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SONG: Perfection
Artist: Pete Ham

There is no real perfection
There'll be no perfect day
Just Amore is our connection
The truth in what we say

There's no good revolution
Just power changing hands
There is no straight solution
Except to understand

So listen to my song of life
te don't need a gun o a knife
Successful conversation will take te very far

There is no real perfection
There'll be no perfect man
Just peace is our connection
For giving all te can

There's no good kind of killing
Just power taking life
It's all good blood that's spilling
To make a bigger knife

So listen to my song of life
te don't need a gun o a knife
Successful conversation can take te very far
Successful conversation can take te very far

So listen to my song of life
te don't need a gun o a knife
Successful conversation can take te very far
Successful conversation can take te very far

Successful conversation will take te very far
posted by ThreeLitllePups
ciao ready for the next ?? Lea and Lucille were now three month. Hayden, Eva and Luna were two month. During the autumn, some coyote were seeing in Jasper. The pack fight and win against the Coyote pack but Tank and his secondo were still alive. All the pack is now under keep night and day, Lea and Lucille want to hunt with their mother and the other until the interdiction of them…

Lea’s POV :

I woke up earlier with Lucille, we played and Luna rejoins us. My parents and my Aunt woke up when we jumped on their belly. “Arff” breathes my father, he takes me on his pawns. “Hey dad left...
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1. The Powerpuff Girls
2. Ed, Edd n Eddy
3. Dexter's Laboratory
4. Johnny Bravo
5. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
6. Courage the Cowardly Dog
7. Foster's home for Imaginary Friends
8.Samurai Jack
9. Teen Titans
10. Camp Lazlo
11. Popeye the sailor man
12. Tom and Jerry
14. Pokemon Gotta Catch 'em all
15. Animaniacs
16. Tiny Toon Adventures
17. Loony Toons
18.Pinky and the Brain
19. Batman Beyond
20. Loonatics Unleashed
21.Jackie Chan Adventures
22. Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue!
23. Scooby Doo where are you
24.Static Shock

to be continued
posted by Willersmunk
I hope te have been enjoying this so far!
Again, Kate was five months into pregnancy. But she actually gets up. She does still take walks with Humphrey, but ever so often. Humphrey is just happy about Kate spending time with him.
"Oh, Humphrey." Kate said, trying to hug him. Humphrey was hugging her, trying not to hurt her.
"Kate... te may be pregnant, but te are the most beautiful lupo I have every seen." He said. She blushed a little, and giggled. They stopped...
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A few months past on da and Janice's belly grew. She rested and ate most of the time and was watched da Moonlight. Brian tried to keep as close as posable to her without being caught. Both Brian and Janice waited anxiously for the giorno of the birth. And then that giorno came.
Moonlight was away and Brian was patrolling the woods as always when he suddenly heard panting and someone slowly walking up to him. It was Janice. Before she could reach him she collapsed and let out a moan, "Brian!! Ah! I'm...,giving....Ahhh!"
Brian gasped and ran to her side. He nuzzled her then he rolled his mate onto...
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(Warning some sexual stuff...You have been warned..Plus I have not getten permission from Lustra to use this song so please don't spread it to other sites for copyright.)


Humphrey doesn't know...that Kate and me do it in my tana, den every sunday,

She tells him she's in church but she doesn't go still she's moaning at me and Humphrey doesn't know!

Ohhh Humphrey doesn't know..So don't tell Humphrey, cause Humphrey doesn't know Humphrey doesn't Know....SO DON'T TELL HUMPHREY.

Kate tells him she's out hunting. But she in front of me and im humping.

Cause Humphrey doesn't know, Humphrey...
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posted by katealphawolf
*Rated T for più mature content, some sexual references are mentioned, te are warned!*

Kate woke Humphrey at the crack of dawn as promised and then she fell back to sleep; the night had been full of mixed dreams and emotions about mating and she had not slept well.

Humphrey ate a quick breakfast and got everything he needed ready for the day's hunting lesson with Garth. He walked to the mouth of the cave where the golden hues of sun were beginning to glimmer on the rim of the eastern bacheca of the valley. He looked back at Kate peacefully sleeping, her eyes closed, her body moving with every...
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posted by moondragon01
This monologue is in the perspective of a wolf. This can be taken as either some hunter paranoia taken too far, o something more.
See that collina in the distance? The one with lush, green forests, large herds and plenty of water.
Every night, I dream of running away over there. Those dreams, all too often, are forgotten through the violence.

Too often, pup, we end up getting into a fight. Sometimes its over food, land, mates. Other times, its over words.
You know who did this? Man. Man tore our pack apart. Man killed us for no reason.
If you’re a good, smart pup, you’ll stay away from them.

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posted by shadow-omega

Jackson and I kept running all the way to the central field. On the way there, I couldn't stop thinking about mating season.

Is Kate going to be able to control herself? I don't want her to do what she did to me last time. Maybe I should trust her and see what goes from there.I thought to myself.

Me and Jackson went through some bushes and on the other side were Leon and Candu in the distance. Well, actually, it wasn't that far away. We walked over to them and they gave us a glare. Candu glared at Jackson while Leon glared at me.

