American Horror Story 'American Horror Story: Hotel' Full Cast lista Revealed; Who are te Most Excited to See?

Pick one:
Evan Peters as The Prowler
Sara Paulson as Janis Joplin
Kathy Bates as Claudia DeVeau
Finn Wittrock as Chap Newton
Lily Rabe as Annabelle Evergreen
Michelle Pfeiffer as Martina McBride
Alexander Skarsgård as Joshua Evergreen
Angela Bassett as Lolita Jones
Denis O'Hare as Leo Maxwell
Lady Gaga as Elisa Starr
Matt Bomer as Terry Castro
Tammy Blanchard as Theresa Faulkner
Frances Conroy as Maude Madelyn
Cheyenne Jackson as Thimas Seabras
Grace Gummer as Emma Lam
Wes Bentley as Father Dominic Deon
Donald Sutherland as father Abner Gates
Steven Weber as raggio, raggio, ray Ottoman
Chloë Sevigny as Lois Deon
Michael Chiklis as Dr Nelson Brackett
Christine Estabrook as Abigail White
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