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posted by Alexhelen24
Jag lyssnar till trädens sånger
I parken en dag i april
De viskar och knappt hör man orden
Men tonen tana, den finns redan till

Det var bara vinden som blåste
Och solen som visade sig
Men mest av allt var det kanske
En vårdags minne av dig

Kom nära mitt hjärta kom nära
Under grönskans silade ljus
Dröjer en bitterljuv längtan
En tid i förälskelsens rus

Så glöm din ensamhets stunder
Här är min längtande famn
Kom låt oss färdas tillsammans
Långt längre en minne och namn

Bortom det evigas gränser
Där hör vi varandra till
Ja vinden var det som blåste
I träden en dag i april

Lyrics are found here: link
Alexander Rybak and Vivaldi orchestra were invited to the concerto at Rommen Scene on Friday night.

This was the youth mostra - Vivaldi orchestra directed da Igor Rybak. His son Alexander also has had his experience in the orchestra. Now they were together again on Rommen Scene.

- Alexander expressed pleasure that so many had found their way to the concert, to support young people so that they could develop.

We heard Edvard Grieg's "Suite in the old style of Holberg's Time" and "The Mountain King's hall," "La prima vera" and "L'Inverno" da Antonio Vivaldi, and Ole Bull's "Sæter Sunday Girl."...
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posted by Alexhelen24
- Have te heard the song Azerbaijani participants of Eurovision this year?

- Yes, I heard. I really like your song, it's very romantic and nice. And, frankly, I Amore Azerbaijan.

- When te were last in Azerbaijan?

- I am often invited to Azerbaijan with the ensemble, but I am now speaking one. But if I am invited to some kind of artist I am happy to agree.

- And whether te will agree to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest again, if te offer?

- Advocate for the secondo time in Eurovision for me is not interesting, because I now have too much work and money to take this step again. I would...
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Tomorrow Stella Mwangi convince Europa that "Haba Haba" deserves a place in Saturday's final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

After Mwangi arrived in Dusseldorf on Saturday a week ago, she had her first real giorno off yesterday.

- più relaxed
Vorobjov is big stella, star in his homeland, and the meeting was the cover of the Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian media. Mwangi was also interviewed da Alexander Rybak for NRK.

Alexander arrived yesterday, and has the following first impression of the Eurovision two years after he made great success in Moscow:

- I think it is much più relaxed conditions than in...
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Tonight Alexander Rybak made his debut as a reporter for NRK. His first interview was naturally with Stella Mwangi.

It's hard to say who was the biggest stella, star of this meeting, the hotel garden where the Norwegian Eurovision delegation lives were invaded da the Russian press that would attend this session.

Also present was the Russian-MGP hoped Alexei Vorobjov.

So, what did a reporter Rybak know?

Yes, he learned that smiles to Stella Mwangi is not rehearsed. He learned that she does not need as much sleep. He learned that she likes to write his lyrics in pencil and paper. And he learned...
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Alexander Rybak makes ESC-comeback in May when he makes his debut as a reporter for in Düsseldorf.

Shall follow Stella
Rybak, who two years fa won the most overwhelming Eurovision victory ever, this anno is part of the Norwegian delegation that this reporter

Rybak will thus follow Stella Mwangis tests and movements, and segnala back to Norway about life in the Eurovision Song Contest, "the Norwegian detto in a statement.

MGP-populær MGP-popular
Thus, Alexander Rybak present for the third anno in a row during the final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Rybak has been successful as an artist in many parts of Europa after that of ran away with the victory in the Eurovision but has been open about that success has at times been hard to tackle.
Debuts as a reporter for
Alexander is ready for Eurovision Song Contest, but this time in a slightly different role than the last.

When Stella Mwangi in a few days put on a flight to the international Eurovision Song Contest final in Dusseldorf, will be most people's eyes focused on her.

