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la scelta dei fan: Yes(。♥‿♥。)
la scelta dei fan: His old bangs
la scelta dei fan: "Know your place."
la scelta dei fan: Yes he does.
la scelta dei fan: Aka-chin
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zile2004 detto …
Keep calm anh Amore Akashi !!! postato ·6 mesi fa
Ishan-Ultra3 detto …
It's always a treat to see te play, leader-sama. postato ·10 mesi fa
wakana detto …
That awkward moment when Akashi club has più fan than GOM club xD
Kuroko was my preferito character for two seasons but then he mostra up with perfection and suddenly become one of my preferito Anime characters of all time now. Even when when we can't see his face yet I got a feeling I will like this character a lot.... and I was right. He's amazing... Akashi FTW!! postato più di un anno fa
wakana commentato…
And.... I'm not the only one who actually feel dissapointed when he lose to Seirin back then, right? But I feel really happy for Kuroko ^^ più di un anno fa