John, and Morris walked into the center of the village, where the cable car station was. Three Imperial Troop Transports stopped successivo to the station.

Stormtrooper 75: *Opens the back door*
Stormtrooper 62: *Pushes Barkley, Thomas, and Christianson out* Go. Into the cable car station.

Song: link

John & Morris: *Climbing a ladder to the roof of the cable car station*

They walked towards the edge, climbed over a fence, and waited for the cable car to sposta up.

Barkley: *With Thomas, and Christianson. Their hands are tied with rope as they are being moved to the cable car station da two stormtroopers*
Imperial Officer: *Talking into a video messenger* Yes, Captain Mulloch with three prisoners.
Cable Car Operator: Alright. *Moves a lever, making their cable car sposta towards the castle*

John, and Morris got on the arm of the cable car as it slowly started to sposta out of the station. They stood on the arm, looking down at the cable moving them towards the castle.

John: *Points down to the roof*
Morris: *Climbs down to the roof with John. They both kneel*

The cable car slowly gained altitude as it moved closer to the castle.

Meanwhile, inside the castle...

Mary: *Carrying a suitcase, walking through a corridor, passing an Imperial Trooper. She makes her way towards a door, and knocks. There is no reply, so she opens the door. Entering the room, Mary locks the door behind her, and opens her suitcase. She pulls out a pair of macrobinoculars, and goes towards a window. She looks outside, and sees John and Morris on superiore, in alto of a cable car*

Skip the song to 2:31

John & Morris: *Looking inoltrare, avanti as the cable car moves towards the castle*
Mary: *Walks back to her suitcase, pulls out the rope with a hook attached to the ball of string, and looks at a support beam on the roof. She hits a piece of wood above the beam. After three hits, the wood falls off*
John & Morris: *Looking at the castle. The closer they get, the bigger it looks*
Mary: *Puts one end of the rope around the beam, and ties it around the beam*

Back on superiore, in alto of the cable car, the wind began to blow.

Morris: *Looks down, and sees an Imperial Troop Transport travelling parallel to a stream*
John: *Taps Morris' shoulder*
Morris: *Looks at John*
John: *Points up at the arm*

They climbed up the arm of the cable car, and sat on the superiore, in alto section, above the cables.

Morris: *Sitting behind John*
John: *Looking at the castello as they get closer*

They were now close enough to see lights coming from some of the castello windows.

John: *Looking at the cable car station below the castle*
Imperials: *Walking around the station, some are Leggere papers*

Though they were close enough to see the Imperials in the station, no one was looking at them. The cable car was getting closer.

John & Morris: *Pull out their light sticks, and activate the blades*
Imperials: *Leaving the station, except for the cable car operator*

Morris, and John were now close enough to get onto the roof, and climb up to the castle.

John: *Gets on the roof*
Morris: *To the right of John. They both put their blades into the roof to climb up*

Then there was trouble.

Morris: *Loses grip of his light stick, and falls down to the edge. His legs are dangling helplessly in mid-air, the superiore, in alto half of his body still on the roof. He grabs his light stick as it falls towards him, and sticks it into the roof, but it's not enough. His legs are still over the edge*
John: *Makes it to the top, sticking his hand out for Morris*
Morris: *Reaching for John's hand*
John: *Holds out his light stick*
Morris: *Reaching out for it*
John: *Panicking*
Morris: *Grabs it*
John: *Relieved*
Morris: *Activates John's light stick, using the green blade to stick it into the roof. He climbs up, using both light sticks to make it to John. Once he gets to the top, he gives John back his light stick*
John: *Walks to the left*
Morris: *Follows*

They were walking towards an area where they could get below Mary's window. The path they were using was narrow, but it was the only way to get to where they needed to go.

Mary: *Sees John, and Morris coming, and lowers the hook, attached to the string, tied onto the rope*

When they got below Mary's window, the path was no longer narrow.

John: *Sees Mary's hook, and takes off his backpack*
Morris: *Puts his backpack down successivo to John's*
Mary: *Lowers the hook all the way down*
John: *Looks up*
Mary: *Waving at John, signalling him to climb up*
John: *Grabs the rope, and starts to climb up, but looks at Morris* Leave one bag behind, and tie the other one to the end of the rope. *Continues to climb*
Morris: *Watching John climb up as he attaches his backpack to Mary's hook*
John: *Halfway up to Mary's window*

There was another window John climbed past, and a song was heard playing: link

John: *Looks through the window*
Imperial Officer: *Asleep, holding an empty bottle of scotch*
John: *Rolls his eyes, continuing the climb*

The song faded away, as John moved up towards Mary. He finally climbed up through the window, and was exhausted.

John: *Sits down, breathing heavily* That goddamn climb nearly killed me.
Mary: te shouldn't be going on these insane missions. You're getting too old.
John: *Takes off his hat, and snowsuit, revealing his Imperial Officer's uniform* Thank te for your words of kindness.
Morris: *Climbing up the bacheca to Mary*
Mary: *Looks down, and sees Morris, then watches John take off the rest of his suit* Why don't te give him a hand?
John: What for? He can take care of himself. Besides, if I could make it on my own, why not he?
Morris: *Makes it to the top, but struggles to get through the window* te wouldn't, mind giving me a hand here, would you?
John: *Goes to Morris, and helps him climb up*
Morris: *Takes off his hat, and begins to remove his snowsuit. He looks at Mary* te seem to have a lot of women stashed on this planet Major.
John: This is another Republic agent. Mary meet Morris Schaffer of the Rebellion.
Mary: Hello.
Morris: How do te do?
Mary: *Pulling up the backpack*
Morris: *Removes his snowsuit, and puts his hat back on*
John: *Puts his hat back on* Do te still have the map?
Mary: *Pulls it out*
John: *Points to a room marked Golden Hall* Meet us in this room at exactly fifteen minutes. We'll be waiting for te there.

With that, he and Morris left Mary da herself in the room.

Song: link

Two officers were standing successivo to a fuoco da the Tie Interceptor.

John: That could give us extra trouble. We'll have to take care of the pilot.
Morris: I'll take care of him. *Walks downstairs, and passes them, heading towards a radio room*

Skip the song to 1:08

When Morris walked in, the room looked empty, but he wasn't so sure.

Morris: *Pulls out his silenced blaster, and looks in front of him*

Out of Morris' view to his right behind a wall, the radio operator was making himself a cup of coffee.

Morris: Hello.
Radio Operator: *Walks in front of Morris*
Morris: *Fires his blaster*
Radio Operator: *Dies, dropping his cup of coffee as he falls down*
John: *Checks his watch, and walks down the stairs, towards the officers near the Tie Interceptor*
Astro Droid: *Following an Imperial Officer, beeping sadly*
Imperial Officer: Come on buddy, you'll be alright. *Pats the droid twice*
John: *Looks at an officer wearing a blue cappotto over his uniform* Are te the pilot?
Imperial Officer 22: Yes sir.
John: There's a call for te in the radio room. It's down the hall to the left.
Imperial Officer 22: Okay. *Confused, but goes to the radio room*
Imperial Officer 36: *Putting his hands over the fire*
John: May I unisciti te Lieutenant?
Imperial Officer 36: Yes sir.
John: A very cold giorno today, isn't it?
Imperial Officer 36: Oh yes it is.
Imperial Officer 22: *Walks into the radio room, and looks at the radio operator, sitting down in a chair. His head is hanging low, so he walks towards the operator to see if he's okay*
Morris: *Comes up from behind, activating his light stick, and stabs the officer in the neck, covering his mouth so he won't scream from the pain*

Stop the song

John: *Walks in*
Morris: *Turns off his light stick*
John: te handled this well.
Morris: Well te know the old saying. What do we do now?
John: We got to get to General Carnaby, before they get him to talk.