Also Alex Rybak will pay close attention, namely his debut as a reporter and covering Stella and other artists' movements at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) for

- I must begin to interest me for fashion dress and such stuff as quickly as possible, this is very important in the MGP-world, almost...
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From dancing to romantic composition.

With empathy Alexander Rybak explained how his self-composed classical piece has to be played. Monday evening he was in Kristiansund to rehearse with the musicians of the opera ballet.

I want to go back to the classic part of my life. Now I hope people are coming to listen to the play, says Alexander Rybak.

Almost direct from the dance competition “Let's dance” in Sweden, he came to Kristiansund. A little tired, he arrived at the Kirkelandet Church to practice.
Director Kjell Siem greeted him welcome, and Rybak greeted the orchestra before they began....
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Нас разделяют два разных пути,
Сердце мое, ты как прежде храни,
Пусть ты не знаешь, тебя я люблю,
Но поверь, не в этом суть.
Радостно мне, когда счастлива ты,
Лишь о тебе, берегу я мечты,
Верю, однажды вернешься, и вновь
Оживет вдруг наша любовь.
Фото в ладони, мы будто вдвоем,
Ты робко флиртуешь со мной,
Так безрассудно зачем мы живем,
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You always seem to find the best in me
And te always try to make me laugh
But my smile was never present
I was sad and so unpleasant,
But te never even doubted for a while.
You never cared of what the other said
Cause te believed I was the only one
Still I always loved another even though she didn’t bother
She just played with me, and first tonight I see, that

You always waited right in front of me and smiled, oh
Now I understand the Amore I denied
I want to tell te but you’re so far away,
Darling, forgive me
I know we’ll meet again someday.

You were always happy when te talked to me,
Cause you...
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Ты безмолвна словно космос
И закрыта на засов
И хотя не очень поздно
Навеваешь сон
Только не скрою мне не до сна
Если со мною ты холодна

Скоро я совсем забуду
Как же голос твой звучит
Покричи побей посуду
Только не молчи
Словно со мною нет ни души
Если не любишь так и скажи

Что с тобой опять не пойму я
Скажи мне что давно
О другом тоскуешь...
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posted by Alexhelen24
Clearing skies and drying eyes
now I see your smile
Darkness goes and softness shows
a changing style.

Just in time words that rhyme
well bless your soul
Now 'll feel your hands
With kisses and a Tootsie Roll.

Reality is not for me
and it makes me laugh.
Oh, fantasy world and Disney girls
I'm coming back.

Patti Page and summer days
on old Cape Cod.
Happy times making wine
In my garage.
Country shade and lemonade,
guess I'm slowing down
It's a turned back world
with a local girl
in a smaller town.

Open cars and clearer stars
that's what I've lacked.
But fantasy world and Disney girls
I'm coming...
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posted by Emmanouela96
Deep in your heart
there's a small hidden room
and te know that I hold the key.
You're gonna travel all over the world,
Places where I'll never be.

Someday you'll marry
the man of your dreams,
And I will be crying all night,
but there is a secret that both of us know,
that's why I'm feeling alright,
yes there is a secret that both of us know
and that's why I'm feeling alright.

There may be smart guys and tall guys
who's stronger than me,
ten times the charmer that I'll ever be,
But one thing Maria I sure didn't miss,
your very first kiss.

Need I say più the feeling is pure
and I felt the warmth of your lips....
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posted by janailb
5000 letters i keep in my bedroom,
5000 people who open their hearts
Once they were strangers, today we are family,
mountains won't keep us apart.

There is a girl who has drawn me a sunrise,
thats how she wants every morning to be
And boy Lost hist tooth and he wants me to have these
how did this happen to me?

I want to know all their faces,
and I want to be there when they need a friend
5000 letters they wrote me,
and some giorno I'll read them again.

5000 stories i keep in my bedroom,
5000 secrets i keep in my mind
I have been dato a piece of their lifetime,
friendship is easy to find.

