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 It all starts with this...
It all starts with this...
autore note: This is hopefully maybe gonna start a new series if te people like this. Warning this is sexual, and in this articolo garth doesnt exist, and humphrey and kate are still mates.

It was a starry full moon night and Eve, Lilly, Kate, and I (Humphrey) were in Eve's, Kate's, and Lilly's tana, den after the moonlight howl.
*Kate and Lilly were looking at cave paintings on the ceiling*
Humphrey (look at picture): "Look at "that"" (he thought in his mind, staring constantly)
Eve:*noticed Humphrey taking quick glances at Kate's and Lilly's personal "gifts" without the girls noticing*: Whatcha lookin...
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What an incredible night it was for the moonlight howl. The huge full moon lit up the night. Kate and Humphrey were on their way back to the den. Kate looked amazing, as usual, all spiffied up, just for her one true love....Humphrey! Humphrey really appreciated this. Kate always knew how to make him happy. He was the happiest omega lupo in the entire universe!

As the couple approached their beautiful tana, den Kate told Humphrey to go on in while she was "using the bathroom". So, he did. Humphrey went into the tana, den and sat down successivo to the back wall, waiting for Kate to return. Meanwhile Kate was still...
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 Kate is really excited about getting ready to mate with Humphrey!
Kate is really excited about getting ready to mate with Humphrey!
*Rated T13+ for sexual content, this gets a little into detail but te have been warned! This is purely the figment of my imagination! This is how Lupi mate in the wild! Once again te are warned!*

Since Kate had awaken from her long nap she had been busy preparing the cave for Humphrey's arrival home. She knew he would be ready this time and she was determined to make the place look absolutely perfect and nice. This way they could reflect back on the very first time they mated and remember how wonderful it was. The caribou carcass was out of place; she moved it to a further side of the cave...
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The sun in Jasper was starting to go down and the Alphas had just returned with the day's kill. Humphrey sat in his tana, den as his new mate walked in and kissed him. "So how did it go Kate?" Humphrey asked. "Oh fine, got a couple caribou for us today." Kate detto with a smile. They were just about to dig in when Eve walked in. "Hi mom!" Kate said, nuzzling her mother. "Eve, I didnt do anything! I swear!" Humphrey cried. "Oh Humphrey, quit being a baby and come give te mother-in-law a hug!" Eve said. Humphrey did so and hugged Eve. "See? I only hurt those who threaten my daughter. Plus, te are...
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Well the trailer is pretty cheesy if te ask me, just like all the others from the past sequels. However I look inoltrare, avanti to seeing the movie, perhaps it will be a good follow up to Legend of the Sawtooth Cave.
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Hi guys, I hope you'll like it but before start to reading, I think te have already seen my advertisement on the tittle.

I Amore this club and I respect his rule. I don't want to provoct you, because I had warned you. If I have some segnala about my story, I'll cancella it. But try to understand that I'm not a pervert o just a porn fan. It's just a story of Amore and Amore mean sex at a moment, it's just a part of the life and the nature. Off course, I tried to don't use a hard vocabulary, just some feel and details. Just for that you'll be not shocked, the story take place when Runt and the other...
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