Buckle up Angry Birds fans! We’re about to make the jump to lightspeed. During our trip we’ll be handing out complimentary refreshments, as well as breaking down Angry Birds stella, star Wars in as much detail as possible. First things first though, take a deep breath, te must.

Yes, the wait is finally over, Angry Birds stella, star Wars is now available for iOS, PC, Mac and Android via Google Play with più platforms coming soon (okay okay, so it’s technically not over for everyone…yet)! If you’re eager to know più right away, you’re in luck. Above is our hands-on “zero-hour” first look at this amazing game above. The video isn’t super polished. Rather, it’s meant to give your first glimpse at the gameplay, episodes, characters, Mighty Millennium Falcon, and more.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the details.

The Cargo: What’s Included

This is what we all want to know. What exactly is included in this initial release? Well, in two short words: A LOT!!!

Two episodes, 80 levels: We begin our journey on Tatooine, then sposta onward to the Death Star. As a great treat, these include forty levels each!! Yes, Rovio is really beating all expectations. We also see that the successivo planet to be released is the icy world of Hoth.
Golden Explorer Droids! These are absolutely the droids te are looking for. Golden Droids are just like Golden Eggs in that finding and obtaining them unlocks a level in the episode called “Bonus”. There are five Golden Droids in the initial release, numbered D-1 thru D-5. We will be creating a guide for these very soon.
più bonus levels! Also within the “Bonus” episode, there are six levels, numbered S-1 thru S-6, which are unlocked da obtaining a certain number of stars. The first is unlocked at 10 stars, then 70, 130, 190, 250, 310. Note that these stella, star counts include levels within “Bonus”.
Path of the Jedi! takes place on Dagobah — which is where Luke Skywalker first meets the Jedi Master Yoda. Path of the Jedi is much like Danger Zone from Angry Birds Space. It contains 40 very challenging levels. It’s available as an in-app purchase for iOS and Google Play for $1.99 USD, and free for PC. (We will update as information comes in about availability on other platforms.) This is a non-sequential episode with levels numbered J-1 thru J-40. If te are not sure whether te are ready to be a Jedi, the first level is available for free.
Mighty Millennium Falcon

The Who: Meet the Characters

Who will unisciti us on our noble quest to defeat the ruthless Piglactic Porkpire?

Red Bird = Luke Skywalker
Our humble, original bird has a brand new hairdo and starts off with the same old power: Nothing. But, on level 1-9 of Tatooine, he obtains a lightsaber! At the tap of a finger, he can slice his way through blocks o redirect laser beams. Very important note! All bird abilities can be triggered during flight o shortly after impact. This is a new feature, and very useful.
Yellow Bird = Han Solo
No speed boost this time around. Instead, he wields a laser gun of his own. Similar to the Lazer bird in Space, point to where te would like Han to fire. Three quick blasts and he continues on his own parabolic path. Remember, lasers bounce off metal objects.
Blue birds = Pilots of the Rebellion
They still have their classic splitting ability, though I think they pack a bit più a punch, punzone in this app (probably due to their awesome helmets).
Black bird = Obi-Wan Kenobi
No explosion here! Instead, Obi-Wan uses the force to push nearby blocks with significant force and distance. Tap the screen to not only trigger, but also direct this ability. Think of the Lazer bird, though proximity is certainly a factor.
Big Brother bird = Chewbacca (aka “Chewie”)
Big Brother has put on some extra weight … and hair (exercising is tough in space). Chewie has no special ability besides girth and momentum, but he is extremely powerful. Notice how the whole screen shakes when he hits.
White bird = C-3PO
Our golden metallic friend will, on your command, explode. The chunks of metal will pepper the level like machine gunfire, detonating any TNT that crosses its path.
Egg = R2-D2
Beep-Boop! Fling R2 (not to be confused with our preferito Rovio developer) and tap the screen to trigger an electronic blast toward nearby pigs. The blast will typically dislodge most structures in its proximity as well.
rosa bird = Princess Leia
She does not appear as a playable character yet, but we know from teased gameplay footage that she will have some sort of trattore beam to pull nearby objects. She does appear in the cut-scenes during gameplay, however.

The How: Gameplay Tips

While some of the game mechanics of Angry Birds stella, star Wars are familiar, others take some getting used to. Below are a few tips that might help te along the way.

As we noted above, abilities can be triggered shortly after impact now. te don’t have a lot of time though, so think — and act — quickly young Jedi.
Both Luke’s lightsaber and Obi-Wan’s force push can deflect laser beams. Deflected laser beams seem to like to target galactic swine.
Use laser cannons and blasters to your advantage. Sometimes the best way to 3-star a level is to change their direction with a gentle — o not so gentle — nudge.
Han Solo’s blasters are quite powerful and can bounce off metal as well (they are lasers after all). He also continues on his current course, so it’s like getting two shots in one.
Lasers can also give your bird a boost, nudge, o roll. While not used often, it’s definitely helpful in some levels.

The Rebel: Mighty Millennium Falcon

I find it quite fitting that the most memorable ship in stella, star Wars is named after a bird. The Mighty Millennium falco, falcon is available as consumable in-app purchases. te can buy 20 for $1.99 USD, 50 for $4.99, 110 for $9.99, o 225 for $19.99. (Please do not use this spazio to criticize this feature. There are forum threads for that.) te also earn them at periodic intervals, relating to how many stars te have earned.

To summon the Mighty Millennium Falcon, tap the icona and the button will place a spazio Egg in the slingshot. Fling it toward the structure and either manually summon the target, o the target will be set automatically a few secondi after initial impact. The falco, falcon will appear and target the cross-hairs with its lasers.

Scoring is identical to the spazio Eagle in Angry Birds Space. te must have at least 1 bird in your fondina to use a spazio Egg. Leftover birds count as bonuses towards your score. It does not guarantee the popping of all pigs. Multiple Falcons can be used per level, as well as using normal birds after Falcons. There is an in-try Total Destruction meter, and reaching 100% earns a medal to pin to your lapel.

The Systems: Platform Availability, Compatibility, & Pricing

* Please be aware that this info may change at anytime.

iPhone / iPod Touch: The SD app for iOS costs $0.99 USD. It is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5 and iPod Touch 3rd/4th/5th generations. te must have iOS 4.3 o higher, and yes, it does include iPhone 5 support!
iPad: The HD app for iOS costs $2.99 USD. iOS 4.3 o higher is required.
Android (Google Play): The Android app is available via Google Play. There is an ad-supported free version for mobile devices, a $0.99 USD ad-free version for mobile, and $2.99 USD version for tablets. We are not aware of specific device compatibilities, but Android OS 2.2 o higher is required.
PC: Either head over to download.angrybirds.com for the free demo o to Rovio’s negozio to purchase the full version. It costs $4.95 USD. For compatibility requirements, see Rovio’s site.
Mac: Run to the Mac AppStore to purchase Angry Birds stella, star Wars for $4.99 USD. Mac’s version requires OS X 10.6 o higher.