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posted by beastly_hutch
Humphrey’s bad past
da Jacob Quesenberry
Disclaimer: I do not know what really happened in Humphrey’s past.
Warning this story contains violence and foul language.

In Jasper Park Canada a grey lupo with ice blue eyes and dark and light gray pelliccia was about with his friends.
Humphrey: I was out with my friends, Salty, shaky and Mooch. We were inventing a new game called log slittino when my mom and dad were walking da and saw me and my Friends on the log ready to go down a steep but short hill, just as we were about to take off down the collina I heard my parents say.
Mom and dad:...
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posted by frankrivera
it was a snowy morning in jasper all the Lupi stayed in there dens sleeping. But not for humphrey and is omega freinds. They decided to make up a game to play today. They did not want to go log sleding again becuse all of them end up geting hurt all the time. So they made a up new game. It got boreing so humphrey and his freinds decided to go home. See te later guys humphrey detto as he begin to walk to his den. But salty stoped him. ciao wait humphrey where are te going? Salty asks. Uh home, te know where i sleep and eat. Humphrey replied. Well kates not there , shes with her perants. Salty...
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Her Father Okari, a dark male lupo about Five foot nine with blue eyes had finally stopped abusing Tesla, a Blue-ish Female lupo about Five foot seven with Silverish eyes, all for nothing.
I watched out from the window, witnessing the tragic scene. Tesla tried not to cry as her Father told her not to. Her bumps and bruises were forming from her face through body; she spitted blood across the broken floors about three to four inches… her beautiful looks, drained from her Father’s paws.
Her tears dripped down, calling for her Mother back and for help. Just standing behind the window made me...
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posted by alphawhitewolf
It was a dark night for the full moon recently howling for hours and ora for my pack to come why haven't they come yet. Me the leader of my pack have a soft white fur, blues eyes that glimmer, and a blue topaz amulet that was dato from my mother. They call me Alpha but I do not my real name for a reason. I am Lost and can't find my pack I tried howling but they didn't howl back then finally I saw a lupo that look like this lupo I met ,Humphrey. He was a pretty simple lupo grey pelliccia and a light grey belly but the only thing is that his eyes are green. He asked "What are te doing here all alone?"...
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When we left off Humphrey, Hunter, Kate, Moone, and the pups were going to an unknown destination for Macey.

"Humphrey hurry up. We need to catch up to Hunter." Says an angry Kate. "I had to have it Kate it is something so good I needed it." Says Humphrey with a guilty smile. "Why is it every time we see a cupcake we have to stop?" Asks Kate. "Have te tried one yet?" Asks Humphrey back.

"No. And I really don't want to." Says Kate. "Yes te do." Says Humphrey who then drops a cupcake package in front of her. "No I don't." risposte Kate. Humphrey smiles. "Why not? te have to admit it looks good...
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posted by trueshadowwolf
The years of 1500’s
There was once boy and girl, and they were best Friends ever since they were 3 years old. Their both also Cherokee Indians, when they got older to 17 years old. They both live with their parents and they live in Tennessee. They lived in homes that are made out of mud and clay with roofs of brush and river cane. The boy’s name was Unknown. (The reason his name is Unknown is because people today forgot his name so his renamed Unknown.) The girls name was Waya.
One night they were alone together and were having so much fun together. Waya was screaming and laughing. “Unknown...
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posted by CatoStoicus
I just needed to let fellow Alpha and Omega know about this, there is a petition on Change. org now calling on Lionsgate and Crest to make an Alpha and Omega spin-off movie featuring Lilly and Garth as the main characters.

Every time someone signs the petition, another letter is sent to the head of Lionsgate's Motion Picture Group telling him how much we'd Amore to see a movie like this.

So, if te like Lilly and Garth, o just want to see the movie series continue beyond the successivo few sequels, signing the petition would not be a bad idea.

The petition can be found da searching "Alpha and Omega" o "Lilly and Garth" on Change. org. If anybody wants to sign it, that would be great.

