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 Friendship Prayer
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friendship prayer
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Travelling to different countries in Asia this anno with my girlfriend and I’m considering if I should just book with a travel agency rather than making arrangements on my own. We’re both thinking about going to Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and Cambodia. I’ve seen Multiple city singles tours packages which are rather affordable. It already includes flight tickets, a 4-star accommodation for the whole trip, city tour in each country, and all-day meals. Should I just get this kind of package?
I’m honestly getting sick and tired of listening to my best friend who is constantly bragging about how a foreign surfer dude was hitting on her at the beach. During her visit to Australia, she was at that famous spiaggia and apparently this “tall and muscular hunk” approached her and asked if she was single. They exchanged numbers but a few days after that, she flew back here. Since her arrival, she never heard from him again. I wish I could schiaffo, smack her in the face with the truth that there was never going to be anything between them ‘cause one, they’re in a long distance situation and two, she doesn’t even know his name!
Sorry for the rant, I just really needed to get this off my chest. But if te guys have any suggestions and consigli for me regarding this, that would be awesome. Thanks a bunch.
My good friend was convinced to unisciti this weird event thing called an a romance tour (i think it’s called?). He’s too shy to go alone so he’s asking me to accompany him. He detto that he’ll take care of my expenses since he’s kind of excited about attending one. But in my opinion, this doesn't really seem like something I would consider spending money on. There are a couple of things that make me want to go, since it’s travelling to an international country, and hey, I might actually meet someone there. Is it a big waste of time and money o should i just go for the hell of it? I got nothing better to do anyway.
Mayim talks about her life journey as the "minority" o the "odd one out" that never fitted in. Can te relate? Maybe we're not on our own after all. ;)
mayim bialik
fitting in
If te Want To Be Successful, te Have To Do Your Own Thing
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I'm a 15 anno old girl and I've been struggling with this for a couple years I've read so many articoli about figuring out if your biography and taken a countless number of those stupid tests on the internet that are supposed to tell te if te gay straight bi o anything in between and I just can't work it out so this is my last resort so I geuss I'll start at the beginning ..... when I was in anno 7 I was a bit of a loner I'd just moved school and I hated it there anyway towards the end of anno 7 I made Friends with this girl well call her sasha so anyway sasha...
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