Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see.


The cerchio comes from the right followed da Wind's name. When they stop, a lightning bolt appears in the circle.


SeanTheHedgehog & WindWakerGuy430 Present

Men: *Racing hot rods*

Six Shooters 2

Men: *Racing in other hot rods*

Starring SeanTheHedgehog as Alan Martinez
WindWakerGuy430 as Harry Penn
Ashleigh Ball as Camryn Jones
Kristen campana, bell as Amy Penn
John Pankow as Captain Ford

Also Starring

Mark Salling as Frank Sullivan
Scott Caan as Alec Baker
Joseph May as Tommy Ten
Mark Wahlberg as Wade Harvey
Jess Harnell as Biff Frederickson
Jamie Foxx as Henry Cahill
Cody McMains as Scott Elroy
Charley Atwell as Hilary McKinnon
Bianca Beauchamp as Emily Masterson
Bri Burke as Casey Penn

The song fades away as Alan, and Harry drive down a strada, via in Alan's brand new Corvette in blue.

Cape May, 1965

Alan: 1965 is a pretty shitty year, huh Harry?
Harry: What makes te say that?
Alan: Music, and cars are starting to turn into crap, and don't even get me started with Lyndon Johnson. *Turns right*
Harry: What the hell are te talking about?
Alan: Vietnam. What the hell are we sending our soldiers over there for? What did they ever do to us? I'll tell te something right now, if I ever get drafted into the army, and they send me to fight in Vietnam, I'm gonna shoot myself.
Harry: Whatever te say Alan. And if cars are turning into crap, why did te buy a brand new Corvette?
Alan: Because it doesn't look anything like your Cadillac. *Laughs*
Harry: *Looks out the window* Uh-huh. Sure Alan.

Hilary was walking along the beach, wearing a rosa bikini. A 1955 Chevy was on the road successivo to her, moving slowly.

Man 54: What's with that guy in the black car?
Man 69: *Looks at Hilary* Miss? I think someone's stalking you.
Hilary: Stalking me? *Looks at the driver of the Chevy*

She only saw a brief glimpse of the driver, before he pulled out a gun, and shot her twice. The first bullet hit her head, and the secondo went into her right breast. The car took off, leaving some smoke as it took off at high speed.

Alan: *In his car with Harry* Nothing's happening. Let's get some hot dogs.
Dispatch: Attention all units, citizens segnala of a murder on the boardwalk. Victim is across the strada, via from the Montreal spiaggia Resort. Suspect is driving a black 1955 Chevrolet, last seen northbound on Madison Avenue.
Unit 53: Dispatch, we're on Madison, we'll try to find the suspect's car.
Alan: Let's check the victim.
Harry: Bravo 1 to dispatch, we're going to check out the crime scene.

When they got there, Alan came to a screeching stop, parking his car right in front of the resort.

Alan: *Walks out of the car with Harry* It's vacant now. It should be easy for us to find the body.

Walking onto the boardwalk, they found it.

Harry: It's a female.
Alan: With looks like that, who would want to kill her?
Harry: I'll call it in.
Alan: *Looks at her, then looks at Harry going to his car*

Two minuti later, più police officers arrived with an ambulance.

Alan: *Takes her picture*
Captain Ford: Take the picture back to the station, and have it developed.
Alan: Yes sir.
Scott: *Arrives*
Harry: And here comes the new guy.
Alan: What'd te find Scott?
Scott: Nothing. Nobody here knows her.
Alan: Once we get the picture ready, I'll start asking people about her.
Harry: What am I going to do while te get that foto developed?
Alan: I don't know. Go home, patrol the streets-
Captain Ford: Take your lunch break.
Alan: That too. Let's go Harry.

Harry was driving Alan's Corvette, and dropped him off at the police station.

Alan: So you'll be cleaning the basement?
Harry: Yeah. Amy wanted me to get to that sometime soon, and I thought now would be a good time.
Alan: I'll give te a call when I'm done.
Harry: Okay.
Alan: *Gets out, and watches Harry drive away in his car*

Scott was at Sunset Beach, he wanted to go there for his lunch break, when he saw six hot rods, one of them being the black Chevrolet.

Scott: Hmm.. *Parks his car behind the hot rods*
Frank: Wade, wanna do us a favor?
Wade: Sure. What?
Frank: I want te to- *Spots Scott walking towards the hot rods* Go see what he wants.
Wade: On it. *Walks outside*
Scott: *Looks at the blue '57 Chevy, successivo to the red '46 Chevy*
Wade: *Gets closer to Scott* Excuse me.
Scott: Yes?
Wade: You're looking at my car. Can I help you?
Scott: *Takes out his badge* I'm with State Police. Did te know a woman was murdered on the boardwalk today?
Wade: I did not. How did it happen?
Scott: Somebody driving a black '55 Bel Air drove up to her, and shot her.
Wade: What a shame. te think I'd know who he is, because of my hot rod?
Scott: Do te know the others that own those cars parked successivo to yours?
Wade: I wish I could say yes, but alas, I don't.
Scott: Okay. Thanks for your time. *Walks over to the hot dog stand*

Wade walked back to where he was before.

