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 Blue Haired Anime Characters
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The 1st is!
Excellen Browning (エクセレン • ブロウニング)
Origin: Super Robot Taisen Compact 2 (Impact)
Age 23. ATX-team member, code name Assault 2, ranking 2nd Lt. (少尉). Pilot of PTX-007-03C Weißritter (ヴァイスリッター).

A purely fun loving entertainer it's Excellen's habit to tease younger and thus less experienced crew-members, especially Bullet, on private matters like relationships, always speaking in an unserious cutey-girly manner. She's always first to add weird nicknames on others and intentionally mistakes idioms for some daily slapstick. Though mostrare this...
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I decided to just write an articolo with some of my preferito Anime o anime-like artwork. Not in any order. I will probably do più of these kinds of articles.

1. Sailor Moon Wallpaper
 Serena (Usagi) and Darien (Mamoru)
Serena (Usagi) and Darien (Mamoru)

I don't know who drew it, but this image is just stunning. Serena is so beautiful and their baciare looks so sweet.

2. Moonlight Lady Wallpaper
 Moonlight Lady
Moonlight Lady

I think she is one of the most beautiful Anime characters ever. This wallpaper is breathtaking. Actually had it has my computer's screen saver for a while.

3. Sparkle Sparkle da Zoe Productions
 Humanized Twilight Sparkle
Humanized Twilight...
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