Song (Start at 2:52): link

John: *Leaves the room, and walks to the left down the hall*
Morris: *Follows John*

The song fades away as John, and Morris enter the golden hall, a big room with a big table. Eight chairs are on each side of the table, including one at each end. To the left of the tavolo is a fireplace, and on the bacheca is a mural of the rise, and fall of the Jedi, before the Galactic Empire took over. They watched from an upstairs balcony as General Carnaby was being interrogated da three imperials.

Colonel Kramer: I'm sure te do have places to go to, but te must understand how an interrogation works.
General Carnaby: General George Carnaby, USA-39-1964.
General Rosemeyer: There's gotta be più than just your name, rank, and social security number.
General Carnaby: There isn't.
Colonel Kramer: Now, General. Rosemeyer, and myself, and Lieutenant Schwartz over here...we've tried to reason with you, even treat te like a king. We need to know about the secondo front, that you, and the rebels have planned against us. Won't te tell us, please?
General Carnaby: General George Carnaby, USA-39-1964.
Morris: When do we make our move?
John: Any minute. Just be patient.

Mary was back in her room, getting ready to meet with John and Morris.

Mary: *Packs her suitcase with nine explosives, and an E11*
Major Von Hapen: *Walks up to the door of Mary's room, and knocks*
Mary: *Closes the suitcase* Oh, a moment.
Major Von Hapen: *Knocks four più times*
Mary: *Leaving the suitcase, she walks up to the door, and opens it* Oh Major.
Major Von Hapen: Hello Maria. I did say I'd see te later, right?
Mary: Right.
Major Von Hapen: te look like you're about to go somewhere.
Mary: I was going to find you.
Major Von Hapen: Good, because I need to mostra te one of the best rooms in this castle. An old armory room was just converted into one of the best bars in this galaxy. It just so happens to remind me of the one in Kinyen.
Mary: Kinyen?
Major Von Hapen: My home planet. I lived there until I decided to unisciti the Empire. *Walks with Mary out of the room* Four years after Darth Vader came to power.


Colonel Kramer: *Stands up* To health gentlemen. *Drinks a glass of wine*
General Rosemeyer & Lieutenant Schwartz: *Drinking their wine*
Colonel Kramer: *Looks at General Carnaby* You're not drinking. Is there anything te will do?
General Carnaby: *Shakes his head*
Colonel Kramer: I'm sure te noticed, but the Lieutenant is a trained nurse.
Lieutenant Schwartz: *Pulls out a pack of syringes*
Colonel Kramer: She will put cyanide into te if te wish to not talk.

A hologram of a stormtrooper appeared in front of the Colonel on the table.

Stormtrooper: Sir, they're here to see you.
Colonel Kramer: Send them in.
Barkley: *Walks inside with Thomas, and Christianson*
Colonel Kramer: You'll be pleased to know that your mission has been a success. Once we get the information from the General, we will send te three back to Coruscant on the first shuttle available.
Barkley: Back to Coruscant? Are te mad? Not with Smith and Schaffer still around.
Thomas: Are they dead?

Song: link

Colonel Kramer: We're not sure. I did hear from one of our soldiers that they did see Smith board a ship leaving this planet. They believe he is going somewhere into hiding in the Mid Rim. A stella, star Destroyer has been alerted, and they will destroy Smith once they find him.
General Rosemeyer: *Nervous* It's getting late. Please remember the important issue.

Stop the song

Colonel Kramer: So General, now that te know no one can save you, will this change things? Will te tell us what we need to know?
General Carnaby: Nothing's changed Colonel.
Colonel Kramer: Most unfortunate. *Nods at Lieutenant Schwartz*

John, and Morris were still waiting on the balcony, but they were now making their way downstairs. da the superiore, in alto of the stairs was a rack full of E-11's. They both took one.

General Carnaby: *Sweating as he watches Lieutenant Schwartz*
John: *Makes it down the stairs with Morris* Looks like we're just in time.
Barkley: *Slides in his chair to the left*
John: Don't sposta any of you.
Colonel Kramer: *His finger goes towards a transmitter button for the hologram on the table*
John: No, I advise te not to Colonel. Me and the Lieutenant have everything here under control. *Points his E-11 at Morris* Lieutenant, drop that gun.
Morris: What?
John: Drop that gun, and sit down.
Morris: *Drops his E-11* What the hell are te talking about?
John: Sit down!
Morris: *Sits down on the other side of the table, three chairs to the right of the General* Major if I live to be a hundred-
John: You're nothing Lieutenant. You're only.. *Kicks his E-11 towards him* A punk. A secondo rate punk.
Colonel Kramer: If I might have some explanation!
John: All in good time Colonel. All in good time. *Slowly walks around the tavolo to General Carnaby* I was about to say that we have arrived in the nick of time, but before I got to those words, *Points at Barkley* He tried something he shouldn't have, but we'll get back to him, and his colleagues later. As for this man over here, *Pats General Carnaby on the shoulder* Though he is in the Rebellion, he is not General Carnaby. Instead, he's an actor da the name of Cartwright Jones.
General Carnaby: Who are you?
John: I will get to that when the time is right. I did say I'd get back to Barkley, Thomas, and Christianson. Though they have been working in Coruscant, they have been going against us.
Thomas: *Stands up* Don't listen to him General, it's a bluff!
John: Keep quiet!
Thomas: *Sits down*
John: Allow me to introduce myself. *Walking towards General Rosemeyer* Major Johann Schmidt, enlisted into the Imperials from the Outer Rim.
Colonel Kramer: Can te prove that?
John: Certainly Colonel, but before I do, I want te to call down a stormtrooper. I know fancy talking, and we are going to be here for quite some time.
Colonel Kramer: *Hits the transmitter button for the hologram on the table*

Song (Start at 3:04): link

Major Von Hapen: *Sitting down at a tavolo with Mary in the bar room* Strange. *Leans back in his chair* I seem to remember, that the cantina was on the other side of the square.
Mary: *Her hand is on the side of her head* well...
Major Von Hapen: Of course, I could be mistaken.
Mary: Oh no Major, I could have made a mistake. I haven't been to Kinyen since the Galactic Civil war began. It's very easy to forget.
Major Von Hapen: *Looking at Mary, she seems uninterested, rubbing her forehead with two fingers* te seem to be a little bit distracted.
Mary: *Looks up at the Major*
Major Von Hapen: Is there anything wrong?
Mary: Oh it's nothing. Just a slight headache. I had a long giorno travelling.
Major Von Hapen: Oh, of course, and here I am. Talking about serious things like Kinyen. Will te forgive me?
Mary: *Smiles as she nods*
Major Von Hapen: I'll tell te what. We will have one più schnapps together, and then I will see te to your quarters.
Mary: Thank you.