Later, Harry parked Alan's Corvette in his driveway, and got out, walking back into the house. His wife was also there.

Harry: *Walks into the kitchen* Hi honey.
Amy: Hello Harry. *Kisses him* I was making myself a sandwich. te want one?
Harry: Sure. I got a 30 minuto break, so I thought I'd come here to clean the basement.
Amy: Excellent.
Harry: *Walks to the basement*
Amy: *Continues making the sandwich*

The blue '57 Chevy Scott was looking at earlier, was being driven in front of Harry's house. The driver got out, and walked to the house.

Harry: *Looks at his TV set on the table, and dusts it* If only we had enough room for this thing to be in the living room. Instead, we got my wife's plants.
Wade: *Walking downstairs*
Harry: *Hears the footsteps* Honey, is that you?
Wade: *Makes it downstairs, pulling out a silenced Walther PPK*
Harry: *Sees Wade* Hey!! *Punches him, and dives on him, trying to pull the gun away from him*
Wade: *Hits him, and stands up*
Harry: *Wrestling with Wade, trying to get the gun out of his grasp*
Wade: *Has the gun go down, and shoots the cable from a power strip*
Harry: What the hell are te doing here?!
Wade: What's it look like shit head?! *Punches Harry*
Harry: *Grabs the gun, making it point up as he falls down*
Wade: *Shoots a water pipe*

Wade was now getting soaked in water.

Harry: *Runs to the cable that was shot. Grabbing the end that's still plugged in, he touches Wade with it, electrocuting him*
Wade: *Falls down, and dies*
Harry: *Drops the wire* Good thing for the rubber surrounding that wire. Otherwise I'd be dead too. *Walks upstairs*

Alan was still getting the foto developed.

Harry: *Quickly walks in, and closes the door*
Alan: *Turns around* Harry?
Harry: Yes, it's me.
Alan: I thought te were cleaning the basement in the house.
Harry: Something came up. A man tried to kill me.
Alan: Okay, what did he look like?
Harry: He's dead.
Alan: That's great, but what did he look like?
Harry: Kind of like you, only he has più facial hair, and he doesn't wear glasses. That, and his hair is shorter.
Alan: Did te contact anyone else about this?
Harry: I was just going into the dispatcher's room to tell her.
Alan: Okay. Make sure te get out as quickly as te come in. Any light from outside this room will ruin the picture.
Harry: Why can't the picture instantly be developed like in those Polaroids? *Quickly walks out of the room*

Back on spiaggia Avenue, we meet another girl. Emily Masterson, driving her Chrysler 300 down spiaggia Avenue. The '55 Chevy was following her.

Emily: *Stops at a red light*
???: *Stops successivo to her in the '55 Chevy* Excuse me.
Emily: *Stares at the man in the '55 Chevy*
???: Would te like to come to my place, and make out?
Emily: No thank you. I have a boyfriend.
???: What does he do for a living?
Emily: None of your business. Go find another girl to suck your dick.
???: *Pulls out a gun, and shoots her five times*

Once she died, the man drove away.

The foto was finished being developed, and Harry was back with Alan in his Corvette.

Alan: Where are we meeting the Captain?
Harry: The miniature golf course. He's playing a round with his grand son.
Dispatch: Citizen's segnala a murder on spiaggia Avenue in front of Stockton Mini Golf.
Alan: Oh good, we can meet up with the Captain sooner.
Harry: Not that one. He's playing at the one on Jackson Street.

It didn't take long for Harry, and Alan to reach Emily's corpse, still inside her car as it should be.

Alan: We need to sposta this out of the way.
Harry: Put off the brakes, and let's get it on the right side.
Scott: *Arrives, parking behind Alan's Corvette. He walks up to them* Can I help te two?
Harry: Yeah, help us control traffic.
Alan: Once we get this car onto the side here, we'll call a tow truck, and the Captain.


Frank: *Pulls up in his Bel Air. He's also with Alec, Tommy, and Henry*
Scott: *Sees Frank*
Frank: Hey. What happened here?
Scott: Murder. We're investigating the crime scene.
Frank: Do te know a Wade Harvey?
Scott: I spoke to him earlier at Sunset Beach. What about him?
Frank: He was murdered too. We'd like te to investigate that.
Scott: Okay. te four have a good day.
Frank: te too officer. *Drives away* That cop was looking at our cars earlier.
Alec: te think he found out about it?
Frank: No. Otherwise, he'd be coming for the big man.

Back at Alan, Harry, and Scott.

