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la scelta dei fan: Yeah she's awesome!
la scelta dei fan: Ice King
la scelta dei fan: Finn x Flame Princess
la scelta dei fan: brother and sister
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emerald_32 detto …
y'all i finally set up the shitty discord server sooo postato un mese fa
emerald_32 commentato…
please unisciti me i am so alone un mese fa
DerpThatHerp commentato…
i did and the first message was about te being gay ·28 giorni fa
IsabellaFanboy commentato…
everybody is offline except derp n me smh ·6 giorni fa
IsabellaFanboy commentato…
90% of the time ·6 giorni fa
DerpThatHerp detto …
Just because this place is dead and i can say this

I joined this site today 4 years ago. Bow down peasants.

(except like half of this place) postato ·3 mesi fa
IsabellaFanboy commentato…
hello un mese fa
IsabellaFanboy commentato…
ive been here for 6 years hbt? newb un mese fa
DerpThatHerp commentato…
Wtf smh un mese fa
dadadas detto …
Is fanpop dying as a page too? Such a shame. fan pop used to be a place even before people joining Social Networks like FB... postato ·5 mesi fa
emerald_32 commentato…
yeah, heh. fanpop's fucking ancient shit, man. ·5 mesi fa
DerpThatHerp commentato…
prehistoric tbh ·5 mesi fa
True-Finn-Fan commentato…
indeed ·3 mesi fa