John was drinking a glass of wine. When he finished he looked at the stormtrooper Colonel Kramer called in. John gave him his E-11.

John: *Puts the glass on the table. He begins to walk around the table, going clockwise* Right. Now that we're all comfortable, I think it's time to talk about who everyone is, and what they're doing here. Now first the Lieutenant. He's an assassin. A well trained professional in the Rebel Alliance. His job is to shoot te Colonel Kramer, and te General Rosemeyer. He was sent from Yavin to Coruscant to help the Republic with a rescue operation, which brings us to our three friends, Barkley, Thomas, and Christianson. They are of course, members of the Republic.
Thomas: That's a lie.
Colonel Kramer: Let him finish!
John: Their job was to not only rescue the General, but also infiltrate every planet under control da the Imperials which has been going on since, a mese ago.
Barkley: That's another lie, te can't prove any of this!
John: *Stops walking* Can't I? *Looks at Morris* Any denials Lieutenant?

Morris didn't say anything, so John continued.

John: *Walks to the right* Now General. *Stops, facing General Carnaby, and pulls out his silenced blaster* Why don't te give us your real name, rank, and social security number?
General Carnaby: *Stays silent*
John: *Shoots his chair*
General Carnaby: *Jumps, and looks at John, knowing he'll fuoco his blaster again* Cartwright Jones, Corporal in the Rebel Alliance. USA-51-2764.
John: Thank you. *Puts his blaster away, and continues to slowly walk clockwise around the table* Having successfully infiltrated every planet under our control, what was the successivo phase in the Republic plan? To take down the most important one. How? Simple. Create a fake crash scene with a Rebel ship, and a fake General on board, and allow himself to be brought here to be tortured, and to afford a good excuse for Republic agents to come here, and rescue him.
General Rosemeyer: And te Major Schmidt? What were your orders?
John: To make my own way in, stop the enemies from completing their objectives, and then go into hiding on any planet in the Mid Rim.
Colonel Kramer: Jeez. That's incredible!
John: I couldn't have put it better myself.
General Rosemeyer: te are going to give us proof of who te are.
John: Certainly General. The proof is in three parts, first if I'm not who I say I am, what am I doing here? What can I possibly hope to gain? If I was a Rebel, o a Republic soldier, o spy, surely someone would have stopped me, and I wouldn't be here talking to you. I have nothing to gain. *Walks to Barkley* Also, these three men here, Barkley Thomas, and Christianson. If they are who they claim to be..

Song: link

John: Why would a stormtrooper bring them here? Surely they could make it here on their own. I doubt they even know where their orders come from, o who gives them their orders.

Stop the song

Barkley: We all work through contacts! It wasn't necessary o sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza for us to know where our orders were coming from!
John: *Pulls out a little book* Yes, considering that I know his name, and te don't. *Opens the book, and shows a page to Colonel Kramer* Secondly General, te have a very powerful radio transmitter. Put a call out to Major Wilhelm Pulastra on the planet of Velmor.

Velmor, one of many planets in the mid rim is also between the Parlemian Trade Route, and the Daragon Trail.

Imperial Officer: *Walks into a bedroom, and turns on the lights. He sees Wilhelm Pulastra sleeping in a luxury letto with yellow blankets, and pillows* Major. *Moving the Major's shoulders back, and forth* Major. Major!
Wilhelm: *Wakes up* What?
Imperial Officer: It's Colonel Kramer from Schloss Adler in Chevrelium. *Picks up the phone* He says it's very urgent.
Wilhelm: *Takes the phone* Yeah. Major Wilhelm speaking. Yeah Colonel?
Colonel Kramer: Can te describe him?
Wilhelm: That will not be necessary. Ask him to mostra te his right forearm.
Colonel Kramer: May I see your right forearm?
John: Certainly. *Moves up his sleeve, and shows his right forearm*
Wilhelm: Now two parallel scars should be there, three centimeters apart.
Colonel Kramer: The scars are there.
Wilhelm: Ask how did he get them.
Colonel Kramer: How did te get those?
John: I was born with them.
Colonel Kramer: He says he was born with them.
Wilhelm: That is right, so tell him he's a traitor.
John: Tell him he's a renegade.
Wilhelm: *Laughs* That is Scmidt, no doubt about it.
Colonel Kramer: Thank te Major.
Wilhelm: Thank te Colonel. Goodnight. *Puts the phone back in it's place* Give me the water!
Imperial Officer: *Hands him a glass of water*
John: As te know the real Barkley, Thomas, and Christianson, were responsible for reporting back to Coruscant after every mission, and from there, they would receive a new mission.
Barkley: *Sweating* There's something very wrong Colonel. I don't doubt who Schmidt is, but there has been some mistake.
John: Yes, and you're the ones who made it. *Walks over to Lieutenant Schwartz* Would te be good enough to get us più books, and pencils? We're going to get some più names from those three.
Lieutenant Schwartz: *Stands up, and goes to get the books, and pencils*


Back at Mary's room.

Major Von Hapen: Goodnight Maria. *Kisses her hand* te are a very charming girl.
Mary: Thank te Major.
Major Von Hapen: We must get to know each other just a little bit more.
Mary: Yes we must. Goodnight. *Closes her door*

Song (Start at 0:58): link

Major Von Hapen: *Gets a sudden urge that something's not right*
Mary: *Locks her door*
Major Von Hapen: *Hears the lock, and rubs his chin with his hand, and walks down the corridor*
John: *Watching Barkley, Thomas, and Christianson Scrivere names in their books*
Major Von Hapen: *Walks pass the Tie Interceptor. It begins to snow again*
Imperial Officers: *Sitting down on a short wall, watching the Major pass them, and their Astro Droid*
John: *Holding Barkley, and Thomas' books, and puts them down in front of Colonel Kramer* Any of these will do.
General Rosemeyer: *Smoking a cigarette*
Christianson: *Continues to write names in his book*
Colonel Kramer: *Watching him*
Morris: *Looks down at his E-11. It is on the ground successivo to his feet*
John: *Watches Christianson finish, and takes his book. He puts it on the tavolo in front of Colonel Kramer* Have that compared to my original. *Throws another book onto the tavolo in front of the Colonel*
Colonel Kramer: *Opens John's book first. He looks through the pages, but they're all blank. He gets nervous, and sweats* Guard!
John: *Shoots the storm trooper with his silenced blaster*
Morris: *Picks up his E-11*
John: *Points his blaster at Colonel Kramer, General Rosemeyer, and Lieutenant Schwartz* Easy, don't move.
Thomas: *Standing between Barkley, and Christianson. They look around the room, seeing if anyone can save them*
Morris: *Moves up closer* Just relax. *Still pointing his E-11 at Barkley, Thomas, and Christianson, he looks at John* A secondo rate punk, huh?
John: It was all I could think of at the time.
Morris: Thanks, that just makes it even worse.
John: Sorry.
Colonel Kramer: Is that all te wanted? Those books?
John: Yes, it appears that they know a Colonel who's been in the Empire almost as long as te have.
Colonel Kramer: Major Schmidt..Then they are who they claim to be!
John: Yes I'm afraid so. It appeared that all of our good information was being lost, and useless information was coming in, but we knew we couldn't prove it even if we could. What we really wanted was the name of their contacts. In those books.
General Rosemeyer: And Major Wilhelm? Does he know about this?
John: As a matter of fact, he does. I've been giving him false, and out of data information for years. That'll be all gentlemen.
Major Von Hapen: STAY WHERE te ARE!!

