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This Alpha e Omega foto contains anime, fumetti, manga, and cartoni animati.

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posted by BlondLionEzel
lupo Hunters Attack!

Nick: *sees a portal open* Eh?

*a Purple Creature with Silver Claws walks through*

Nick: Who are you?

Maku: I am Maku, Five stella, star lupo Hunter!

Nick: Why are te here?

Maku: *Sees Astra* That!

Astra: Nick...i'm...

Nick: Yes Astra?

Astra: I am pregnant!

Nick: Really?!!

Astra: *nods*

Maku: I must destroy her!

Nick: I won't let you! *Slashes Maku*

Maku: *jumps*

Nick: I won't allow te to! *fires a Ki laser at Maku*

Maku: *guards*

Nick: I must defeat you!

Maku: *grins and fires purple laser at Nick*

Nick: *it goes through his Arm* Ow!

Maku: *slashes Nick*

Nick: *dodges and lands in river*

Maku: Finally!...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 8: lupo Hunter (part 2)

Nistra: How can i fight that Dragon?!!

Pascal: Just hand over the Wolves!

Nistra: Even through te are bigger than me, i will never let te harm my Family!

Pascal: Fine then...*fires a beam of light*

Nistra: *teleports*

Pascal: te want to play that way then? *teleports*

Nistra: *fires a ball of energy*

Pascal: *dodges and hits Nistra with tail*

Nistra: Ah! *pulls out Swords*

Pascal: Just give up...i know te can't win...

Nistra: What did i tell te before?

Pascal: That Garth is ours now?

Nistra: Eh?

99: *flying above the stadium carrying Garth* te are heavy! Lose some weight,...
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Sorry for the text it had to be longr

Okay not to orso buzz Milo but thisis what would really happen.

This man walked into jasper park after hours and explored.
Then he saw Kate and Humphrey. " o my God its the main charicters from alpha and omega " he said.
"Hey guys how are te he asked. They both went to him then................. Kate got his neck and Humphrey for backup. Then. Later. " ciao Kate he tastes good.Winston said.

That's what would really happen te.
posted by Red_Pyramid206
I had woken up on a beautiful Thursday morning to the sound of my wife Katie sound asleep successivo to me. She was naked in anthro form after having a bit of wild hot sex last night. I looked at the calender and realized I did not have to go to work till Monday! I forgot that my office gave us a mini spring break! Since it was 7 AM, I decided to go back to sleep with Katie. I pulled the covers over us and wrapped my arms around her luscious breasts. After drifting off to sleep. I suddenly found myself on the hard floor. Katie decided it would be funny to push me off the letto this morning as a prank....
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Brandt’s POV

It was there, I felt it. I breathed in, and out. In. Out. In. Out. The feeling of power, the feeling of flames. I had thought my fuoco powers had gone long before Kia was pregnant with her first litter but it seems that my children may have very well been born with some powers of their own. It’s hard to tell if Blaze does because he hasn’t detto anything. I’ll have to remember to ask him.

I watched Kia from my preferito perching position and squinted as I tried to find something that wasn’t there. After the two of us “made up” last night I believe she may very well be...
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(Time unknown)
(Date unknown)

She wakes in total darkness. Her sense of smell is the first to return. She sniffs and detects the faint metallic odor of blood.
Next she feels a square of a rough cloth stuck to her back, up between her shoulder blades. She shifts slightly and a lance of pain shoots down her back. She growls instinctively.
Her finely tuned ears pick up the sound of people talking in low voices. The only word that she can pick out of the jumble of voices is "wolf".
They must be talking about me, she thinks.
Foot steps precede the arrival of a human. The door opens and a short, stocky...
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