We're going to need all the help we can get if we want Lionsgate to take this seriously. So every signature helps. With enough support, we can get Lionsgate to take notice and get this movie made.
posted by TheChriZ1995
farfalle were now in my stomach was we headed up the raise to her parents den, she looked back at me and could probably tell how I was feeling. A reassuring smiled appeared and I returned it before she turned and headed into the tana, den with me right behind.

"Ah Kate there te are, I was beginning to worry" I heard Eve say

Only her parents were in the tana, den who look all ready and eager to head down to the valley, I just silently stood there until Winston noticed me.

"Humphrey? What are te doing here, te should be down in the valley with the others." He said

"Well I..." I began but Kate cut me off,...
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posted by TheChriZ1995
Summary: Things have been going south for Humphrey since he got back to Jasper now that he learned what Kate has been hiding from him. Heartbroken he decides to leave in cerca for a new beginning, but first he still wants to tell Kate his feelings. Can he tell her o will he just end up leaving without saying goodbye? Read to find out. Inspired da "Escape" - Hoobastank *Short Story*

A/N: Ever since I started Scrivere again I've been thinking about Scrivere stories based off of songs, and now I have done just that. This story is based off of a song called "Escape" da a...
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posted by LoneOmega
I saw before the release of the movie and even before the announcement of the movie, when there was going on a lot of spam and fakes about the sequel of Alpha and Omega, a post on a wikipage if I'm not mistaken, a story that looked like a fanfic ( probably another fake of Alpha and Omega 2 ).
And i remember that this fake movie story got famous for being on an Alpha and Omega wiki. Everyone believed that the story was real and it was gonna be the Alpha and Omega 2 movie.
Here's the point where I want to get : The first and only time the name "Terra" was quoted on the whole Alpha and Omega 2...
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posted by westernunit-211
Here is the successivo part of my idea. Hope it's good.

Present day
21:30 hrs

We returned from the flashback and I spoke to Frost. "After the jump into to ocean we all regained conscious and were stuck in the car and couldn't get out. Truck and Nomad were trying to get West unstuck from the passenger sede, sedile that kept him tight and he wasn't able to sposta at all. The only choice he did was he handed me his M9 and told me to fuoco at the front window to escape from this mess. Truck refused to let it happen, but West told me to do it now."

Frost spoke. "You had no choice. te fired at the window and it flooded...
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posted by usedtobe2
their isnt much; theirs nothing to do now, i cant leave everyone knows where i'll always be, then they would segnala me if i ever went A- bacheca from my own pack... im not even looking inoltrare, avanti to even meeting my own team.. i'm even thinking if they could even stand at all,i doubt it as i whispered to myself . lily slowly opened her eyes as the cold shivers stabbed me in the back multiple times as it went down.
'babe?..' she whispered with a moan, then stretching. slowly i smiled at her as i walked up to her laying down.
'morning my love..' i kissed her nose and rubbed it against mine as she slowly...
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posted by Slenderwolf
Morshu:Lamp oil, rope, BOMBS! te want it? It’s yours my friend. As long as te have enough rupees.
Link:i want it!
Morshu:Sorry Link, i can’t give credit. Come back when you’re a little, MMMMMMMMMMMM richer.
Link:son of a-
*then Spy bite Link's Neck*
Spy:can i have B0mbz?
Morshu:MMMMMMMMMMMM(Over nine thousand years later...) long as te have enough rupees.
Spy:I want it!
Morshu:Sorry, Sp-
*Stab can be heard*
Spy:Thank te for being such a dear friend.
15 minuti fater... (WHAT!?) Swat guy 1:What just happend?!
Swat guy 2:That was a murder.
Swat guy 1:Do te want, MMMMMMMMMMMM b0mbz?
Swat guy 2:Nope.avi
Swat guy 1:Uhhhhhhhh...okay.
posted by AlphawolfAlisha
Ten hours later Kashuru and the lupo woke up and started walking outside of the den. They went to the pond and both of them took a look around and started to drink. Kashuru wanted to do something about this but she just wants to be honest , and tries to get him to be her friend. The lupo wags it's tail and apparently they became Friends and they both howled together.