Song: link

Major Von Hapen: *Holding an SE-14c* I advise everyone to be perfectly still.
John: *Between General Rosemeyer, and Cartwright Jones*
Major Von Hapen: Drop your gun Major.
John: *Drops his silenced blaster*
Major Von Hapen: te too Lieutenant.
Morris: *Drops the E-11*
Major Von Hapen: *Takes a step down the stairs* da the fuoco please.
Morris: *Leans on the right side of the fireplace*
Colonel Kramer: *Stands up* Thank god you're here Major. They were just about to-
Major Von Hapen: Sit down Colonel!! *Slowly walks down the stairs* Everybody remain as he is, until I find out what exactly is going on here.
Colonel Kramer: *Stands up* What do te mean?! I'm sure te can see perfectly what's going on-
Major Von Hapen: SIT!! down, Colonel.
Colonel Kramer: *Sits down*
John: It's perfectly simple Major. The Lieutenant and myself have been uncovering the clues as to who's been trying to assassinate Darth Vader.
General Rosemeyer: *Stands up, outraged* THIS IS PREPOSTEROUS!!!!
Major Von Hapen: *Points his blaster at the General* Shut up!! Sit down.
John: These people are guilty of betraying Lord Sidious. Just before te interrupted us, we were placing this whole party under arrest.
John: I don't expect te to believe me Major, but te certainly will once I mostra te the names in these books, here in my pocket.
Major Von Hapen: Let me see them.
John: *Passes Morris*
Major Von Hapen: Careful Major! Very slowly.
John: *Looks down at the floor*

Skip the song to 1:44. Mary was getting close to the Golden Hall. She was carrying the suitcase with her.

Major Von Hapen: Bring them here.
John: *Moves forward, but stops successivo to a chair*
Major Von Hapen: Bring them here!
Mary: *Opens a door*
Major Von Hapen: *Looks at Mary*
Morris: Smith.
John: *Ducks*
Morris: *Shoots Major Von Hapen twice*
Major Von Hapen: *Dead, his black uniform once spotless, now has two holes, and some blood spilling out where he was shot*
Morris: *Shoots Colonel Kramer*
Colonel Kramer: Ah!! *Falls out of his chair*
Morris: *Shots General Rosemeyer*
General Rosemeyer: *Grunts, dropping his blaster, and closing his eyes as he falls down*
Lieutenant Schwartz: *Running towards Mary*
Morris: *Aiming at the Lieutenant, and shoots her in the back*
Lieutenant Schwartz: *Falls down in front of Mary*
John: *Grabs Morris' E-11* Alright, get up!! *Kicks Barkley's chair* All of you!!
Barkley: *Stands up with Thomas, and Christianson*
John: Put your hands up.

The three of them were too stunned to do anything.

John: Put your hands up!!
Barkley: *Slowly puts his hands up*
Thomas & Christianson: *Putting their hands up*
John: Jones, take the Major's gun.
Cartwright: Yes sir.
John: Mary, bring that bag over here!!!
Mary: *Brings the suitcase to John*
John: te were late.
Mary: You're lucky I even made it at all.
John: *Puts the map on the table* We'll go out the same way we came in. There's a radio room we can use to contact Coruscant, but we'll have to create enough confusion if we're going to make it out of here alive.
Morris: Major, right now te have me più confused than I ever hoped to be.
John: *Opens Mary's suitcase* Take all the explosives, and have them set up in different locations around the castle.
Morris: Alright. *Taking the explosives*
John: *Points his E-11 at Barkley, Thomas, and Christianson* Let me make myself perfectly understood. If any of te utters a word, I'll kill te all. Is that clear?
Barkley: *Nods*
John: Good, now head over to the door. Move.

They didn't sposta at first.

John: MOVE!!
Cartwright: Come on. *Pushes Christianson*

Song (Start at 3:14): link

They eventually started to move, and left with John, Mary, and Cartwright. Morris was all alone.

Morris: *Goes to the fireplace, and places a trap there. He goes to the other side of the fireplace, also setting a trap there*
John: *Walks into the radio room where the Tie intercettatore, interceptor pilot was killed. He turns on the lights, and sees a bookcase. Taking out a trap, John walks over to the bookcase, pulls out two books, and places a trap behind them. He places the libri back in their original position*
Morris: *Puts a trap on the bacheca in front of the doors, and extends it wire across to the bacheca successivo to the doors. To the right of the wire, he places two traps successivo to each other. He gets the wire from the left trap onto the right trap, and walks with the wire from the right trap, towards the door. He walks out the left door, and places the trap on the right door*

John, and the others were walking towards a flight of stairs to get to the radio room.

Song (Start at 2:02): link

Stormtroopers: *Walking down the stairs*
John: get back, get back!! *Pushes the others towards a room. They walk in, and hide behind the wall*
Stormtrooper 53: Did te hear that another Death stella, star was planned?
Stormtrooper 95: No way. Haven't they learned from The Battle of Yavin?
Stormtrooper 53: *Laughing*
John: *Pokes his head out of the room*

Morris walked downstairs into an armory room. Only two other people were inside.

Morris: *Carrying the suitcase* At ease. *Sets it down on a scrivania, reception in front of an Imperial officer* Hello. *Opens the suitcase, and pulls out his silenced blaster. He shoots the Officer*
Imperial Officer: Ugh! *Falls down, and dies*
Morris: *Shoots the Stormtrooper twice*
Stormtrooper: *Falls to the right*
Morris: *Pulls out another explosive trap. He sets the timer to 5 minutes, and throws it towards a stack of boxes of thermal detonators*

Song (Start at 1:51): link

John: *Hears the song playing from a room upstairs, as he walks up a spiral staircase, with the other five behind him. He signals them to stop, then quietly walks over to the entrance of the room. He sees an Imperial Officer sitting down in front of a big radio, Leggere a book*
Imperial Officer: *Turns a knob, and a different song turns on*

Song: link

Imperial Officer: *Flips a page in his book, and reads*
John: *Walks back to the others* We'll have to wait in another room.

They followed John, and walked into another room, across the hall from the radio room.

Stop the song.

Morris: *Looks out a window, and opens it*

Church bells began to ring as Morris looked outside. successivo to the Tie intercettatore, interceptor was a laser cannon.

Morris: *Turns on another explosive trap, setting it's timer to six minutes, and throws it at the laser cannon*

No one noticed the explosive as it flew towards the cannon. It landed on the gun, then fell onto a pile of crates, and fell down again onto the ground.