Alan: Okay, we finished moving the car out of the way. What were te talking about with that guy?
Scott: A man named Wade Harvey was killed.
Harry: Scott, I killed him. He was trying to kill me. Didn't explain why though.
Alan: Okay Scott, where did te see those cars?
Scott: Sunset Beach.
Alan: Do te think they'll be there again?
Scott: Possibly.
Alan: Let's investigate that tomorrow, after we finish up with this investigation.

Today was another typical sunny giorno in Cape May. Camryn was in her swim suit walking to the beach.

Man 83: *Driving a green Mustang*
Camryn: *Sees a bird land on superiore, in alto of a yellow Cadillac. She stops, and smiles at the bird*
Man 83: *Stops behind the Cadillac*
Man 81: Wait here. This won't take long. *Gets out of the car*
Camryn: *Turns around, and sees the man* Hi.
Man 81: *Pulls out a .38, and fires one bullet at Camryn*
Camryn: *Looks at the bullet in her chest, and slowly backs away*
Man 81: *Shoots her five più times*
Camryn: *Dead*
Man 81: *Gets back in the Mustang*
Man 83: *Drives away*
Alan: *Wakes up in his bed, successivo to Camryn*

He realized it was just a nightmare, and went to sleep.

successivo morning, Harry arrived at the hotel Alan was in.

Alan: *On his patio* Hello Harry.
Harry: Why am I not surprised that you're still living in this hotel?
Alan: Because of Camryn. What's up?
Harry: Time for te to meet my cousin.
Alan: What about our investigation with Scott?
Harry: I told him we'd meet up with him at The aragosta House. My cousin's coming here da boat.


The aragosta House. A fine place for people to eat seafood while watching boats pass by, o dock near them while they're eating.

Alan: *Sitting at a tavolo with Scott, and Harry*
Casey: *Driving her barca towards a dock*
Harry: Well te two, what do te think?
Scott: Is she single?
Harry: Nope.
Scott: Damn.
Alan: Doesn't bother me. I already got a girl. Hotter than your cousin Harry. No offense.
Harry: Uh, yeah...none taken.

The song fades away as Casey walks up towards them.

Harry: Casey! *Hugs her*
Casey: Hi Harry. *Grabs Harry's butt*
Alan: *Stunned* Some cousin.
Scott: You've never seen family members hug before?
Alan: Not like that.
Casey: *Walks over to Alan* I got something better for you. *Puts her hand between Alan's legs*
Alan: *Sweating, and blushing. Clearly not comfortable with what's going on*
Casey: Nice. I want it inside my pussy tonight.
Alan: Do that with Scott.
Scott: What?
Casey: Why?
Alan: I already have a girlfriend thank te very much, and Harry says te also have someone dating you.
Casey: Harry's lying. I want te to make out with me.
Harry: What? te broke up with him again?
Casey: He was killed in a car accident, thank te very much.
Harry: Alan's already dating someone Casey. te can't just walk around, asking men to have sex.
Casey: Why not? Scott already has a hard on.
Harry: te do?
Scott: *Gives Harry a confused look* Yeah. Wouldn't te do the same if te were in my shoes?
Harry: Listen Casey, we actually have some work to do. Let me take te to my house, get te settled in, and we'll be back later.
Casey: Nah, te three go ahead. I'll take a cab to your house.
Harry: te remember where it is?
Casey: Of course. Why would I forget where my cousin lives?
Harry: Okay. See te later then.

Alan, and Harry were followed da Scott in his Impala as they drove Alan's Corvette to Sunset Beach.

Alan: There are the hot rods he was talking about. One of them is the black Chevy.

They parked their cars behind the hot rods.

Alan: Scott, stay in your car. Me, and Harry will look around.
Scott: Sure.
Alan: *Gets out with Harry*
Harry: *Looks to the right*
Alan: te check over there, I'll go inside the store to the left.
Harry: *Walks to the right*
Alan: *Goes to the store*
Harry: *Looks at the people at the hot dog stand* Excuse me, do any of te own that black '55 Chevy?
Man 13: No, but I own a black '56.
Others: *Laugh*
Harry: Thanks for your cooperation. *Walks to a guy selling surfboards*

Inside the shop.

Alan: *Looks around, and sees Frank, walking towards him* Hi.
Frank: Hello.
Alan: Weren't te that guy talking to my friend Scott yesterday?
Frank: Yes I was. Did te find those guys that murdered the girl?
Alan: No, but we're working on it.
Frank: What about the man who killed Wade Harvey?
Alan: It turns out he was trying to kill a police officer. Do te know anybody that drives a black '55 Chevy?
Frank: He's out back. I'll take te to him.
Alan: Thank you. *Follows Frank*

They went outside. Tommy, Alec, and Henry were sitting with a man called Biff Frederickson.

