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It is October 1st, 2010. The event of alpha and omega.

I started walking around in my tana, den thinking about the one female lupo that talked to me that day. I realize how she knew my name? I think it is way she could have done something to make sure that I am not a problem . The only thing that I know * goes out of the tana, den and sit down on a rock * once I get to know the pack and maybe even some of the stuff that I can do to help. If they do accept me as one of them.

* looks around and then hears a lupo chuckled in the distance between the two trees and I wanted to investigate and look at them*...
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posted by Silver_Alpha
To Wish Upon A Star
A poem da Silver_Alpha

Oh, to gaze up in the sky,
Looking at the lights near and far.
But to be here sitting successivo to you,
Is like wishing upon a star.

As the moon shines down on us,
The night suddenly becomes bright.
It is like giorno again,
But to be here with te feels so right.

te giggle and laugh with a snort,
A little smirk of some sort,
Then te look into my eye
and tears come, making te cry.

As I hold te in my arms, I never want to let go,
te feel safe, at home.
te calm down until sleep takes in,
It took te without one to know.

Oh, to gaze up in the sky,
Looking at the lights near and far.
But to be here sitting successivo to you,
Is like wishing upon a star.
posted by TheChriZ1995
A/N: Wrote this awhile fa for and decided to add it on here.

Summary: Kate is out doing a solo border patrol until she comes across a new born pup left alone in the woods. She doesn't know how it got there, but decides to bring it back to her parents and see if they know what to do with it.

Kate's POV

The giorno was like any other, the late afternoon sun was shining brightly overhead and clouds marched along the sky. Summer was in full swing meaning everyday was pretty much the same, hot and sunny. I didn't mind the heat, in fact the only time it did bother me was if I was running...
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I stare at the letto sheets that are covering me. With 6 of them on superiore, in alto and 2 beneath me I feel like a sandwich. Suddenly I can hear my dad's footsteps coming up the stairs. I know what's coming. Quickly turning over I cover the rest of my head with the blankets. I could hear my dad walking into the room, I wished that I could turn invisible, he then detto in a kiddy voice, "Annabelle!! Time to get up!" I didn't move, "Do te want me to get the ice packs?" he detto with a questioning tone.
At that moment I didn't care, the freezing ice packs on my legs o the freezing cold air all over my body,...
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posted by mattwolf199
After they finished talking humphrey said"matt te cant stay hear but kate will find u a tana, den u can stay in" "shure" i replide when me and kate were looking fore a tana, den i came acrose a relitvily big one i climed in side "this will do"i detto all ov a suden iheard a fucile crack and a trickle of blood rain down my cheek kate aparntle was shot in the shoulder as i grabe her limp body i feer the worst the fucile man was look ing fore his prise when i jumped out of the cespuglio, bush andbtackeld him he floung me offhis back i grabd his fucile and shoot him in the leg then i ponted the gun at his head the man said"who...
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posted by tony_wolf
as i was falling from the ground garth jumped down to try and save me and we both fell down big hole's and ended up in a river lucily we were alive but garth acidently pushed me out on to the road and i got hit da a car then garth woke me up zand told me he hade bought 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 sweets and i fainted when i found out it was true
we both shared some and then lilly come to pick garth up and he detto the sweet's were not for me!!!!!! i walked to the negozio and bought 50000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 sweets
posted by KateLillyWolfy
The successivo morning, Lilly called Kate, but she had no answer. She was worried so she went to their house. Garth was hunting, so he could not come with her. When Lilly knocked on the front door, it was open. All of a sudden Lilly felt something grab her. She looked behind her, and nothing was there. She was scared to the point of were she wanted to just run, but she couldn't, she kept at it for the sake of her family. She opened the door to be greeted da an ominous wind. It blew her pelliccia back it was so strong. When she want inside, she kept calling "Kate...Humphrey...Are te okay?". Then she felt...
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Kate & Humphrey Adventures.
Fall of 2011 Chapter 7. Part 2 of 2. “The bisonte are leaving!”

Back at the dens Humphrey was trying to cheer up 2 lupo pups, while breaking up a fight between the pup's parents. They yelled back and forth for a while until they got tired of Humphrey breaking them up. When Janice and Reba walked up to the omega's dens, Shakey detto high to Janice, who has been his mate for several months now. After lunch, Kate ordered a meeting with the alphas telling them the bisonte are now migrating. Most of the alphas already knew about the bison, as others were shocked to hear...
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Okay, people, I know that this isn't A&O, but at what happened here, I figured that it's better that I post this. It's something that I cribbled at my cellphone this afternoon, it's a short story about a spazio mission in my world, hope te enjoy.

The Soviet spazio mission Okha 2 is without a doubt the most futile spazio mission ever. Launched on November 19, 1965, the meaning of this mission was to investigate the upper atmosphere and to investigate live in longer periods in space. The scheduled flight time would be two weeks, and it was al in name of celebration of the 50th birthday of the...
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posted by AlphaClub
Okay. So, I wanted to tell te guys this little story, of an encounter with some coyotes. As te read, te may be like, "Uh... this isn't possible. te are lying." Well, I'm not. Enjoy!