Song: link

Morris: *Walks up the spiral staircase, and hears the Musica coming from the radio*
John: *Looks out the door, and sees Morris*
Morris: *Sees John*
John: *Points at the radio room*
Morris: *Nods, and grabs his light stick. He slowly walks into the room*
Imperial Officer: *Reading his book, enjoying the music*
Morris: *Walks into the room*
John: *Walks to the doorway, watching Morris*
Imperial Officer: *Turns his head slightly to the right*
Morris: *Stops*
Imperial Officer: *Turns a page in his book, and continues to read*
Morris: *Gets closer to the officer*
Imperial Officer: *Turns a knob, switching songs*

Song (Start at 8:31): link

Imperial Officer: *Shakes his head, and turns off the radio*
Morris: *Slowly takes another step, but the floor creaks*
Imperial Officer: *Turns around, sees Morris, and hits an alarm button*

Alarm: link

John: *Shoots the officer twice with his silenced blaster*
Morris: *Runs to the alarm button, and hits it twice, but hte alarm does not turn off*
John: *Goes to the room* Mary, bring them over here.

Another alarm started: link

Morris: *Runs to the first alarm, and hits it with his E-11, turning it off*
John: *Watching the others enter the radio room*

Alarm: link

John: *Gives Morris his E-11* te may need this. *Enters the radio room* te five, stay in that room.
Mary: *Takes the other four into the closet*
John: *Sits down, and flips a few switches on the radio set*

Stop both alarms. On the other side of the castle, this one was activated: link

Imperials: *Putting on their helmets, and grabbing E-11's from a weapon rack*

Alarm: link

Imperial Engineer: *Watching the hundreds of Imperial Officers, and Stormtroopers run pass him as he stands on a small tower fixing something. He climbs down and followed them*

Back on our hero's side of the castle.

Alarm (Start at 1:24): link

Alarm: link

John: *Talking into a microphone, and holding a headset* Broadsword calling Dannyboy. Broadsword calling Dannyboy!

A Scout trooper was in front of over forty officers walking up the spiral staircase. più officers, and Imperial troopers were in front of Morris in the hallway.

Morris: *Looks at the officers, and then looks at John* We got company.
John: Broadsword calling Dannyboy!
Imperials: *Getting closer*
Morris: *Waits four seconds, then moves out of cover, and opens fuoco at the Imperials with his E-11. He kills 11 of them, one of them being the Scout Trooper, then moves back into cover to keep his blaster from overheating*
Imperial Officer 75: *Returns fire, also using an E-11*

Though Morris was behind a wall, some laser bullets nearly hit him.

John: Broadsword calling Dannyboy!
Imperials: *Continue to shoot at Morris*
Morris: *Moves out of cover, and shoots a Captain on the stairs. Then he gets back behind the wall*
Imperials: *Firing at Morris. Over fifty bullets hit the bacheca behind him*
Morris: *Fires three shots at a Grand Moff officer, and kills him*
Imperials: *Return fire, but all of their bullets miss*
Morris: *Shoots at an Officer laying down, using another set of stairs for cover*
Imperial Officer 52: *Returns fire*
Morris: *Stays behind the wall, and returns fire*
Imperial Officer 52: *Gets hit, and dies*
Imperial Trooper 74: *Returns fire*
Morris: *Shoots him*

As another officer returned fire, two più were moving a DLT-19 into the hallway. The DLT-19 was on a tripod.

Imperial Officer 88: *Fires più bullets at Morris, but they hit the wall*
Imperial Officer 62: *Using the DLT-19*

Despite all of the shots being fired at Morris, they were either passing him, o hitting the bacheca behind him.

Then, one of the explosive traps set in the armory room blew up. There were più explosives that went off shorty after the first one.

Imperials: *Looking up, seeing dust fall from the ceiling*
Morris: *Using two E-11's to shoot the Officer using the DLT-19, and five others*
John: Broadsword calling Dannyboy!!
Republic Corporal: Dannyboy calling Broadsword.

The explosive in the radio room downstairs went off.

Imperial Officer 55: *Looks down at the bottom of the spiral staircase* We need più men with blasters and thermal detonators!!!
Morris: *Kills three più Imperials*

Downstairs, another officer was walking towards a generator. più shots were fired from blasters as Major Smith talked to Admiral Roland.

Admiral Roland: Dannyboy calling Broadsword, over.
John: Everything ready, we need transport, over.
Admiral Roland: Understood. Do te have it, over?
John: We have it. We have it all! Over.
Admiral Roland: All sins forgiven.
Imperial Officer 59: *Turns off the generator*

Song: link

With the generator off, the radio couldn't be used.

John: *Puts the microphone, and headset away* Dammit. *Hears another explosion as he walks past a foto of Darth Vader, towards a window. He opens it, and looks at the rocky ground down below. Wasting no time, John got to the closet where the others were hiding* Get Thomas out of there. Quickly.
Cartwright: *Pushes Thomas towards John*
Imperial Officer 72: *Shooting at Morris with the DLT-19*
Imperial Officer 90: NOW!!

While an Imperial Trooper was using his E-11 to shoot at Morris, another officer threw a thermal detonator at Morris.

Morris: *Sees the thermal detonator. He picks it up, and throws it back at the Imperials. Three of them die from the explosion*
John: *Has the rope set up, and frees Thomas* Okay, climb down.
Thomas: *Hesitating*
Morris: *Feels the castello shake from another explosion*
Imperial Officer 82: *Firing più shots at Morris*
Imperial Troopers: *Throwing Thermal Detonators*
Morris: *Runs away from the two Thermal Detonators* Grenades! *Closes the door*
John: Alright, in here. *Walks into the closet with Morris*
Imperials: *Running to the room*
Imperial Trooper 92: *Shooting into the room*
Imperial Officer 30: *Throws another thermal detonator*

After it's explosion, they ran into the room, and saw the rope.

Imperial Officer 19: *Runs to the window, and looks down. He has no blaster* Corporal!
Stormtrooper: *Gives the officer his E-11*
Imperial Officer 19: *Fires at Thomas*
Thomas: *Closes his eyes. He hears the shots hit the rocks, but one hits his back* Ah, eugh! *Releases the rope, and falls down. He hits the side of the cliff and lands in the snow down below*
Imperial Officer 19: *Returns the E-11 to the stormtrooper*

Alarm: link

Imperial Officer 19: *Hears another explosion* We need to go!! Move!!
John: Get another explosive set. Time it to go off in three minutes.
Morris: *Puts a trap on a shelf, and sets it to go off in three minutes*

Song: link

Skip the alarm to 1:14

John: *Slowly opens the door, and sees that no one is watching them* They're gone. Coast is clear. *Walks out of the room with the others* Lieutenant, get the rope.
Morris: Alright.

As he was getting the rope, the other five slowly looked around the hallway. Dead Imperials were everywhere.

John: *Walks down the spiral staircase*
Mary: *Following John*
Cartwright: *Pointing his blaster at Barkley, and Christianson*
Imperials: *Walking up the staircase* Back up the stairs!!
John: Get back. *Pushes the others away from the stairs, and leads them inoltrare, avanti to the other end of the hallway*
Imperial Officer 92: They can't be far!

Morris was waiting for them. He had the rope over his left shoulder, and was holding his E-11 with his right hand.

Imperials: *Looking at Morris*
Morris: *Shoots all of the Imperials on the staircase*
Imperial Officer 76: *Goes over the railing, and falls*
Morris: *Follows the others*
John: *Finds another staircase* Alright, down here.