Three days later they were out hunting for deer and then both of them went on to eat their first deer carcass. Then they went back to the tana, den and for a long nap. On the successivo giorno they went to the howling rock and howled together...
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Hutch carrying Kate is just 1 mile away until the front gate of the 100 foot tall walled off town with the group not far behind, Hutch:" are te hurting when I run?" Kate:" no, not really but they are still kicking" Hutch:" do te want me to slow down?" Kate:" no I'm fine I'll tell te when I am hurting" Hutch:"ok" after a few minuti they reached the gate with two Alpha Lupi were standing and guarding the entrance lupo guard:" Halt what is your purpose here?" Hutch:" our purpose is to get inside and survive, can te let us in and the group not far behind us in?" lupo guard:" yeah sure but...
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so, i loved Alpha and Omega 1 and 2. they're the best Film i ever seen! Alpha and Omega 1 had a great story, lovable characters along with funny and touching moments. Alpha and Omega 2 had all of these stuff back again and made the franchise even better. Now, i really can't wait for A&O 3 and 4 to come out, cause this franchise's been endeared to me ever since A&O 1.
but unfortunately, Lionsgate confirmed that A&O 4 is gonna be the end to the "Alpha and Omega" saga. that makes me feel sad, cause like i said, i Amore this saga, and i always will, but when it ends, i'll be stuck in watching stupid Film again.

so yeah, it's confirmed: Alpha and Omega 4 is gonna end another great saga
the noises from howling through the midnight; not from the midnight howl, but from the end of our own territory were howls of sorrows and depression, im not sure what they called but it was misery from what they had to grow through, especially since new members like me- viper, a young recruited alpha lupo with rdarkish red pelliccia was on the pending lista among the others to be selected to go among what we called the above.
among the hills near our pack downhill there was our den. slowly i walked up towards the end of the cliff and looked upon the full moon with a brawny feeling in me but with suicide...
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So I went to Crest animazione Studio webpage and it detto Alpha and Omega 3 Confirm! Another Wonderful movie will be out at late 2014-mid 2015
The plot (so far) is that there having a sport even and Kate, Humphrey, the pup and old pack also the new cast member (ik We miss the old one) will be in it plus something evil will happen during that time! Plus there thinking about Alpha and Omega 4!
Result of A&O 2
They made più than ever $75 million buck da iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, DVD and Blu-Ray! iBMn (movie rating) gave it a 7.8-10 Great movie and rotten pomodoro gave it %60 which means pass. They also detto (Crest Animation) superiore, in alto 3 best movie in 3rd Alpha and Omega 1 was 2nd the king and I was 1st (A 1998 animazione movie)
This movie was amazing what happen if this can go forever I wish it will!
Hope te like it Peace- CODkiller14
posted by frankrivera
chapter 1 the beginning october 30, 2013 , canada jasper one giorno in jasper park there was two wolfs playing out in the forest. There was a girl and a boy the boys name is robbie and girls name is rachel. Robbie was 17 years old and rachel was 11 years old they was playing tag as there father saw them his name was humphrey . Humphrey was at least in his his twentys o thirtys. But he walk up to robbie when he was turned around. Robbie notice that there was a shadow successivo to him . But humphrey scared robbie . Ahh!!! Gesù christ!!! te scared me robbie yelled . Humphrey fell on the ground cracking...
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posted by frankrivera
heres my last chapter giggity giggity goo. te dare schiaffo, smack me , te motherfucking basterd !!!!!! Eve yelld she smaked him back eve got on superiore, in alto of him chokeing him. She choked so hard she saw blood sqwerting in his mouth and then she stoped and got up humphrey was throwing up blood all over the tana, den . S-top eve please its all over now she gone theres nothing to do about it......its over . Humphrey detto lilly ran to humphrey giveing him a big hug and detto . Oh humphrey i thought te was going to die she said. im not im ok and can i tell te something ? He ask . Sure lily detto humphrey wisperd in...
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