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posted by wakana
1.Otaku is the honorific word of Taku (home).

Otaku is extremely negative in meaning as it is used to refer to someone who stays at home all the time and doesn't have a life (no social life, no Amore life, etc)

Usually an otaku person has nothing better to do with their life so they pass the time da watching anime, playing videogames, surfing the internet (otaku is also used to refer to a nerd/hacker/programmer).

In the Western culture, people confuse otaku to be something positive like "Guru". If te think about it, it's not really good to be called a guru if it means te are a total loser...
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posted by alanna1000
 Saya and Haji fighting together
Saya and Haji fighting together

* referance video*

This is an great anime. It started out okay as the girl saya was normal and had a fun life. But then she finds out that she's not your regular High schooler. I liked the romance between Haji and Saya and I liked the storyline. That was well played out. Also something that i liked was the trials that she has to go through to prove that she's worth something. I also like how te see her history and how it effects her. This is a great Anime and I recommend it to people who Amore romance and action for this has a lot of both.
posted by johnnygondo
Have te ever watched a mostra for the first time and thought it sucked... and then had a change of cuore and decided to give that mostra a secondo chance? I've had that happen with me at least two times. The first was with Hetalia, and in the case of that piece of worthless dog-shit, a secondo viewing only made me domanda why that series has a fanbase even more.

The secondo mostra I gave a secondo chance was a mostra that I "fondly" remember watching as a kid (and I use the term "fondly" loosely in this case). It is a mostra that belongs to a franchise that I hold very dear.

That mostra is link.

Allow me to...
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posted by NagisaFurukawa-
 Soul Eater Not! Chibi.
Soul Eater Not! Chibi.
It is important to watch Soul Eater Not! Like wanna know how Sid became a Zombie? o how Liz and Patty meet Kid. Watch Soul Eater Not! It explains that. Not gonna spoil anything. I know it's a spin off series, but it takes place before the original SE Series. I say it is worth watching. It explains some character back story that the original series didn't explain much of. Like remember how an episode where Soul scared Maka cause of explaining how Sid died. Well.... Will just leave it to Soul Eater Not to explain back stories the original didn't explain. Also I believe it was in Episode 3 or...
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posted by StolenPride
After watching Naruto Shippuden I kinda got Lost in my other anime’s so I decided to start watching Naruto from the VERY beginning. After getting half way through the first series I drew a picture of Naruto with nothing to go off Of except for my own memory. It took me about an ora to draw... mostly because I’m really bad with hands and I definitely could have done better on the headband. Just tell me what te think and I will try to make a better one “ Believe it!!!” XD. Tell me what I can do better and what I should change with my technique. I want to do my best and get better so that I can go to an amazing art school so that people with think I’m somebody and treat me like I am, because I will be. I hope te get what I’m saying. Sorry for rambling. TTYL.
 The Original 5's.
The Original 5's.
Hi guys, I would like to write down the reasons why I Amore these 2 animes from my childhood. Ready?

Akazukin Cha Cha

This was the very first Anime that I fell in Amore with, it was like Little Red Riding cappuccio became a badass princess upon being transform into the magical princess, she looks like an ancestress of Minako Aino (aka Sailor Venus) especially in their appearance!
The story is very interesting as it follows Cha Cha who is an ordinary witch and to find her parents, rulers of the land and that she is actually princess. It is a very touching Anime especially with the Musica itself!

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posted by KawaiiMiki21
Welcome to my RP! It's a freestyle Roleplay! Make as many characters as te want to! So yeah! The rules are Important.
Here are the rules
Rules: No Sex o that nasty stuff. Be nice to people, No Swearing and that kind of stuff

Here is my character!
Name: Lilly Blossom
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Looks: Brown hair and Green eyes, Dressed in a white dress and leggings with knee high boots,
Likes: Girly things, Food, Electronics, Reading
Dislikes: Tea, Rude people, Homework
 Alice (In Full Armor)
Alice (In Full Armor)
Theres going to be a 3rd season coming out early successivo year!

The new main characters are Alice (girl) and Eugeo (guy).

The enitials = UWO

I hope it's good!

They also detto they might even make a season 4!

Let's all keep updated in this!
 Eugeo (In Full Armor)
Eugeo (In Full Armor)

So anyways, Wanta and I had a bet (which I knew I would lose) and I Lost so now I have to make a superiore, in alto 10 lista of disliked characters. The issue is I don’t remember characters I don’t like and even then, its rare for me to TRULY dislike characters so please do not take any of the characters on this lista all that seriously. Also, since I don’t tend to remember information on characters I don’t like, most of my reasoning will be short and sound dumb.

Also I tried to avoid clichés like Sakura and Orihime even if they are insanely annoying....
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Well, this one has been on the chopping block for a while, and, since its October, and since this Anime is kind of a horror Anime (Thought, that's debatable) I think now is the best time to talk about the anime, Highschool of the Dead.
Now, this is the first Anime that has zombies in it. Now, I Amore anything with zombies, from games, like Left 4 Dead, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, and Dead Rising, Film like Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, and Land of the Dead, and Televisione shows like The Walking Dead........ Okay, so thats the only mostra I know that has zombies in it. But, when I heard there...
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posted by SymmetricalKid8
Summary: Karin is an I vampire that attends a regular school. What happens when 2 students from the DWMA (Death Weapon Mister Academy) are set to Giappone to investigate and attend the school for the time being? What if Karin thinks the transfer students are vampires?
Karin's POV
I'm of to school! I screamed not like anyone would answer.
On my way I bumped in to Usui as usuall. Something unusual was that I also bumped in to Maki. Did te hear the news? She asked. What news? I asked.We're getting a new student! Actually 2 new students!...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 1: lupo and Cool Style!