Stop the song.

A fuoco was to their left once they made it to the bottom of the stairs. Five Imperials were fighting the fuoco with water hoses, fuoco blankets, and extinguishers, but the fuoco was very big, and would take a long time to put out.

Then outside, the explosive trap that was thrown at the laser cannone exploded. più explosions occurred because of the charging cells placed near the cannon, and the Tie intercettatore, interceptor also exploded.

Imperial Officer 295: Get back!!! Find an extinguisher!! Anything that can put out the fire!!!!

Hundreds of officers, and stormtroopers ran outside to help stop the fuoco spreading from the explosions of the laser cannon, and Tie Interceptor.

Song (Start at 0:38): link

John: *Watching the Imperials fight the fire, and walks to the right*
Others: *Following John*

Back at the Golden Hall.

Stormtrooper 99: *Knocking on a door* Open up in there!! *Knocks six più times* We know you're in there!! *Knocks five più times* Go ahead Captain.
Imperial Officer: *Opens the door*

Stop the song.

The doors they opened were attached to the wires from one of Morris' explosives traps. The traps went off, killing everyone da the door. The traps on the fireplace moved the table, and chairs, and caused two chandeliers to fall onto the floor.

John: *Looks up another flight of stairs* We're almost there. *Goes up the stairs*
Imperials: *Coming down the stairs*
John: Get back!! *Pushes the others, and runs towards two doors*
Imperial Officer 98: He's here!!!

With the other members of his group behind him, John proceeded to close the doors.

Imperial Officer 98: *Shoots at John. Only one shot hits him in the hand*
John: *Closes the door, and locks it. He looks at the blood coming from his hand* Damn!!
Morris: *Points his blaster at Barkley, and Christianson* Get moving.

They walked up another set of stairs, leaving the Imperials behind, as they knocked on the door trying to get it open.

Song (Start at 2:19): link

John, Morris, Mary, Cartwright, Barkley, and Christianson finally arrived at the room they needed to get to.

Morris: *Tying the rope to the support beam*
John: *Finds five camouflage coats successivo to each other on a cappotto hanger* Put those coats on if te don't want to freeze to death. Quickly now.

Cartwright, and Mary already had their coats on, so the other four had to put them on.

Barkley & Christianson: *Put on their coats*
John: Lieutenant. *Grabs a cappotto to Morris, while putting one on himself*
Morris: Thanks. *Puts his cappotto on, throws the rope, and climbs down the castello wall*
John: Mary te go next.
Mary: *Grabs the rope, and climbs down the wall*
Barkley: *Uses the rope to climb down to Morris, and Mary*
John: Christianson.
Christianson: *Climbs down the rope*

As they were climbing down the rope, another group of Imperials were walking up the spiral staircase. They were going to check the rooms upstairs when the trap in the radio room exploded. Two stormtroopers fell out of a window.

Stop the song.

Imperial Trooper 99: *On fire*
Stormtrooper 80: *Helps him get down* Roll over in the snow!!
Imperial Trooper 99: *Tries to, but dies*

Our Heroes were walking towards the cable car station.

John: *Walks onto the roof of the station with Morris, and the others* Lieutenant, can te get down there?
Morris: te got it Major. *Sits down on the roof, slides towards the edge, and lands inside the station, successivo to a waiting cable car*

Next, Morris ran up a small corridor. At the end were two doors. Both were closed.

Morris: *Opens a door, and looks outside*
Imperials: *Running all over the place. Several Astro droids are also outside with them*
Morris: *Closes the door, and places a wooden board on the doors to lock them. He runs back down to the station, closes the other door, and also locks that. He looks up at the others still waiting on the roof* The doors in the corridor are locked.
John: See if te can find the controls.
Morris: *Walks over to the control table* There's a start, and stop button, and a lever that maintains the speed.
John: See if te can get that relic to start.
Morris: *Hits the start button, and looks back at the turbine behind him* Not bad, huh?
John: Yes, very good. Now bring the car closer to us.
Morris: *Moves the lever forward, and stops the cable car successivo to John*

Song: link

John: Mary, bring them out here!
Mary: Go on. *Pushes Barkley, and Christianson with her E-11*
John: Alright, get on superiore, in alto of the car, and climb down. *They don't sposta so he points his E-11 at them* Climb down!!
Barkley & Christianson: *Get on the roof of the cable car*
Morris: *Backs the cable car up into the station*
Christianson: *Jumps off the cable car* Ah! *Holding his leg as he lays on the floor*
Morris: *Runs to Christianson*
Barkley: *Waiting for the attack*
John: Look out!!!
Barkley: *Jumps on superiore, in alto of Morris, and punches him*
Christianson: *Holds him, and kicks him*
Morris: *Becomes unconscious, and lays on the floor*
John: Schaffer? Schaffer?! Schaffer?!!?
Barkley: *Takes Morris' silenced blaster* We got him Smith!!
John: *Looks at Barkley in disbelief*
Barkley: Now listen Smith!! I'll make a deal with you!! te let us go down in the car, and we won't kill Schaffer.
John: *Looks back at his light stick, and sees an explosive trap in his backpack*
Barkley: SMITH!!!
John: te bring him out so I can see he's still alive.
Barkley: I'm bringing him out now!! *Pushes Christianson* Get in the car.
Christianson: *Gets inside the cable car*
Barkley: *Drags Morris towards the controls*
John: *Sees Morris*
Barkley: *Moves the lever forward, and runs inside the cable car*
John: *Waits for the cable car to sposta out of the station, and gets on the roof. He takes his trap out of the backpack*

His footsteps were heard da Barkley, and Christianson as they looked up.

John: *Places the trap, and sets it to go off in five minutes*
Christianson: Give me that. *Takes the silenced blaster from Barkley, and fires four shots. Each of them miss John*
Barkley: Well, did te get him?
Christianson: I don't know. We can't see much from down here.
Barkley: *Opens a window, and looks up at the roof. He sees John* Up there! Get him!! *Goes to another window, and opens it*
Christianson: *Climbing up to the roof*
John: *Activates his light stick*
Christianson: *Almost at the top. He points the blaster at John*
John: *Uses the green blade of his light stick to destroy the blaster*
Barkley: *Behind John*
John: *Kicks Barkley's hands*
Christianson: *Getting close to John*
John: *Hits the roof, missing Christianson's hands da two inches*
Barkley: *Grabs John's feet*
Christianson: *Grabs John's light stick, and turns it off*
John: *Gets his right foot loose from Barkley's hands, and kicks his nose*

Blood was all over the lower half of Barkley's face.

Christianson: *Trying to take the light stick*
John: *Holds it high in the air, out of Christianson's reach, turns on the blade, and hits Christianson's arm*
Christianson: AHHHH!!!! *Lowers himself back into the cable car. He holds his arm, not able to do anymore to stop John*
Barkley: *On the roof, pushing John to the left*
John: *His head is near the edge*
Barkley: *Punches him*
John: *Kicks Barkley*
Barkley: *Moves back, but leans forward, and falls on John's legs. He holds onto them tightly*
John: *Holding onto the arm of the cable car*
Barkley: *Has his mouth wide open*
John: *Tries to get his legs free from Barkley's grip*
Barkley: *Falls a few inches, but grabs John's feet*

Barkley was now hanging over the edge. If he let go of John's feet, he would fall, and hit the ground a thousands of feet below him.

