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posted by HumphreyAlpha
Out on the water, one of the best things to do is have a nice dinner, so, when I decided to propose to my Sweets, that's what I decided to do.
So on our successivo interaction with civilization, I dropped da a gourmet Cibo place, picked up some amazing salmone fillets, Tony Chachres seasoning, which I had always loved, and some fresh spinaci leaves, tomatoes, garlic, and gouda cheese. The other stop I made was to a jewelery store.
When I explained that the girl I loved wasn't much of a ring wearer(wink), he showed me a collana on a thin oro chain. The pendant was a white oro cuore with a large, two-caret, heart-shaped diamond placement. I got that upgraded with a thicker chain, and I was set. It's never a good idea to disclose the price of an engagement piece of jewelery, so I won't do that...
Sweets, Jenna, and Kodiak had stayed on the barca while I had ventured ashore, so they knew not of my plans.
After hiding the collana in an undisclosed location in the master stateroom that Sweets couldn't even reach, I brought the groceries into the galley and fired up the grill on the aft deck. Soon, the forty five foot fishing boat, named The Following Sea, was filled with the aromas of grilling salmon, baking garlic bread, and the tart tang of balsamic vinaigrette.
At about seven thirty our time, cena was served and Sweets, Kodiak, Jenna, and I sat down to eat at the tavolo on the transom.
The water was as flat as I had ever seen it. Maybe the gods wanted me to marry her as much as I did.
After the insalata and garlic bread, which I had slightly scorched, I served the salmone main course. The Tonys spices gave the pesce a decent kick of heat, and rosemary and cilantro added that perfect hint of sweetness to a recipe that my father had taught me.
Everyone finished their meal in time, and we all fell to small talk, including but not limited to, me, Sweets, me and Sweets, Kodi, food, movies, and music.
At an appropriate lull in the conversation, I snuck away from the tavolo and retrieved the necklace. When I got back, I sat down as if nothing was going on, then abruptly started stroking Sweets' paw, which was lying on the table. My mouth went dry when she looked over at me, a smile on her face from the wonderful night that was about to get way better in her eyes.
Around my cotton-mouth, I said, "Sweets?"
She locked eyes with me, liquid pools of blue that drew me in.
"Yeah?" she detto inquisitively, her eyes exploring my expression.
I Amore you. The expression that I was feeling at that moment.
"I Amore you, Sweets," I detto tenderly.
"Aww! I Amore te too!" she beamed.
I took her paw in my hands and detto it again.
"Sweets, I Amore you. I Amore te like-like... I can't even find an expression that fits!"
She looked at me funny, like she expected me to just up and start dancing.
I did get up, but it wasn't for that.
"Sweets, te are the kindest, sweetest, most gentle lupo I've ever laid eyes on. You're smart, and funny, and a gem to have around."
Her tail started thumping against the chair back.
"You're a gem to have around as a friend, but I'd like to be più than that," I said, reaching into my pocket.
Her blue eyes followed my hand as it gripped something.
I brought the small blue velvet box out of my pocket and opened it, revealing the necklace.
"Sweets?" I asked, swallowing.
"Yeah?" she detto uncertainly.
"Will te do me the honor of marrying me?"
A moment of stunned silence followed these words. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jenna make a discreet gesture of approval.
"Yes! Yes, I will marry you!" she exclaimed, launching herself off her chair and colliding with my chest. I fell over and she wound up sitting on me. I took the chain out of the box and she turned so I could put it on her. After I had fastened the clasp, she turned around. The expression on her face at that moment is one moment that will stay with my life forever, a look of pure happiness.
While the two of us hugged, Kodiak and Jenna howled happily at the moon, commemorating this moment.
At my request, the two canines went inside, leaving me and Sweets out on the transom.
We didn't say o do much that night. Every time I looked at her, I saw the moonlight glinting off the collana and the words just died in my throat.
We sat there that night for god knows how long, just enjoying each others company.
The morning after that Me and Sophie wake up to find my parents aren't in the tana, den
Me: Sop wake up my parents aren't here.*uncomfortably
Sophie: Probably hunting
Me:Are te sure?
Sophie:Come on let's go and find them
We walk to the hunting ground and found my parents hunting
Me:Nice catch mom and dad.
Rose and Shade: Thanks son morning guys
Sophie: Morning to te too.
As me and my parents brought back the Cibo to eat
I notice Sophie didn't my share
Me: Sophie what's wrong?
Sophie: I can't eat that it's your family kill
Me: Sop you're family to me
Sophie:Okay Jason
Rose:You cared about her don't you?
Me:As a friend o as a crush
Rose: Crush
Me: Then as a friend.
posted by ThreeLitllePups
Come back and ready for a long adventure with Lea and Matt. Follow their relationship with good moment and bad… See the two pups grown and began an Alpha. Lea will can be an Alpha, Matt will be her boyfriend. Let’s go see that ^^ I didn’t write Lea’s POV because it will be just in Lea’s POV…