*Redwood Forest, Near San Fransisco, 1997*

Wolves: *playing with each other*

Winona: *tending to her newborn cubs, Sakura, a tan female wolf, and Kyoko, a white female wolf*

Geronimo: I have never been più happy in my life.

Winona: *hears something making noise near the river*

Geronimo: Whats wrong Winona?

Winona: I hear crying...

Geronimo: I will go check it out! te stay here with our pups! *runs to the river*

*In the river, Geronimo sees a golden basket with a symbol with the sun goddess Amatersu, and there is a male Human baby in it, but the baby has lupo ears and...
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posted by abhimanyu0003
East, in this context, resembles the Japanimation o Anime for short while the west... I don’t know, cartoon maybe. In the East, we have improper but interesting manuscripts: in the form of “manga” and their final projection, another fine specimen of art, being anime. While we have a method to pick out unfit story for final publishing in the East as the manga system, we have nothing in the Western side. In this side, we have to come up with a good story, add proper proportion of action, drama, and romance if needed, and make it a full-fledged animazione show. As compared to East, West...
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posted by usuitakumi77

(Kaichō wa Maid-sama!)
Genre Romantic comedy
Written da Hiro Fujiwara
Published da Hakusensha
English publisher Tokyopop
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine LaLa
Original run December 2005 – ongoing
Volumes 14
TV Anime
Directed da Hiroaki Sakurai
Studio J.C.Staff
Licensed da Sentai Filmworks
Network TBS, BS-TBS, Animax Asia, Seven Network
English network Anime Network, Animax Asia, Seven Network
Original run April 1, 2010 – September 23, 2010
Episodes 26 (List of episodes)
posted by rosethorn
 this is the only thing i could find that looked like thorn
this is the only thing i could find that looked like thorn
When she opened her eyes she saw più than befor now the place seemed lighter like there had only been one light on in a class room then another one comes on somethings become più clear and others harder to see. Now that she looked up she saw that she was in a cave, 'well this is new' she said. 'My my glad your up da the way my names Chuck,' the man said. 'I'm...' now that she tought about it she couldn't rember who she was 'I don't rember.' 'pitty te can't rember so now no one will be able to rember,' Chuck said. 'What do te mean' she asked but before Chuck could answer a new voice called...
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posted by LunaShay
May 1, 1995 Jackie Gudelhian (Cyber Formula)
May 1, 761 UC Alex Caselnes (Legend of Galactic Heroes)
May 1 Nana Minagawa (Kakyuusei)
May 1 Chouji Akamichi (Naruto)
May 1 Kouichi Mizuno (Tonde Buurin)
May 1 Subaru (Fushigi Yuugi)
May 1 maxi (Soul Calibur)
May 2, 1754 Andre (Rose of Versailles)
May 2, 1986 Jun/Swan Jun (Gatchaman)
May 2 Airs Blue (Mugen no Ryvius)
May 2 Rail claymore (Lost Universe)
May 2 Mizuki Ashiya (Hanazakari no Kimitachi E)
May 2 Roy Bromwell (Rival Schools 2)
May 2, 1968 Hikaru Midorikawa (voice actor) Heero (Gundam W), Tamahome (Fushigi Yuugi), Zelgadis (Slayers),...
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So in this lista I'll be giving my preferito romances where they try to focus as much as they can on the actual connection between two people over everything else they probably have going on in the Anime To further clarify I do need to say that these are my preferiti not the "best" overall, and I am mostly judging on how the actual romance aspect appealed to me.

and I'm also including some Anime suggestions with each Anime in case te already watched it o are just anime-hunting at the moment

{Number 12} Kimi Ni Todoke

There's a charm to how innocent this Anime is. It has a simple style...
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 Son Goku
Son Goku
Since I am feeling very lazy at this point I will write one long articolo instead of Scrivere two shorter ones so I hope that someone has the energy to actually read the whole thing.

To clearify I am not simply going to use "The" main character I will use anyone that can be concidered a Protaganist so if I use a character from "Dragonball" that doesn't mean I have to use Goku, in other words I will use my preferito out of the main cast of each series.


I think I will start with the Heroes so here is my superiore, in alto 10 preferito Male protaganists in animé.

 Ash Ketchum
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Sometimes we don't need something dark and gritty o overly shounenesque power ups to take down big bads o for original and groundbreaking material to astound us, sometimes we want something to relax, love, o laugh to, so here are some slice of life, romance, and comedy Anime that te may have overlooked.

Ikoku meiro no croisee

This Anime centers around a sweet little japanese girl named Yune moving to France to work in a sign making negozio struggling to survive with less demand for the craft and the competition of a market threatening to put out businesses like it. The Anime likes to deal...
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