John: *Holds onto the cable car's arm with one hand, and uses the light stick to hold on with his other hand*
Christianson: *Opens another window, and tries to grab Barkley*
Barkley: *Moves his hand up John's leg, trying to climb back up to the roof*
John: *Moves his left foot back up to the roof, out of Barkley's reach*
Barkley: Oh no!! *Holding onto John's right leg*
Christianson: *Tries to grab Barkley, then looks back at the green blade from John's light stick, coming from above the roof*
Barkley: Oh please. Get me back up!!
John: *Slowly raising his right foot*
Barkley: *Slowly losing his grip*
Christianson: *Close to grabbing Barkley's arm*
Barkley: No! *Continues to lose his grip* I-eh...*Loses his grip and falls* NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! WAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now John was da himself on the roof of the cable car. The wind began to pick up speed.

John: *Sets the switch on his explosive trap from contact to delay. Then he sees another cable car to the right, heading back to the castle*

With the fast winds, both cable cars were swaying to the left, and right.

John: *Watching the cable car get closer*
Mary: *Watching John*
John: *Stands up, preparing to jump*
Christianson: *Sits down, holding his arm*
John: *Jumps. He grabs a hand railing on the roof, but is hanging over the edge*
Mary: *Puts her hand over her mouth, watching nervously*
John: *Struggling to climb to the roof*
Christianson: *Stands up, watching John*
John: *Uses his light stick to stab the roof, and have an easier time climbing up*
Mary: *Watches John safely get onto the roof*
John: *Kneels, facing the castle, but looks back at Christianson*
Christianson: *Watching John head back to the castle*
John: *Looking at Christianson's cable car*

The result he wanted finally occurred. The explosive trap blew the cable car into smithereens. The remains fell down, and landed in the snow, successivo to several trees.

John: *Moves up, and sits down, leaning back onto the arm of the cable car*
Mary: *Smiling, watching John come back safely*
John: *Looks to the right*

While he was getting his strength back, John saw the sun rise, and the sky was a beautiful mixture of orange, and pink.

Several Imperials were trying to get down to the cable car station, but with the door locked, they had to put all their effort into knocking it down.

Morris: *Slowly wakes up, and hears the Imperials banging the doors*
Imperial Guards: *Hitting the doors with sledgehammers*
Imperial Officer 62: Sargent, take a break.
Imperial Guard 55: *Gives his hammer to a stormtrooper*
Stormtrooper 98: *Hits the door with the hammer*
Morris: *Slowly stands up*
Mary: Lieutenant?
Morris: *Holds his head, and looks at Mary* Where's the Major?
Mary: He's on the cable car.
Morris: *Runs back to the controls*

Meanwhile, the Imperials were getting closer to breaking the wooden plank keeping the doors from opening.

John: *Returning to the castle*
Morris: *Stops the cable car for Mary, and Cartwright*
Mary & Cartwright: *Get on the roof behind John*
Morris: *Moves the cable car backwards, into the station*
Mary: *Jumps down with Cartwright*
John: Jones, the bag. *Tosses the bag down*
Cartwright: *Catches the bag*
John: *Gets down, and goes into the cable car*
Imperials: *Break the plank, open the doors, and run down the corridor*
Morris: *Moves the lever, and runs into the cable car*
Imperials: *Hitting the secondo door*

As the cable car left, the hinges for the door were beginning to come out of the wall.

Song: link

Imperials: *Riding an Imperial Speeder, two Imperial Troop Transport, and a Speeder Bike*

We haven't seen any speeders in a while. Let's see where they're going.

Imperials: *Stop at the cable car station*
Imperial Officer 92: *Gets out from one of the Imperial Troop Transports* All stormtroopers, prepare your blasters, and take any position where te can get a good view of the enemy. Scout Troopers, on the roof. *Points at two other officers* te two, get the heavy blaster. Those Republic Agents won't escape.

We also haven't seen Heidi in a while. She walked into the building where the Speeder Bus was being stored.

John: *Looks at the cable car station that they're heading to, and takes out a light bulb* Set the last trap to go off in three and a half minutes.
Morris: Alright. *Takes out the trap*
John: *Takes the other light bulb out*

The Imperials waiting at the station could not see John, and the other three in the cable car.

John: *Sees a stream* Almost ready?
Morris: Almost.
John: *Looks down below. The cable car is not yet over the stream, but will be in several seconds*
Morris: *Finishes getting the trap set* All set.
John: When I say go, jump into the stream. *Looks down*

The cable car was finally over the stream.

John: *Opens the door* Go.
Mary: *Jumps first*
Cartwright: *Jumps*
Morris: *Jumps*
John: *Jumps*
Morris: *Swims to the left, watching the others follow him*

Once the four made it to dry land, they climbed up a small bank. Some water dripping from their clothing, managed to melt some snow as they walked up to the road. erba could be seen.

Imperials: *Knock the door down in the castle*
Imperial Guard 55: *Runs to the controls, and moves the lever, making the cable car go faster*
Imperial Officer 92: Fire!
Stormtroopers: *Firing their blasters at the cable car*
Imperial Officer 25: *Firing a DLT19*
Imperial Officer 92: *Watching the cable car get riddled with holes from the blasters*

Once the cable car entered the station, it blew up, killing everyone inside. Even a few of the Scout Troopers got injured.

An Imperial landing craft was leaving Coruscant. However, no Imperials were inside. It was only two men from the Republic.

Republic Pilot: *Looking at the clear sky. No other ships are seen as they are out of Coruscant*
Colonel Turner: *Walks up, and sits successivo to the pilot* Thirty five minutes. Can we make it?
Republic Pilot: We can make it. Will your Friends make it?
Colonel Turner: Let's hope so.

Song: link

John made it back to the shed with Morris, Mary, and Cartwright where Heidi was waiting in the speeder bus.

Heidi: *Puts up a jammer, and turns it on*
John: *Starts the speeder bus, and goes as far back as he can to knock down the doors in front of him*
Morris: *Sits in the back with Mary*
Cartwright: *Sits down in front of Heidi*
Heidi: *Puts a blanket over Cartwright to keep him warm*
John: Everybody on the floor!

The other four listened, and were laying down when John started to go forward.

John: *Knocks the doors down*
Stormtrooper 95: *Looks at the speeder bus*
John: *Hits several speeder bikes, destroying them*
Stormtroopers: *Shooting the speeder bus*

A few shots hit the back window, but it wasn't completely destroyed until..