He was so beautiful when he walked. Very prove of him and sure, never scar o jut of frog… when we arrived I saw Lucille with a grey wolf. “Hey who is he” I asked to her, “Hi ! he call Ethan, he is the….” Lucille stop speaking and I see that she looked Matt. “Yeah he is my brother”...
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posted by ThreeLitllePups
Hi my sweet garlics ^^ here the Chap 2 of Jasper’s story ! Let’s go and follow the adventure of Lea and her family around Jasper. Lea, future Alpha with her sister Lucille are really energetic. Magril try to keep an eye of them, Runt try to be a good father. Claudette and Fleet with Luna and Stinky, Artemis with Hayden and Eva… Two pups energetic, one girl shy and one future leader-head with an Omega. A lot of lupo huh ?? Ok I left te guys ^^

Lea’s POV :

Today with Lucille and Luna, we decided to visit Eva and Hayden. I woke up also earlier, I don’t know why… maybe because I’m...
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Song: "Will te Cry for Me?" da Arina Erlichman "Chloe" and Aron "Deuce" Erlichman. I thought I'd postato this here a long time ago. Edit: Am I the only one who thinks Arina Chloe's voice sounds a lot like Christina Ricci?
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Song: "My Immortal" da Evanescence The last of the three older video I forgot to re-upload.
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Hope te like it plz like and subscribe Made da me :D
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Anyone ever see this trailer before? I just came across it on Youtube and thought I'd share!
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Source: with premission from hank666.
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So far the due dates had been false and Kate herself was honestly growing really impatient with people prodding at her and asking her a bunch of technical domande about when she would give birth to her and her mate Jon's son. Finally she gently told Jon one night riding back to the campus in his truck from the grocery store that she had enough of it and would not go in and have them do anything like that again to her o her son. Jon agreed indefinately, he was sick of them also but was too kind to admit it. He just wanted the best for her. The same thing had happened to Katie also and she...
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Author's note:I just want to make this clear to everyone. In real life I rarely ever drink red wine except on special occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and sometimes New Years Eve. Even then it is in very limited quantaties. (shot glasses o small wine glasses) I dont want everyone thinking I am an alcaholic! This articolo will contain some minor sex but nothing major! te are hereby warned for that!

October 21, 2011

It is Kate's 3rd birthday (19 in lupo years) and she is feeling happier than ever! I have just treated her to a nice, juicy tenderloin bistecca at her preferito restaraunt and...
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The successivo morning I woke up facing Katie. With her eyes closed she looked exactly like Kate. Just like Kate she was perfectly beautiful when she slept. I inched inoltrare, avanti and kissed her on the nose, her purple eyes fluttered open, and a big smile formed on her face.
"Morning beautiful!" I said.
"Good morning Jon, that was so fun last night!"
"Yes it was," I said. We kissed again letting our tongues slide in each other's mouth. For 15 minuti o so we just lay there kissing, finally Kate began to stir and it was then I sat up. Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I got out of bed. Went to the bathroom...
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Well, people, sorry for the long wait, but here's the third chapter of the Hell of Nome!!! And just like anything else, commento If Readed!!!

Chapter 3: Taking the blow.

After Balto and Jenna walked trough the doggy door of her house, the sun had already set on the Alaskan tundra. Jenna decided to stay with her brother into her house, and she assisted to Balto to sleep at her house, too, because she was afraid that Martin would lunge an overnight attack at her. Balto couldn't stay at her house because he needed to wait for Boris to come back from his annual family visit in Russia. He detto that...
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Dustin’s POV

My body features changed as I morphed into a moutain lion, Castro as well as all of the other Lupi of the pack all stood in shock of what they were seeing. I stood in front of them and watched as some of the Lupi started murmering to one another.

“As te can see I am a shape shifter, I can change my form into any other living creature, I can also shift into and impersonate other wolves.” I told the whole pack

"Very interesting, very interesting" detto Castro as began to look around "Their! Become Sarah I would like to see te become her and kill her. She's of no use to me...
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A great video