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This Alpha e Omega foto might contain macchina di serie, stock auto, and auto da corsa.

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I am really sorry for the hiatus te guys. Had to focus on some other stories of mine. Hope te enjoy this chapter :)

Northern Pack: Morning

Nars was strolling around Jasper a bit to soak in the early morning scenery. Fleet and Magril were at Alpha School again so Nars was alone.

"Hey Nars, there te are," says a voice from a distance.

Nars turned around and saw that it was Troy.

"Oh good morning Troy, nice to see you," Nars detto as his best friend caught up to him.

"Good morning," Troy detto as a wicked smile formed on his face, "so how did your data with Daria go?"

"Umm... it went great," Nars said,...
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