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Stranger: Tell me what's troubling you
You: Life -.-
Stranger: What about it?
You: Drama D:
Stranger: like what
Stranger: I got nothing better to do, fill me in
You: Well, see, I have a friend, that I really like...
Stranger: And?
You: He doesn't feel the same...):
Stranger: Such is life
Stranger: Plenty of pesce in the sea, que sera sera
Stranger: What will be will be
Stranger: You'll be okay
You: (:
Stranger: Uh..okay
Stranger: Was that it?
You: Well, he acts like we're going out, its strange.
Stranger: What do te mean?
You: I always hang out with him at school, and once school finishes, he'd baciare me goodbye...
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Ok, so I have this friend who's a Freshman, like me, at my high school & everyday when I get to my lunch table, usually there's nobody there, so I go on my phone & onto YouTube to watch some video I really like. Well, while I'm doing that, my friend Mitchell always sneaks up behind me & tasers my sides. Well, this would be ok if I wasn't extremely ticklish there! Whenever he does this, I always jump, squeal, & bring my arms down to protect my ticklish sides.

He's always done this & he enjoys it, I can see that. To be honest, I do like it when he does this, but sometimes, I don't. And usually, I'm having a crappy giorno after 4th hour(Exploring Science), because there's a girl in my tavolo group, Lauren, who's always snobby to me & mean. I never did anything to her to make her hate me!! So usually after that class, I'm in a bad mood. But when Mitchell tasers me, it makes me feel better. But I'm not sure what I should say to him!! Please help me out!!!
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What Bullying In School & In The Media Can Do To A Person da Shane Ryan [TV-MA] via link più video interviews at link
self harm
anti bullying
high school
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I'm a 16 anno old female (about to graduate her sophomore anno of high school) & everything used to be okay. I was a 4.0 student (up until now), I had a few Friends to hang out with on weekends, I studied hard, I got along with people... But now I just feel terrible. My grade point average has dropped to a 3.7 (which is still good but... it's not good enough) & my mom never ever helps me at all: she always makes things worse with all her yelling and screaming at me to "get skinnier" and "go on lots of diets" and "lose weight lose weight!" and "go to gym te need to lose weight" but...
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Plz help, I need the background Musica of this video! Thnx! ")
Reconcile With Your Parents While They Are Still Alive da Jonathan Holiff of MY FATHER AND THE MAN IN BLACK (about a father, son and Johnny Cash) via più interviews: link
johnny cash
documentary jonathan holiff
my father and the man in black
june carter
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