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Saul_Mikoliunas posted on Apr 24, 2008 at 11:37PM
Ok one of the main reasons I watch ANTM is so that I can judge them and occasionally mock them and not feel so bad because I don't know them and I never will. Therefore that is what I am going to do right now.

Anya/Dominique/Lauren's italian? Painful. So painful to hear! I have to say I was hurting myself with laughter when I saw Dominique's commercial. I did love Katarzyna's though, how have they still not learned her name after 10 weeks? It's a little rude to be honest.

I have to say I am a little surprised that Lauren got this far, I know her pictures were great but her walk and overall she just isn't a model.

This is just me rambling on, anybody else got any thoughts on last nights episode?

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più di un anno fa Snerkie said…
i agree with you how it's rude they haven't learnt to say Katarzyna's name correctly and then on top of that Tyra got bitchy at her about it, just seemed so ignorant of her and the whole panel really.
più di un anno fa greenchoco101 said…
ka-tar-shzena? kah-tahr-zah-na? ka-tar-zay-nah?
im confused. o.O
più di un anno fa ollythedolly said…
You know that if someone mispronounced Tyra's name she would be hella mad. I have a very odd first name and I know just how annoying it can be.

About Lauren, and maybe the whole show - she was around because she has "attitude" and her pictures were awesome even though she had the same face in all. BUT we have to keep in mind that it's a show and the producers have a lot of pull. I kind of love Anya at this point. She has a very unique personality and she's very striking. Anyway, gotta love it all.
più di un anno fa greenchoco101 said…
how do u pronounce katarzyna's name? help please!
più di un anno fa Snerkie said…
ka-tah-schen-ah (or it is "tar" either way it has the "schen" part...kinda hard to do a break down of her name, lol)

Oh and i think another problem is that Tyra gets highly influenced by others opinions, lol. If someone says they sucked she has to agree, ugh. Like how she instantly said Katarzyna's ad was dull and didn't seem like that at all in the final thing, maybe a bit in the pieces, but if you don't judge her from all her takes, that's what Tyra does though.
più di un anno fa Saul_Mikoliunas said…
It's too difficult to write down how to pronounce it! Go back to the first episode when she called Out Katarzynas name and she helpls Tyra pronounce it then.
più di un anno fa prettybeachgal said…
I'm just sooooooo happy lauren wwent home!! she took good photos in the beginning but her walk?? I mean when your in the bottom SIX you have to have a decent walk!! they only kept her cuz of her "awkwardness" and in the commercial the only think Tyra commented on was how pretty she looked. she didn't mention how awful the commericial actually was! well she went home so its over and done with.

wow I was laughing out loud at Doniniques commercial! I see how she was trying to have lots of ecergy but wowwwww over board!

THe best one was def Fatima

and I think you pronounce her name
Kat ar jane ee a
with a little slur on the j
più di un anno fa stryker said…
lauren should've been sent packing ages ago but tyra always makes retarded choices. allison was really pretty but tyra sent her off cause she was a bit cocky. claire also had 10x more looks than that stupid punk rock chick lauren.

only katarzyna and fatima pronounciation came close to something that is italian. the rest should've been sent home for doing such a shocking job. unfortunately she usually only eliminates one per episode.