I want to know all their faces,
and I want to be there when they need a friend
5000 letters they wrote me,
and some giorno I'll read them again.

I want to know all their faces,
and I want to be there when they need a friend
5000 letters they wrote me,
and some giorno I'll read them again..
posted by Emmanouela96
This is one of my favourite songs from Alex's new album so I decided to hear the lyrics and write them down so I apologise for possible mistakes...=)


Far from the place where Im writting this song,
there is a girl to who my cuore belongs,
She doesn't know that I'm thinking of her,
But again that's not the point...

She makes me glad just da being alright,
Though I would wish that just for one night,
She would come back and again we'd be friends
like those times where Amore never ends...

Watching your picture I feel I'm with you
and your hand is flirting with mine,
Maybe it's pointless but what...
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Alexander Rybak was main attraction yesterday, when the pupils of Fagerlund school, ran for children in Africa.

Brumunddal: The spirit was high and the autograph-hunters were eager, when Fairytale-Alexander spent some morning-hours at Fagerlund School yesterday. And even though, the artist couldn´t play fiddle, because of a injured hand, and insisted that he couldn´t sing either, the children were very happy, to have him as visitor. After a rude false start, Rybak paced up the speed of the race, on the first round of the campaign of this year, “ Run For Life”. But after that, one could...
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posted by kuutti

1)He is professional and works a lot for his funs.
2)He is talented, creative and makes lovely music.
3)He makes us glad
4)He is very, very Ribelle - The Brave and dare to be himself and sincere.He does not have to be a macho man!
5)He unites European peoples
6)He combines western and eastern culture
7)He unites fan of different music
8)He helps us understand each other
9)The countries, which are situated between the east and the west need this kind of idol più than the other countries (Finland, Greece need him)
10)Finnish people understand him because we know what is to be between Scandinavian happy "tingel-tangel" culture and Slavic heavy melancholy.
11) Although he is a star, he behaves like an ordinary student of music.
12) He likes to talk and play to children and old people.
13) He is modest.
posted by JustLikeSoul
The Norwegian press burst with critical articoli regarding the singer’s indignant blog post.

Norwegian Belarusian Alexander Rybak postato his picture with Alyaksandr Lukashenka taken during his two-day visit to Minsk, the website reports. Rybak is embracing Lukashenka and holding his thumb up.

The caption for the picture shocked the blog readers even più than the snap itself: “President of Belarus and I. Thanks to him, Minsk one of the prettiest and cleanest cities in Europe! Come here!” Rybak called.

Alexander Rybak’s managers don’t commento on the post; the singer is on his...
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posted by Katyakoka
lør. 22. aug. GIG:NO-Grimstad m/Alexander Rybak
Tor. 27.aug GIG:NO-Haugesund m/Alexander Rybak
fre. 28. aug. GIG:NO-Tromsø m/Alexander Rybak
lør. 29. aug. EVENT:Trondheim m/Alexander Rybak
GIG:NO-Oslo Norske Talenter Bygdøy Folkemuseum
GIG:NO-Drøbak m/Alexander Rybak
Søn. 30. Aug. Promo:Stockholm m/Alexander Rybak
tor. 3. sep. EVENT:NO-Oslo, SAS Plaza Hotell Halling
fre. 4. sep. EVENT:NO-Skien m/ Alexander Rybak
lør. 5. sep. GIG:NO-Mo i Rana m/Alexander Rybak
søn. 6. sep. GIG:NO-Trysil m/Frikar
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posted by PinkAngel96
Apparently Facebook is ful of false Rybak-profiles. That has been the case for many months now, Norwegian newspaper VG reported. Young girls (and boys) add him as friend and then get messages from the false Alexander.

The people behind the real winner of this year's Eurovision Song Contest have now started to investigate this issue.
"I am responsible to make sure that nobody gets tricked. It is creepy and has to stop as soon as possible", Rybak told VG.
According to NRK, Rybak does have a profilo on Facebook, but it is invisible.