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la scelta dei fan: They adore each other
They are Pals
la scelta dei fan: Adorable
la scelta dei fan: Yes
la scelta dei fan: Yes
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barbiecrystals detto …
“For me, one of the enjoyable things about having worked on the Arthur and Gwen relationship is più from an outside point of view,” says the actor. “Angel Coulby has a very infectious laugh, so if te have a scene with her, you’ll probably wind up finishing that scene with a smile on your face, which is always a nice thing.”

-Bradley James postato più di un anno fa
RosalynCabenson detto …
Happy Birthday Angel! postato più di un anno fa
DamonsLilBird commentato…
Happy baia Angel chan. Meh loves ya. più di un anno fa
camelotsherwood detto …
I am sick and tired of people bringing Angel down because of her colour. It is pathetic and immature and anyone who does not like her obviously doesn't know what it is to be humble and a wonderful person! Please stop slandering her! Why does she have to get all the flack and not one of the others get it? The slandering she gets is simply disgusting! postato più di un anno fa
Alexaa_ commentato…
Totally agree with U!!! She's a very lovely woman, and a better person than those envious ones who slanders her! She deserves so much better than that! più di un anno fa
DamonsLilBird commentato…
Thank ya mates I say its bloody hell over here. I will not understand the rambles of a flippin croacker who has nothing better to do but be a manky let downer. Angel is beautiful for I have the same flippin skin as she mates, and I am bloody proud too be black and well everything else. She is pericous ugh and I am going to meet her someday and tell her that. più di un anno fa