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ciao everyone, here's chapter 2! Enjoy! Don't forget to comment, if te don't, I'll find you.

(Early successivo morning)

“Rise and shine sleeping beauty!” Hutch yelled into Humphrey’s ear making him jump. Humphrey looked groggily up at Hutch.

“Let me sleep.” He detto and plopped back down. Hutch picked Humphrey up da the scruff of his neck.

“Sorry man, te wanted to learn how to hunt, so te have to get up early.” He told him. Humphrey groaned as he walked beside Hutch. After a while of walking Humphrey remembered that Sweets wanted to watch him.

“Hey Hutch, can we go da Sweets den, I told her she could come watch me today.” He asked. Hutch looked back at his omega friend.

“Yeah sure. Let’s go get her.” He detto and they headed to her den. Humphrey stuck his head in and saw Sweets was curled up still fast asleep. ‘I shouldn’t wake her up this early. She can watch successivo time if she wants.’ He thought to himself and walked back over to Hutch.

“Forget it , I don’t wanna wake her. Let’s just go.” Humphrey detto and they continued on to the hunting training grounds. The first thing Hutch taught Humphrey was how to stalk prey. Humphrey was to keep sneaking through the erba until Hutch couldn’t see him. It took a while but da the time the sun was peaking over the hills he finally got it. Hutch congratulated him.

“Good work, Humphrey, now, we start on how to take the caribou down, number one rule, always go for its throat. Take out its throat and it’ll die in a few seconds. Got all that?” Hutch asked the omega now turned beta.

“Ok, Now what am I going to do?” Humphrey asked him. Hutch smiled.

“You’re going on your first hunt. And what te catch will feed the pack.” Hutch smirked.

Humphrey felt a huge weight put on his chest. If he didn’t catch enough, the pack could starve. Hutch chuckled. “Don’t worry; I’m going to be hunting too. te just have to take down at least one caribou. Scared te didn’t I?” Hutch chuckled. Humphrey stuck his tongue out at Hutch.

“Yeah, don’t do it again. So, when are we going?” He asked. Hutch nodded his head toward the hunting grounds.

“Right now, we’re gonna bring everyone breakfast.” They then set out toward the hunting grounds. Hutch saw a group of six caribou and signaled Humphrey to follow him. Humphrey crouched in the erba and snuck as quietly as he could behind Hutch. He waited for Hutch to lift his tail and give the signal to attack. He looked at the four caribou in front of them. He aimed for the small buck in front of him. Hutch twitched his tail and Humphrey shot towards the caribou. He latched his fangs around its throat and held on as the buck thrashed around trying to throw him off.

“Hang on, Humphrey!” Hutch called to him as he attacked another caribou. The other two ran off. Humphrey bit down harder and tasted blood in his mouth. The buck he had started weakening. Soon it fell dead. Hutch already had his down.

Hutch nodded his head smiling. “Nice, who would have thought that Humphrey the fun-loving omega could hunt?” Humphrey looked down at the buck he had killed. Hutch looked at his friend. “Humphrey? te okay?” He asked.

Humphrey shook his head. “Huh what? Oh yeah I am. Come on; let’s get the pack their breakfast.” He grabbed a leg of his caribou and dragged it away. Hutch followed with his. When they reached the feeding grounds Lupi were starting to come out yawning and stretching. A few pups were complaining to their parents about how they didn’t wanna get up. Humphrey stepped back as a few alphas came to eat first.

Hutch shook his head. “No Humphrey, te were one of the hunters who caught these; te get to have first take.” He told him. Humphrey walked up and took a small size portion then went over in the shade to eat. He watched the alphas eat some while the other omegas waited their turn. He waited till his Friends Mooch, Candy, and Sweets got some and sat da him.

“Thanks for getting the caribou Humphrey.” Mooch detto paw-bumping his friend. Humphrey blushed as caramelle and Sweets thanked him too. Sweets frowned at Humphrey.

Humphrey cocked his head at her. “What is it?” He asked.

“You detto te would let me watch te hunt.” She pouted. Humphrey lowered his head.

“Yeah sorry, te looked really peaceful when te were asleep. I didn’t want to wake you.” He detto blushing. Sweets blushed too. Humphrey decided it was time for a new topic.

“Where’s Shakey and Salty?” He asked. Mooch chuckled as caramelle nudged him. It was Sweets who told Humphrey.

