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 Winston: No megusta
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Winston no gusta
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So far the due dates had been false and Kate herself was honestly growing really impatient with people prodding at her and asking her a bunch of technical domande about when she would give birth to her and her mate Jon's son. Finally she gently told Jon one night riding back to the campus in his truck from the grocery store that she had enough of it and would not go in and have them do anything like that again to her o her son. Jon agreed indefinately, he was sick of them also but was too kind to admit it. He just wanted the best for her. The same thing had happened to Katie also and she...
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Author's note:I just want to make this clear to everyone. In real life I rarely ever drink red wine except on special occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and sometimes New Years Eve. Even then it is in very limited quantaties. (shot glasses o small wine glasses) I dont want everyone thinking I am an alcaholic! This articolo will contain some minor sex but nothing major! te are hereby warned for that!

October 21, 2011

It is Kate's 3rd birthday (19 in lupo years) and she is feeling happier than ever! I have just treated her to a nice, juicy tenderloin bistecca at her preferito restaraunt and...
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The successivo morning I woke up facing Katie. With her eyes closed she looked exactly like Kate. Just like Kate she was perfectly beautiful when she slept. I inched inoltrare, avanti and kissed her on the nose, her purple eyes fluttered open, and a big smile formed on her face.
"Morning beautiful!" I said.
"Good morning Jon, that was so fun last night!"
"Yes it was," I said. We kissed again letting our tongues slide in each other's mouth. For 15 minuti o so we just lay there kissing, finally Kate began to stir and it was then I sat up. Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I got out of bed. Went to the bathroom...
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Well, people, sorry for the long wait, but here's the third chapter of the Hell of Nome!!! And just like anything else, commento If Readed!!!

Chapter 3: Taking the blow.

After Balto and Jenna walked trough the doggy door of her house, the sun had already set on the Alaskan tundra. Jenna decided to stay with her brother into her house, and she assisted to Balto to sleep at her house, too, because she was afraid that Martin would lunge an overnight attack at her. Balto couldn't stay at her house because he needed to wait for Boris to come back from his annual family visit in Russia. He detto that...
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Dustin’s POV

My body features changed as I morphed into a moutain lion, Castro as well as all of the other Lupi of the pack all stood in shock of what they were seeing. I stood in front of them and watched as some of the Lupi started murmering to one another.

“As te can see I am a shape shifter, I can change my form into any other living creature, I can also shift into and impersonate other wolves.” I told the whole pack

"Very interesting, very interesting" detto Castro as began to look around "Their! Become Sarah I would like to see te become her and kill her. She's of no use to me...
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A great video
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The whole worlds sittin` on a tickin` bomb, the whole world`s sittin` on a ticking bomb and its about to explode! andrew (me) clutched the picture of kate close to his body not wanting to forget that special yet disturbing night 2 years fa he was sharpening his coltello when he heard from behind him

"The healthy human mind doesn't wake up in the morning thinking that this is its last giorno on earth, but I think that's a luxury not a curse. To know your in the kind of freedom. Good time to take inventory. Out gunned, out numbered, out of our minds, on a suicide mission. This is for those who have...
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Through the veil of my tears, I watched my closest friend get lowered into the cold, unforgiving ground. Although the body was wrapped in leaves, I knew far too well that the limp mass was Lexi. As I cried, Humphrey; a fun loving omega put his paw on my shoulder. "Wynter, it's ok, te did all te could. There was nothing più te could've done. It wasn't your fault." Wasn't my fault? I looked up at him, tears rolling down my face "Then why....why does it hurt so bad"? He sighed and brought me into his chest and hugged me. As we were hugging he detto "Wynter te need to try to be strong for Lexi."...
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(It's 2014. Here is the sequal of my story. Hope it's good.)

'The Last Enemy'
Day 6 09:21hrs
Task Force special ops unit

We arrived in the desserts of afgano, afghan and were hiding from a dust storm. Frost was curled up successivo to me so the dust would pass. Luckily i brought some sand camofluge blankets for me, Frost and Lev to cover us from the dust storm. I sent a message to Sandman so he can mostra it to the others.

4 hours earlier

The camera was on and it was sending the footage to Sandman back at Jasper and I started to talk. "The healthy human mind doesn't wake up in the morning thinking that...
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after "Alpha and Omega 2" came out in October and a lotta people kept giving it 10/10 ratings (like me, i loved the sequel), i'm gonna review the original and i'm gonna tell y'all why it's my all time favorite.
"Alpha and Omega 1". So, "Alpha and Omega 1" came out in 2010, it was wrongly slammed da critics for no reason, but it did have a big fan base and that's good. Okay, so in "Alpha and Omega 1", Kate and Humphrey are 2 young wolves: Kate's the sexy, responsible Alpha girl in the pack and she kicks a lotta culo (she's like the lupo version of Lara Croft), and she's super hot. And Humphrey's...
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Came across this video on YouTube and apparently these two Livestreamed A&O 2 with their commentary. This is just them looking into the bonus features, pretty entertaining to listen too but keep in mind they do bash it a bit.
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My First video on Sony Vegas Pro 11
Alpha e Omega
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