Angry Birds Season Winter Wonderham Main Screen
Happy Holidays, to one and to all. Welcome the Winter and say goodbye to the Fall. Be merry and happy, whatever the reasons. But do not miss this update to Seasons!

That’s right, the Winter Wonderham update to Angry Birds Seasons (v3.1.0) is now available for iOS, PC, NOOK Color, and Android via Google Play and the amazon Appstore. più platforms will be getting the update very soon. We were the first to confermare this update, posting some GameCenter imagery about two weeks fa and exclusive Rovio-official details yesterday. This is Rovio’s third episode to celebrate the Natale and holiday season, and as is Rovio’s tradition, this episode is rolled out like an Advent Calendar!

Participate in the ABN Winter Wonderham Challenge starting each night at 7 pm PST!

This update includes:

25 new levels with one new level unlocked every giorno just like Seasons Greedings, Summer Pignic, and Wreck the Halls. See below for più details about this
Snowy winter landscape under the aurora borealis. più info about the amazing aurora borealis can be found on Wikipedia.
New ice element! Have te played the Hoth update for Angry Birds stella, star Wars yet? This is very similar, allowing blocks to slide in a near-frictionless environment.
Golden Eggs include a “Big Ornament” bonus Golden Egg level that is unlocked after 3-starring all levels. Rovio stated there are “3 secret levels to find”, so we are guessing that there may be two Golden Eggs hidden in-game. Once we find some Eggs, we will update our Complete Angry Birds Seasons Golden Eggs guide.
No power-ups! Which is a darn good thing if te ask me.
No new achievements for iOS. This is expected, since Seasons reached the GameCenter quite some time ago.
Spiffy new app icon! While the app icona for Seasons always changes to match the latest update, this change is far più extreme — and looks awesome!
Pro Tip! Flashback to Seasons Greedings! Presents are worth 3,000 points!
“Harbin” level, in honor of the Angry Birds Seasons theme park in the Ice and Snow World in Harbin, China. Keep an eye out for this level, which will land on December 4th and should be amazing. Read più in our post from yesterday, o in the full articolo with details about Rovio’s participation at