Republic Pilot: *Flying the Imperial Landing Craft above several mountains*
Heidi: *Watching Colonel Turner look at some libri John gave to him. She switches her seat, moving from the left side of the ship to the right*
Colonel Turner: *Looking at the names in the book* Barkley wrote these names?
John: Yes. It's a lista of Imperial agents in Coruscant.
Colonel Turner: That Barkley.
John: And Thomas, and Christianson.
Colonel Turner: *Looks at John with a look of amazement* All three of them? Incredible.
John: But not as incredible as the one name on the superiore, in alto of the list.
Colonel Turner: What name is that Major?
John: I have it in this book. *Pulls it out of his pocket* I think you'll be interested to see what it says. *Gives it to Colonel Turner*
Colonel Turner: *Opens the book, and looks at his own name*
John: It's your name Colonel. te don't look so shocked. Surely te suspected it. Otherwise, why would te come here to meet us? In case te were found out?
Colonel Turner: *Takes out a DC-15 blaster from his backpack* Go on.
John: te see te underestimated Admiral Roland. He had you, and the others under suspicion for some time. He contacted me, and Mary when we were on vacation in Velmor, and told us about what was really going on.
Colonel Turner: Fascinating.
John: Mary was brought into this operation because I needed her help into getting into the castle. The Lieutenant being a member of the Rebel Alliance, and having no relation with the Republic was the only member of the group I could trust. I had my doubts about Harrod, and Jott, until the other three killed him. te chose me for this operation, because te thought I was also a spy for the Imperials. Admiral Roland knew I was not.
Colonel Turner: *Points the DC-15 at John* Now you're guessing Smith.
John: Your pointing that blaster at me is sufficient evidence as it is. te are pointing it at me, aren't you?
Colonel Turner: *Nods* Outstanding. Unfortunately this is the end for you, and your friends.
John: Admiral Roland saw te to the shuttle himself, didn't he? He also made sure te were carrying that blaster, because he removed the firing pin.
Colonel Turner: *Pulls the trigger, but nothing happens*
John: Why don't te put it down Colonel?
Colonel Turner: *Drops his blaster*
Morris: *Grabs his E-11, and points it at Colonel Turner*
John: Not so hasty Lieutenant. We must keep him alive.
Colonel Turner: *Sweating* What now Major?
John: You'll be tried for treason, may end up getting 20 years of prison.
Colonel Turner: Public Trial would be embarrassing Major. For you, and for Admiral Roland. Assuming that-
John: You're finished Colonel.
Colonel Turner: *Stares at John* I seem to have no più cards to play then. Is there an alternative?
John: There is. Only one though.
Colonel Turner: Well, it could make things worse for you.
John: Yes, but it's not as painful as that long drop to the end of the rope.
Colonel Turner: I see. *Stands up*
John: May I have those books?
Colonel Turner: *Looks back* Certainly. *Gives John his libri back, then walks to a control panel. He hits a button that opens the back door, mostrare the snowy landscape that they are flying over. He looks back one più time, and gives everyone a dirty look*
John: *Watching Colonel Turner*
Morris: *Watches the Colonel jump off, and walks up to the control panel. He hits the button, and watches the door close. Once it's fully closed, he sits down across from John* Is that it Major?
John: Yes, I think so.
Morris: Do me a favor will you? successivo time te have one of these things, keep it an all Republic operation.
John: I'll try Lieutenant.
Morris: *Smiles*

Ending Theme: link

John: *Goes to sleep, and leans his head back on the wall*
Mary: *Moves closer to John, and looks at his wounded hand*
Morris: *Also falls asleep*
Republic Pilot: *Flying over più mountains*

