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posted by handrewuk
What's in store for Abby this series?
There's a blast from the past, which puts her boyfriend Connor's (Hannah's fiancee, Andrew-Lee Potts) nose out of joint. And those scary prehistoric creatures just keep on coming! She almost gets eaten da a pristichampus (like a crocodile) in episode one.

Now dashing Stephen (James Murray) has been killed off, who's the eye candy?
Well it's got to be my man Andrew, hasn't it?! He's definitely the show's hunk!

Of course! And you're engaged now, so do te try to keep work and home life seperate?
We don't have a rule about not talking negozio at home. I think that...
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posted by handrewuk
I just wanted to let the fan of Andrew-Lee Potts know that his and Alex Moss's director/actor site is closed until further notice.
I recieved a message on Facebook that told me the site is closed because of Andrew's busy schedule. Also because the site wasn't updated regularly enough it was a waste of money.
They all hope it will open soon...
So do I!!

Catrin x

Some work they've done:

Blood On Benefits
Little Lily

Sarah-Jane Potts, Andrew's sister is also on the website... and has appeared in Blood On Benefits.
posted by handrewuk
Andrew-Lee Potts is best known as Connor Temple in Primeval. Primeval is about holes in times called anomalies and creatures from the past and the future come through them and cause havoc.
Andrew-Lee Potts has been in shows like Taggart, Trial And Retribution and has played main characters in many films. He played Pvt. Eugene Jackson in the amazing Band Of Brothers, and played Pvt. Neumann in the film, The Bunker. (Amazing!)
He's also had appearances in the programme Fat Friends as Jonathan. Another programme Andrew-Lee Potts has a main character in is Ideal. Where he plays a rock band member called Lee. The band are called Silicone Valets.
In Primeval he plays a geek who is in Amore with his flat mate, Abby (Hannah Spearritt) and can't succeed in hiding his feeling.
Primeval is supposedly going to start on the 24th of January, but don't blame me if it's wrong! :)