Morris & Mary: *Use their E-11's to break the remains of the window, then return fire*
Imperials: *Get shot, and fall down*
Morris: *His blaster overheats, so he lets Mary do the rest of the shooting*
Imperial Guard: *Lowers the gate in front of the bridge*
John: *Goes through the gate*
Imperial Guard: *Activates an alarm*

Pause the song

Alarm: link

Imperials: *Running to Imperial Troop Transports, IFT-D's, and a speeder bike*
Imperial Officer 85: *On a phone* Emergency. Get me through to the Omega Airbase immediately.
Imperials: *Taking off in their Imperial Troop Transports, Speeder Bike, and IFT-D's*

Resume the song from 1:38

Imperial Officer 56: They're getting in range now. Fire!
Stormtrooper 29: We can't. They have a jammer. Only our blasters will work.
Cartwright: That jammer te put up is really coming in handy.
Heidi: Thank te Corporal.
John: *Turns left. The road he is on goes parallel to a river*
Morris: *Watching the Imperials follow them. He stands up, and walks towards John* We got company.
John: Yes, I saw it in the mirror.
Morris: *Looks at another left turn up ahead* How long before we reach the poles?
John: Just around the successivo turn.

Stop the song.

Imperial Officer 85: Omega Airbase? Get me your commanding officer!


The poles were finally in sight. The traps they set up before going into the castello were still there.

John: *Hits the plastic poles successivo to the telephone poles*

With the wires attached to the plastic poles, the traps were set to explode. Once they did, the poles began to fall, threatening to crush any of the speeders in it's path.

Imperial Officer 82: Look out!!
Stormtrooper 40: *Slows down. Once the pole lands in front of it, he moves the Imperial Troop Transport over it*

There was another reason as to why the poles were blown up.

Imperial Officer 85: *Holding his phone, but doesn't hear anything. He taps a button five times, but it doesn't do anything*


John: *Moves to the left side of the road, and hits a pole successivo to a tree*
Imperials: *Watching an explosive trap go off, and see a albero falling down in front of them*

Song (Start at 3:49): link

Imperial Officer 56: Damn the Republic!! Get that albero out of the way now!!
Stormtrooper: Yes sir. *Goes with several other stormtroopers with detpacks to get the albero out of the way*
Imperial Officer 56: *Gets out of the Imperial Troop Transport* We can get the Speeder Bike through on the left.
Scout Trooper: *Slowly goes to the left side of the tree. Once he passes it, he gets on the other side of the road, and continues the chase*
Imperial Officer 56: Everyone else, back up!!
Imperials: *Driving their speeders backwards*

Up ahead, John was getting his group towards a bridge. It began to snow as they got closer.

John: Get ready.
Morris: *Has his bag of explosive traps ready*
John: *Crosses the bridge, and stops on the other side. He gets out with Morris*
Morris: *Climbs over a guardrail, and gets under the bridge*
John: *Does the same on the other side*

They each had four traps.

Morris: *Has his bag in front of him as he begins to set up his explosive traps*
John: *Has his bag hanging from part of a bridge, and begins to place his explosive traps*

With the rest of the Imperials, they had their explosions set to sposta the albero out of their way.

Stormtrooper 78: All detpacks are ready sir. We are ready to blow up the albero at your command.
Imperial Officer 56: Fire!!
Stormtrooper 78: *Sets off the detpacks, and watches the albero blow up*

The IFT-D's passed the Imperial Troop Transports, and went between the two remains of the tree.

Scout Trooper: *Riding his speeder bike parallel to a guardrail*

Skip the song to 6:24

Mary: *Resting in the bus when she hears the engine of the speeder bike. She sits up, and gets ready with her E-11*
Scout Trooper: *Taking a left turn, getting in front of the bridge*
Mary: *Shoots the Scout Trooper*
Scout Trooper: *Falls off. His speeder bike goes to the right, down a hill, and into the river*
John: Set the rest of them and get out of here!! *Leaves his bag hanging on part of a bridge as he climbs back up*
Scout Trooper: *Shoots at Mary with an E-11*
Mary: *Shoots the Scout Trooper*
John: *Running back to the bus*

The IFT-D's were getting close followed da the Imperial Troop Transports.

Morris: *Having finished with the traps, he climbs back up*
Stormtroopers: *Firing at Morris as they come towards him in their IFT-D*
Morris: *Returns fire*
Stormtroopers: *Get shot. They too go to the right, falling into the river*
Morris: *Runs to John, and the others on the bus. Shots from blasters hitting the ground near his feet*
John: *Slowly takes off*
Morris: *Gets on, and sits successivo to Mary*

The bridge blew up as another IFT-D was trying to attraversare, croce it. The other speeders were trapped on the other side, having no way to cross, unless they wanted to fall down into the river hundreds of feet down below. John, and the others were sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza as they drove the speeder bus to Omega Airbase.

Six Tie Fighters were lined up outside, waiting for their successivo assignment.

John: *Driving the speeder bus down a hill, but stops. He looks at the entrance gate far to the right*
Imperial Officer 59: *Driving an Imperial Troop Transport out of the airbase*

The Landing Craft that would pick up John, and his group entered Chevrelium's atmosphere.

Republic Pilot: Omega Airbase control tower. Omega Airbase control tower. Do te copy?
Imperial Engineer: This is Omega Airbase control tower. Identify, over.
Republic Pilot: We are in serious trouble. Request immediate permission to land.
Imperial Engineer: Transmit clearing codes.
Republic Pilot: Transmitting now. One engine out. Losing altitude.
Imperial Engineer: te are clear for immediate landing.
Republic Pilot: *Turns right, and heads for the airbase*
John: *Looks to the left, and sees the landing craft*

With the Landing Craft in sight, John went straight for the entrance gate.

John: *Crashes through the gate, passing four Scout Troopers*
Scout Troopers: *Firing at the bus with their rifles*
Morris & Mary: *Shoot the Scout Troopers with their E-11's*
Imperial Engineer: *Activates an alarm*

Alarm: link

Republic Pilot: *Turns the landing craft around, and lands on the end of the runway*
John: *Crashes into a Tie Fighter*

The Tie Fighter landed on a fuel tank, and exploded. John didn't hesitate to do the same to the other five Tie Fighters. Once all six of them were destroyed, più stormtroopers went out to chase them in four IFT-D's.

Another alarm was activated: link

Imperial Engineer: Fighter Squadron 126, request immediate air support! Fighter Squadron 126, come in!!
John: Get the control tower!!
Morris & Mary: *Firing at the control tower*

Their blasters put holes all over the control tower, and the man inside.

Imperial Engineer: Ah!!! *Falls down*
Stormtroopers: *Catching up in an IFT-D*
Morris: *Shoots the driver*

The first one flipped over. Now there were three più they had to get rid of.

John: *Getting closer to the landing craft*
Republic Pilot: *Hits a button that makes the back door open*
John: *Takes a right turn, and stops behind the Landing Craft*
Morris: *Runs out of the bus, and into the Landing Craft with Mary, Heidi, and Cartwright*
John: *Shoots at the secondo IFT-D*

All of his shots missed. When the stormtroopers returned fire, they were only able to hit the bus. Five shots nearly hit John.

John: *Climbs up on superiore, in alto of the speeder bus, and shoots the Stormtroopers, watching their IFT-D explode. Once that's out of the way, he runs into the Landing Craft*
Morris: We're all here, go!
Republic Pilot: *Takes off*
Stormtroopers: *Shooting at the Landing Craft*
Republic Pilot: *Closes his eyes as three shots hit the cockpit windows*

After that, they were out of range, and safely on their way back to Coruscant.