“Shakey’s with Janice,” She blushed and lowered her voice to were Humphrey had too lean forward. “Their making puppies.” She giggled. Humphrey fell over laughing making other Lupi look over at them. “And Reba made Salty look for berries for her. He did it anyway.” She told him. Humphrey laughed again.

Mooch took a bite out of the large chunk he had. “I guess Shakey and Salty don’t get to eat meat anymore though.” Humphrey shook his head.

“That’s sad.” He said. Sweets and caramelle nodded. He took a bite and chewed it. “Hey, why don't we go log-sledding today?” He asked. Mooch nodded. Sweets and caramelle smiled.

“Well, we’ve never been but with what te boys say about it, I guess we should try it.” Sweets said. caramelle nodded.

“Yeah, let’s go after we eat.” She said. Humphrey and Mooch both shoved the meat in their mouths while caramelle and Sweets took their time.
Soon the boys started getting impatient. “Come on, hurry.” Humphrey whimpered.

“Yeah, let’s go have fun.” Mooch whined. caramelle giggled.

“I Amore it when he begs. It’s so cute.” She whispered to Sweets who giggled. Mooch blushed. Soon the girls were done and they followed the boys to the biggest collina in the park.

caramelle looked down the collina and her eyes widened. “Are te sure this is safe?” She asked. Mooch and Humphrey both chuckled as they got the log sled ready.

Humphrey set it down and got in front. “It’s safe; we’ve gone down it pretty much a hundred times. We only crashed what… fifteen times?” He asked looking at Mooch who put a paw to his chin and thought for a minute.

“I’d say fourteen. That last time was because we were going too fast and went over the waterfall.” He detto casually. Sweets and caramelle exchanged looks of worry.

Humphrey motioned for them to get in. “Come on, I promise it’ll be safe.” He said. The girls slowly got in and Mooch sat in the back behind caramelle while Sweets sat behind Humphrey.

“Okay Mooch one! Two! Three! Go!” Mooch pushed off the they went flying down the hill. Humphrey and Mooch whooped with joy and excitement. caramelle and Sweets, they weren’t so much. They screamed in terror as the log picked up speed.

“Make it stop! Make it stop!” Sweets screamed. Humphrey steered to where they started to slow down. But what they didn’t realize that he just steered them to the waterfall.

caramelle turned to Mooch. “I just want to tell you, if we die, I Amore you, and I hate Humphrey!” She yelled over the wind. Mooch kissed her.
“Ditto!” He called.

Humphrey leaned down into the sled. “Everyone hold on! We’re going over!” He yelled and they all flew over the waterfall and into the swimming hole. Humphrey held his breath as he submerged in the water. He swam up to the surface and broke through gasping for air.

He looked and saw Sweets come up da him, her pelliccia all wet. “How was it?” He asked grinning.
She looked at him. “I’ll tell te on shore.” She detto and started swimming over there. Humphrey waited for Mooch and caramelle and they swam over to unisciti Sweets.

He shook the water out of his pelliccia when he got there and sat down in front of her while Mooch and caramelle sat da them. Sweets sighed.

“That was the scariest thing that ever happened to me. I just have one question.” She started.
Humphrey opened his mouth. “Sweets, I’m sorry about that. I just-” He started before she cut him off.

“Humphrey, I want to go again.” Humphrey’s jaw dropped.

“Seriously?” He asked. She nodded.
caramelle stared at her friend. “Sweets, did te hit your head o something. te want to go again?” She asked. Sweets nodded enthusiastically, (A/N: took me an ora to figure how to spell it. Go ahead and laugh.)

“Yes I do, it was the most exciting, and scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life.” She told her friend.

“That’s what we detto when we first tried it.” Mooch laughed. caramelle just shook her head.

“Well, I’m already tired; I’m going back to the swimming hole to relax.” She licked Mooch’s cheek. “Come unisciti me if te like.” She whispered giving his ear a soft nibble.

Mooch smiled widely. “Okay! See te guys later!” He called as him and caramelle headed to the swimming hole.

Humphrey turned to Sweets. “So, te wanna go again?” He asked. Sweets nodded with a big smile covering her face.

“Yeah, let’s go again!” Her tail wagged furiously. Humphrey smiled and set out to look for a new log. Sweets followed him, ready to go down another hill.

What'd te think? Please commento truthfully. Thank you. da the way, the following story is brought to te da McDonalds, "I'm loving it!"
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