Okay. So, earlier this summer, I was walking in my woods successivo to my house, and I saw something greyish. I walked closer to it, and what I saw was so cute. There were about 4-5 coyote pups, in a little tiny nest made of brush and broken down mais stalks. The pups saw me, and ran over to me, doing a weird whining sound. Two of them watched, and barked. The other few came over, and jumped up on my legs, for attention...
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Humphrey, Kate, Lilly, and Garth all got what they wanted. Humphrey and Kate got married and Lilly and Garth got married. It was all a happy ending… o beginning in this case. Winston looked at Tony and gave him a sharp look.
He finally detto “Maybe this will work,” to Tony who was the leader of the Eastern pack.
“Oh,” Tony hesitated. He knew Eve was right behind him and he didn’t want to get jumped if he detto no. Not only that but he himself also like happy endings. He heard a growl from Eve, looked back and detto “Alright.”
Winston and Tony saw Humphrey and Kate Loving on each...
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posted by TimberHumphrey
we were all thinking if A&O 4: The Legend of the Sawtooth Cave is gonna be the end of this awesome saga, but no. you'll never guess what i just found out: they're making a A&O 5! it's called "Alpha and Omega 5: Family Vacation" and it's gonna hit DVD and Walmart in spring successivo year, 2015. once i heard that, i almost had a cuore attack, i was so excited! tht's cause i get to see my preferito franchise for another year. a website called announced that, and it also announced that A&O 5's gonna end the saga for sure. if that's true o not, i'm so damn excited :D
posted by The-Theorist
Alpha and Omega 4: Daria.

I had originally intended for this to go in chronological order with the movies, but this I felt needed to be addressed immediately.

This first segment will revolve solely around Daria, the blind she-wolf who lived in Saw-Toothed Cave. Those who have seen the movie know that the forest was indeed haunted da a lupo ghost, whose sole purpose was to assure her safety. However, the identity of the ghost is never clearly explained. But, I like to believe that the ghost is in fact Daria's mother, who had died in the forest that night when she hid her daughter from the wolves...
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posted by trueshadowwolf
"OK kate and lilly te go invite every wolf." humphrey said. "ok got it." kate said. "crazyryan123 and thealphaboyz te go find a humans generater power." humphrey said. "where can we find that?" ryan said. "there should be a general store over the forest." humphrey said. "got it lets go anthony!" ryan said. "ok!" anthony said." and trueshadowwolf te and me and garth are gonna set up the flat screen t.v.!" humphrey said. "got it!" i said. "and shakey and mooch and salty te go and find some wood to burn!" humphrey said. "ok." the gang said. "now lets do this." humphrey said.

misson 1
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One warm summer late in the afternoon at 6:30 i saw the sun setting as i relized it was time to go home.I left the the wooden obstical course wich i was training for alpha school,then i started to make my way towards home,as i was walking home i seen an old friend from alpha school,his name was keaka,i asked him"keaka,what are te doing out here? its getting late!" he said"hey kate havent seen te in a while,i was just over da the pond drinking water."Oh i thought te were alone out here da yourself." i detto to him,we kept on talking and i totaly forgot that it was getting late,i suddenly realized...
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posted by Alphaman
Alright I have special pics of A&O2 now it's up to te guys on what I should do.
First should I make a slideshow about Kate and what she looks like
secondo should I make one about Lily. Now about Lily,shes pregnant in this movie.
Third should I make a slide mostra about everything I have so far.
It's up to everybody out there so start to decide.
preferito pics described.
Pic 1: Lily with garths paw on her stomach
Pic 2: Kate and humprey at moonlight howl
Pic 3: Lily laying unconscious
Pic 4: Kate fighting a Delta
Pic 5: Lily and her pups
Pic 6: Kate talking to Lily
Pic 7: Garth and Lily at moonlight howl
Pic 8: Kate helping Lily up
posted by simmy240
**This is announcement from the US air force/US marines. America has declared war against Russia. Our boys are getting ready to be shipped to Russia-Controlled Germany. Wish them good luck in the battlefield!**

"WERE SHIPPING OUT TOMORROW?" exclaimed Humphrey
"Yes, yes we are" replied Winston
"I have a family to say goodbye to and that may be the last time I ever see them" Humphrey continued
"Your recitazione like a dick, Winston" Humphrey detto feeling very pissed off
"Fine at the end of the week, we ship out" With that...
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posted by simmy240
Hey, this story is my first here :) The characters are Humans in this. It's a Balto/ A&O crossover so characters fro Balto will be in it. The story is based mainly in America, UK and Russia. anno 2029. This story contains strong language so reader discretion is advised.
Anyway, Enjoy :D

0900 hours
May 15, 2029

Winston and Tony were walking around the Jasper Military Base, talking to each other.
"Why did America declare War on Russia anyway, so we can be even powerful?" Remarked Winston
"Sorta.... Yes" replied Tony
"I always knew te were a power hungry cunt! You'll do very well as General when...
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posted by Omega90
"You think he's dead?"Maia asked.Apparently the battle had been over a while because I could see hints of sunlight."No,but he did get hit pretty bad,so we might have to set up over here.I'll gather some Cibo and water,you make sure Connor's all right.I'll be back in an ora o two." Ezio ordered.But while he stood up and started to walk,I mumbled. "Hey you're not going to make sure your pal is okay before adventuring?" I asked him."Connor!We thought te got seriously injured man!" Ezio exclaimed. "Well after a fall like that,then getting tackled again down here,then getting KO'd down here,I...
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posted by OmegaLeader
Til Death Do Us Apart

I woke up to the push of a paw to my face. "Jet wake up sleepy head we have a lot to do today" "But I--" She pinned me down to the grown, "Jet don't pull this shit on me and who knows  maybe we can have some alone time after we we are done", she jumped off, my arms a little smudged while Luna was holding. "Fine so what will have to do today" I sighed wishing we can just go to sleep to tether instead having to do some boring chores. "Ok first we need to hunt, this will help your Alpha training", "But--" she put her paw to my mouth and hushed my mouth. "Don't argue with...
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