Amy Lee Besides Amy, the coolest female lead singer is:

Pick one:
Lacey Mosley ~ Flyleaf
Hayley Williams ~ Paramore
morgan Lander ~ Kittie
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Otep Shamaya ~ Otep
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Tarja Turunen- former nightwish frontwoman
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Sandra Nasic ~ Guano apes
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Sharon tana, tana, den adel from Within temptation( dutch Gothic rock band)
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Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne
i don&# 39; t like any of them!
i don't like any of them!
Added by evanescence_
Joan Jett
Joan Jett
Added by rockandmetal
Emilie Autumn
Simone Simons from Epica
Cristina Scabbia
Added by bandismylife
lzzy hale
lzzy hale
Added by 1loveu4eal
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