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 Kate (left) Balto (middle) Lilly (right)
Kate (left) Balto (middle) Lilly (right)
TV is turned to the news

Newsman:This is the news and we have breaking news. A lupo has blown up a building. In this video it shows a lupo with a bomb then it blew up.
[Video mostrare the lupo blowing up]
Newsman:Lets go to the army to see what they will do
General:We are going to kill all the wolfs in Canada.
Recruit:Sir your eyes are crossed again.
Newsman: Lets go back to your show.
Outside window Kate and Lilly sit and were watch the TV.
Kate:That doesn't sound good.
Lilly: We better tell Humphrey.

Later in Jasper park

Kate: Humphrey!
Humphrey: Yes Kate?
Kate; the humans are planing to...
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Stop yelled a voice from behind.

Killer turned and saw a girl standing there she says it again.

"Stop" she said

Killer: Your protecting this guy? Who are te anyway?

"Yes," she detto "my name is Sasha. I just got here. Now leave him alone.

Killer: Ok what ever. Come on guys lets go.

Killer and is buddy leave and the 5 head to school

Balto: Why did te help me?
Sasha: I dont think that was very nice of them to do that to you.
Balto: They do it every day.
Sasha: Why
Balto: They think Im gonna become a Beta. (lowest rank in this pack)
Sasha: Oh sorry dude.
Balto: Its cool. My dad sang me a song to cheer me...
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ciao all te A&OATF fans! I have some very important and kinda badish good news. Ok te all know I have worked my hardest trying to put this story together but, in the result of progress in the story I have developed a problem. The story I want to keep Scrivere has developed around the Alpha and Omega story line. What I meen is the story doesn't work with the Alpha and Omega story line. I will have to take out the A&O story line in order to continue the story. That is why I have made a new club called Unwanted: Lupi of Eclipse. (link at the bottom) I hope te will all unisciti the club...
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Humphrey hits the microphone

Humphrey: Attention! Attention everybody! We have a little announcement to make after the mostra so please stay after it. The mostra will be a singer and his name is White Wolf. This is his first mostra infront of a crowd. So give it up for White Wolf!

In the center of the stage a panel starts to rise and a lupo with sunglasses,vest, and a fedora appears then the song begins...

(SONG TIME!!! YAY!! I adore this song hope u like. Remeber to go back to the story after the song. Thanks for reading! XD)


The crowd screamed for more.

White Wolf: Thanks your to kind.

He boasted...
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 Merry X-Mass
Merry X-Mass
Later at the party

Exaness: Look there's WhiteWolf

The crowd cheers

WhiteWolf: Hello everyone! It's gonna be a fun night with buffets cakes and entertainment! So to start it off here's Sasha with all I want for Natale is you!



WhiteWolf: Ok guys now have some fun and I'll be back at the end to sing my secret song! Here's Sasha with Trouble


clapping again

WhiteWolf when backstage to change back to Balto

Cody: Why are te changing if te want to be popular
Balto: I'm a mistery

Later at the end

Sasha: Shouldn't te be up there

Before he could anwser Humphreys voice cameover the microphone...
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Humphrey was only a pup when this happened. Huphrey and Sky were playing when their parents weren't home. They heard a growl come from the woods. Sky wantedto see what it was but Humphrey was to scared. Then a creature with black fur, red eyes, and huge claws scatch humphrey. A halfwolf a creature that is a lupo daytime and a indestucable monster at night. Humphrey went in the tana, den and watch the two fight to the death in the end Sky died.

When Humphreys parent came the burryed Sky. Then when Humphrey turned 14 he turned into a halfwolf until his dad cured him. Then when Kate gave birth to Balto he got some DNA of a halfwolf in him. When Balto turned 14 he changed.

Keep Leggere the story and go to the Halfwolf club to find out più about halfwolfs.
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That night when Balto went to bed, he had a dream that brought some news he probaly never would have found out on his own.

(In this when I wright out the name and put a : I will put a ~ because it's the voice in the charaters head.)

His dream was when he was young, 3 years (like a 5 anno old human, i dont do it da moons), and he was in his tana, den with his dad. Just the thought of his dad made him sad. It was night and Humphrey had the door blocked with 2 rocks.

Humphrey~ Sorry son but I don't want to let te out until morning when your mom is back.
Balto~ Come on dad please!
Humphrey~ No te will...
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 not my pic
not my pic
The successivo giorno Balto,Rocky,Coby, and Toby were just now ariving and bootcamp west of the howling rock. (map will be he bottom of the paragraph o if i dont get finished in time in the pics) The guys are the only ones there today.

Intercom: Attention gather in the courtyard! Attention gather in the courtyard!
Balto: Get ready for pain guys.
Rocky: Don't be a wimp, Balto
Balto: Says the one who cant take a shot
Rocky: ciao shots hurt!
Toby: Ok whatever the kids took it better then you.
Rocky: SHUT UP!

As they inter the courtyard, the innercom booms above the roar of the crowd.

Intercom: Quit talkin and...
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Kate: Balto! It's time for breakfast
Balto: I'm coming

Its been 2 months since the Natale party and everyone new that Balto was the dead son of the alpha. What te didnt know was that Balto kept his family secret. Nobody new he was the alpha's dead son till the party. Now the secrets out and so is the whole white lupo thing. Now people are just wondering who is gonna lead the war now.

Kate: I'm gonna have a big meeting at 9 pm so dont be late
Balto: I wont mom

he quickly ate all his Cibo and ran off to unisciti his Friends at the boot camp grounds which were still running

Balto: ciao whats up
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Theme Song for the Story
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