doubt about it now. The Imperials have totally penetrated the Republic. They know every sposta we make before we make it.
Colonel Turner: Where are they getting it all from? We handpicked every man for this operation. We have superiore, in alto security.
Admiral Roland: Security? That, along with the rest of the Republic is starting to become a joke.

After ignoring Admiral Roland's orders to retreat, Major Smith, and Lieutenant Schaffer continued packing the bags for their operation.

John: *Hearing speeders approach, and goes towards a window. He looks out, careful to make sure he won't get spotted*
Imperials: *Arriving in IFT-D's, and Imperial Troop Transports with Stormtroopers*
Imperial Officer: Go! Send a squad in there to find the intruders!
John: We got company. *Turns off the lights*

Song: link

John: I'll pack the rest of the bags. Head out the back window.
Morris: Alright. *Holding two bags, he walks to the back window*
John: *Carrying three più bags*

The other two had explosives. John took out one of them, and placed it on a wall, very close to the ground.

John: *Takes a tiny ball out of the trap. A wire is attached to the ball. He moves is across to the other bacheca across the floor. He steps over the wire, and heads to Morris, carrying the three bags*
Morris: *Climbing out the window. Once he's outside, he helps John get the bags outside*
Imperial Officer: *Kicks the door open, and turns on the lights*
John: *Climbs out the window, and walks towards a bridge with Morris*

They waited under the bridge.

Imperial Officer: *Walking, he turns to the right, heading towards the trap*
Three Stormtroopers: *Following the Officer*
Imperial Officer: *Getting closer to the trap, his right foot moves forward, hitting the wire, activating the trap*

With the two bags full of explosives, the explosion was big enough to take out three IFT-D's, two Imperial Troop Transports, and another one that was coming towards them. The fuoco from the explosion was colossal, engulfing not only the shed, but the Imperial vehicles surrounding it.

John & Morris: *Moving out from under the bridge, they head towards two bushes successivo to a tree. Since it's cold for snow, there are no leaves, but there are lots of branches on the bushes*

Stop the song

An alarm went off: link

Stormtroopers: *Moving weapons away from the fire*
Other Stormtroopers: *Fighting the fuoco with extinguishers*

A few più explosions occurred from time to time, due to detpacks, thermal detonators, and other explosives being too close.

Two officers arrived on a speeder bike, with a sidecar.

Officers: *Get out of the speeder bike, signalling vehicles to sposta away from the fire*
Morris: *Pulls out his lightstick, and activates it, mostrare a blue blade*
Officer: *Signalling an Imperial Troop Transport to go left*

As it passed, Morris took this as an opportunity.

Morris: *Moves up, and stabs the officer in the back of his neck*

He moved down as the transport went away.

Officer 2: *Notices his partner is missing, and turns on his flashlight*
John: *Sees the light moving towards him, and tries to hide himself as best as he can, with the branches from the bush*
Officer 2: *Spots John, and pulls out his blaster*
John: *Shoots Officer 2 in the neck*

With both officers down, John, and Morris could take the speeder bike. John got into the sidecar, letting Morris drive.

Morris: *Moves forward, heading towards the fire*
Imperials: *Fighting the fire, not noticing John, o Morris*
Morris: *Heads for the bridge. He passes six Imperial Troopers, running across the bridge. He looks back at them for a second, then looks inoltrare, avanti again*
Stormtrooper: *Raising the gate for an IFT-D*
Morris: *Passes as the gate goes up*
John: *Looks back
Stormtrooper: *Not doing anything to stop them*
John: *Laughs*

They reached the end of the road, and turned left, passing an Imperial Troop Transport.

John: *Looks back. No one is trying to chase them. They are in the clear*

Outside of the village, John, and Morris were placing explosive traps on telephone poles. Their wires were attached to smaller plastic poles.

John: *Putting a trap on a tree, and moves it's wire towards one of the plastic poles*
Morris: *Moves up to the last pole on the speeder bike. He gets out, and places the last trap on the pole, and gets it's wire attached to another plastic pole*
John: *Walks back to the speeder bike, and gets into the sidecar*
Morris: *Gets back in the driver's seat, and heads back to the village*

Back at the cable car station, Heidi was returning from the castello after helping Mary get settled in.

Heidi: *Walks out of the cable car, dressed in a black pelliccia coat, with a matching pelliccia hat*
Stormtrooper: *Walks out of a room, and looks at Heidi as she leaves the station*

When John and Morris returned to the village it started to snow. It was heavy, and falling down fast.

Morris: *Stops the speeder bike successivo to a big shed. They both get out, and walk into the sheds*
John: *Looks at dead protocol droid successivo to a broken speeder. Then, he looks at a red speeder bus* Put one bag in the bus, and see if te can start it.
Morris: *Goes into the bus*
John: *Heads towards two doors. He looks out a hole, and sees an Imperial Troop Transport pass, along with a few passing stormtroopers*

The snow was getting lighter, and falling slower as John looked outside. He pushed the doors gently. They were locked, but with enough speed from the speeder bus, the doors would go down easily.

John: *Walks back to Morris* How goes it?
Morris: *Checking the engine up front* Try, and give it a start.
John: *Sits down, and hits the start button*

The engine hummed quietly at first, but got louder as the bus started. It hovered above the ground as it gained più power from the engine.

Morris: *Nods, closing the hood*
John: *Turns off the bus*

They had everything set up for their escape. Now it was time to go into the castle.