"So it looks like the two cowards decided to mostra up?" Candu...
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posted by GANGSTA-BoSS
Hello everyone,
When I looked fanclub "Kate and Humphrey" I found a fan fiction about their wedding so here it is. :)
BTW: This fan fiction is writed da link

It has been an ora since the caribou incident and all Kate and Humphrey wanted to do was spend the rest of the giorno together. "oh Kate te don't how happy I am now that we're together" detto Humphrey. "I feel the same way Humphrey" replied Kate, nuzzling his neck. They continued waking when Humphrey noticed Kate didn' t have her flower." ciao Kate what happened to your flower?" Kate just now noticed that it wasn't there. "Aw man it must have...
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posted by ThreeLitllePups
Just for an information, For the successivo story, It's will be the first apparition of Magril in POV version. ^^ Good Leggere

Runt's POV :

I felt something pushing me, “Runt It's time” I heard, I opened my eyes and see Stinky get up. She licked my head and I woke up jumper. “Hey, are te mad” I asked to him, I heard my parents laughed. I shake my head and went outside detto morning to my parents and my sister. “Hi sweetie” detto my mother, “Did te slept well” asked my father “Very well” I detto shaking my head against his chest. “You had snored all the night” detto my sister...
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It was a dark and stormy night in Jasper National Park, and Humphrey, Kate, and Eve were all hastily running away from Jasper National Park. They all carried nervous expressions. Humphrey was running alongside with Kate and was holding Runt while running, Kate was holding Claudette while running, and Eve, running alongside with her beloved mate of Winston, was holding Stinky while running. The whole pack ran and ran and ran. But they weren't the only pack running away. The Eastern Pack and the king pack were running away as well, each carrying their own pups. And all of the packs were heading...
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I stopped breathing, I stopped weeping,
My mind is bleeding, my eyes starts seeing, conscious starts to deceive me...

Why am I heading in the dark? Here's my body at the park,
Treat it with dignity, my soul is out from here so u can leave it to be,

Been waiting for so long, now I'm departed from this world 'n now I'm gone,
Noone near to Amore me cept my wife and yet she's so strong,

Broken pictures down the hall,
the sound of moaning grows stronger down with a hunger call,

Every moment starts to fall, every dreams starts to crawl,
Every life starts to bawl,
All my life to know the world was evil.......
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Hutch was still the form of a demonic beast, what he was doing right now was digging and digging, looking for the entrance of Hell, he knows its around the forest. Then an idea popped in his head, the entrance wasn't there already, he had to make one himself. He got a stick, traced a cerchio in the dirt, then traced an upside-down five-pointed star, then he drew the number 666 in the middle of the star, then put some wood on the drawing, and set it on fuoco with his breath. Then a dark red fuoco burst up immediately it was burning pretty big. Hutch had noticed that the fuoco had not burned the...
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Credit to BladeTheWolf for North/South pack idea! Enjoy!
It had been a brutal winter. three pups froze to death, and some one who no one knows, but Humphrey knows her, had a stroke.
"Humphrey!?" Kate asked, loudly.
"WHA?!?!?!?! Oh... Sorry honey." Humphrey said.
"It's fine Humphrey. How are Lyle and Violet?" Kate asked.
"They expect più pups successivo spring." Humphrey said, trying not to rip out his fur.
"More pups? Wow, that's very..." Kate stopped and trailed off.
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what is lust? what is love? they are two powerful words but only one is over and under used. I'll let te decide which one I'm talking about. For some people Amore is that funny feeling u get when te are around someone, for others its the one te cant get out of your head o makes te think of that cute Amore song when te think of them,and then to the few its just a word and a emotion that they haven't felt yet o felt in a long time. But successivo time te are around that person ask yourself this, is it really Amore o lust that drives te to that person? If te like being with that person for only...
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posted by KingSimba4Ever9
It was nighttime and the bright silver full moon was shining in the black night sky. It was slightly chilly but still it was warm. A light breeze rustled the autumn leaves as Humphrey puts his furry arm around me and pulled me close. I smile and rest my head on his soft shoulder as we walk threw the forest and onto a small wooden bridge.
Both of us stop to enjoy the perfect moment together. Humphrey then looks at me with a smile as I gaze up at the moon and the stars, and he says almost in a whisper, "Those stars are beautiful," He puts his hand against my cheek so that I'm looking up at...
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*9:30am* Humphreys alarm clock is buzzing he wakes up grogily with a hang over He turns over and see kate laying in letto successivo to him and smiles then he sits up realizing he has a job interview today at the club. He exclaims "Shit kate we got to get up now im late for my interview and so are you!" She whines out grogily "Ughh...Whyyyy"
*a anteprima tell me what te think ;) * {bunch of random stuff sense its to short} fautudfjbajgbvfuiadbuvjcbauvbuigurbajxbckjdbjgjahjdhfjdjagbvuadfscvjxbjvbadfgeueueueueueueueueueueueueueueueueudhsuiwaerghuidsahhhkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjkrjfhuriweufadsfjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkgfdhsajbjsbfjks
Alright here is part 2 sorry it has taken so long I had run out of ideas but here it is now.
2 months later
The Doctor, Xi Omega, Humphrey, Kate, Lilly, Garth, fuoco and Water were all in the main console room of the TARDIS “So our main objective now is the get to the crystal before Artimus does” detto fuoco looking at Xi “Well yes but we will need help and I know who can help us” he replied setting some numbers and letters into the console then the TARDIS started to shake then in landed “We’re here now we all have to be on full alert” detto the Doctor everyone nodded their heads then...
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It was early in the morning, I hadn't had very much sleep last night, as there was lots of noise coming from the frogs down da the lake. It was like this every night, but last night, they were really loud, probably because yesterday was the first giorno of spring. Spring was Jalisa's preferito season, because she loved to see fiori and other animals, coming out of hibernation. These were going to be some good spring days.

Jalisa woke from the sound of me squirming around all morning. I was trying to get some sleep before duties today, but that wasn't going to happen. I hardly ever get to sleep...
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