Cast of characters

Louis Bodine as John Smith
Sean Bodine as Morris Schaffer
Emma Watson as Mary
Keith Wickham as Colonel Turner
Simon Greenall as Admiral Roland
Rob Rackstraw as Colonel Kramer
Tom Kane as General Rosemeyer
Jesse Neighbour as Major Von Hapen
Scarlett Johansson as Lieutenant Schwartz
Jordan Carver as Heidi
Brian Connery as Jott McPherson
Kevin Shoemaker as Barkley
Kevin Meizanis as Thomas
RJ Shoemaker as Christianson
Matthew Broderick as Harrod
Hugh Laurie as Cartwright Jones

Song: link

Announcer: SeanTheHedgehog is, the leader in fan fictions.
Henry: *Stares at the fire, and does nothing*
CIA: *Arriving in helicopters, and Suburbans*
NS Men: *Firing at the Suburbans*
CIA Agents: *Jumping out of the helicopters, and running out of the Suburbans. All equipped with M4 Carbines*
arcobaleno Dash: ciao Applejack? Sean wants te to-
Octavia: ooh.
Derpy: What? *sits on torch* Oh my muffins!
pony 90: *Sees Karl driving his car on two wheels, gets scared, and spins out of control in his Desoto. He hits another car*
pony 87: *Goes down an embankment, and crashes into a boulder*
Police Pony: *Stops to see if everyone is okay*
Karl: *Passing a Cadillac, nearly getting the left side on the car*
Cadillac Pony: *Stops*
Karl: *Goes down the hill*
Ponies: *Looking at Karl's car*
Karl: *Gets the left side of his car down, and slowly wakes up*
Frank: *Hits Alan*
Alan: Feeling's mutual. *Hits him back*

Both cars kept hitting each other.

Men: *Shooting at Logan*
Logan: *Blocking their shots with his lightsaber*

Three of the men got hit.

Logan: *Turns off his lightsaber, then uses his KH70 blaster to shoot the other man*
Mike: *Arrives* Heeey!
Tie Pilots: *Turning around*
Tom: *Shooting a Tie Fighter*
Harry: Being this is a .44 magnum, the most powerful handgun in all of Equestria, and will blow your head clean off. te gotta ask yourself a question. Do I feel lucky?
Scorpio: *Fires two bullets, but misses*
Harry: Well do te punk?
Jade: *Waiting at Mossberg Station*
Sean: Why are we doing a Natale episode this early?
Austin: Don't ask me.
Sean: *runs across*
Nazis: *shoot ice*
Bill: *Drives out of the parking lot*
SHP Officers: *Shooting bullets, but miss, hitting buildings Bill drives past*
Con: *getting towards bridge*
barca Driver: *Gets past bridge*
Bridge Operator: *lowering bridge*
Con: *gets on bridge* *Using spell to keep engine from derailing* *Lands back on rails*
John: How are te sure he's there sir?
Morris: *Shoots at an Officer laying down, using another set of stairs for cover*
Imperial Officer 52: *Returns fire*
Morris: *Stays behind the wall, and returns fire*
Imperial Officer 52: *Gets hit, and dies*
Imperial Trooper 74: *Returns fire*
Colonel Turner: The MC40 they were on crash landed on the planet.
Con: *drives a motorcycle off of a cliff, and is falling towards an airplane*
Sean: *Watching Tails fly his car*
Tails: *Flying high in the air*
Con: I come from the C.I.E. My name is Mane. Con Mane.
Sean: *On a motorcycle, he catches air from riding up a small hill. He lands between two fences.*
Announcer: SeanTheHedgehog is, the leader in fan fictions.

Scenes used from Revenge Of The Diesels, Johnny Lightning, Pinkie's Treasure Hunt, 1960, Six Shooters 2, The Bounty Hunter, Trainz, The Battle Of Coruscant, Dirty Harry, Hedgehog In Ponyville: The Grand Galloping Gala, The Challenger, Die And Let Live, Where Eagles Dare, Golden Iris, Life In The Fast Lane, Nightmare Moonraker, Hedgehog In Ponyville: The Great Escape.