Biff: Frank, what is it?
Frank: This man is looking for you.
Alan: Do te drive a black '55 Bel Air?
Biff: Yes I do.
Alan: We've been looking for a man who was driving that car, he killed two women.
Biff: Is that so?
Alan: Yes, it is so.
Biff: te think it was me?
Alan: Was it you?
Biff: No.
Alan: Where were te yesterday morning at 10:49?
Biff: Here with these guys. My car was stolen, we were trying to find it.
Alan: Did te see who ha rubato, stola your car?
Biff: Nope. If I did, I'd be coming to you.
Alan: Fair enough. Thank te for your time. *Walks away*

Scott was still waiting in his car, and Harry was standing successivo to Alan's Corvette.

Alan: Hey. *Gets into his car*
Harry: *Sits down successivo to him* Find anything?
Alan: Biff Frederickson. He might be the guy we're looking for.

But back where Biff, and his Friends were.

Henry: Today was a bad giorno to wear your preferito giacca man, he saw your name.
Biff: It won't be any use to him. Once we're finished.
Tommy: Who's our successivo target?
Biff: Frank?
Frank: The man that killed Wade Harvey has a wife. Let's take her to the others.
Alec: What about that guy we saw yesterday, with the black Impala?
Frank: I'll take care of him personally. te just deal with that girl.
Alec: Yes sir.

Amy borrowed Harry's Cadillac to go to the store for groceries. When she parked the car in the driveway, a Checker taxi arrived.

Casey: I think that blowjob I gave te should cover this trip.
Taxi Driver: And four more. Thanks.
Casey: Thank te too. *Steps out of the cab, and sees Amy* Hi. te must be Harry's wife.
Amy: And te must be Harry's cousin. He detto you'd be coming to visit for a few days.
Casey: Of course. My cousin is important to me.
Amy: Would te like help getting settled in?
Casey: No thank you. *Carries two bags into the house*
Amy: *Carries a bag of groceries*

Meanwhile at the police station.

Harry: *Walks into Captain Ford's office with Alan, and Scott* Captain?
Captain Ford: What can I do for te three?
Alan: There's someone we think that's responsible for the two murders yesterday.
Scott: Biff Frederickson.
Harry: We got a file on him?
Captain Ford: *Opens a drawer, and looks through a bunch of folders, from A to Z. He opens the F file, and finds Biff Frederickson's file* Yes. *Puts his file on the desk* He's 53, killed 72 people, ha rubato, stola 5 cars, and hasn't even been to jail once. We tried getting a stakeout team to nail him four years ago, but it was unsuccessful. Since then, we hadn't heard anything from Biff. te think it's him that killed those two ladies yesterday?
Alan: He did say he has a black '55 Chevy.
Scott: We saw it at Sunset Beach.
Captain Ford: Okay.
Alan: And he's not alone. I went into a store, and he was there with four others.
Captain Ford: What store?
Alan: The sunset spiaggia giftshop.
Captain Ford: Okay. We'll get a cerca warrant tomorrow, and arrest him, and his gang. It's possible that Biff, o one of his goons owns the shop. te guys are done for the day. Come in tomorrow at 8.
Alan: Yes sir. *Leaves with Scott, and Harry*

Frank, and Biff showed up in their cars, followed da Alec in his car.

Biff: *Gets out of his car* Tommy, stay with Frank in his car. The three of us will get them.
Alec: *Gets out of his car with Henry*
Biff: *Knocks the door down*
Amy: *Comes out of the kitchen, and sees Biff* AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!
Casey: *Coming from upstairs* Amy?
Biff: *Holding Amy, pointing a gun at her head* You're coming with me!
Casey: Hey!! Leave her alone!!!
Alec & Henry: *Pointing their pistole at Casey*
Henry: Stay there.
Alec: You're coming to Wildwood with us.
Casey: Wildwood?
Alec: You're gonna be a sex slave there.
Casey: Why didn't te say so? Let's go.
Henry: te actually wanna go?
Casey: Yeah. *Walks towards them* I'd feel great if te two fucked me first.
Alec: Alright, get in the car.
Biff: *Leads Amy to a black '55 Chevy*
Amy: *Sees the car* You're the one that killed those women yesterday!
Biff: Smart lady. Get inside. *Pushes Amy into the car*

Soon, the five men left in their cars. They went to Wildwood, north of Cape May.

A few minuti later, Alan arrived with Scott, and Harry at his house.

Harry: *Walks into his house with Scott, and Alan behind him* Oh yeah, like I'm gonna let te win successivo time.
Alan: Amy, Casey, we're here.
Scott: Strange, with the noise we're making they should have detto something da now.
Harry: Amy?! Casey?!
Alan: I don't like this.
Harry: I don't either. Scott, what do te think?
Scott: If it was him, we need to tell Captain Ford now.
Alan: He's asleep. We can't call him until tomorrow.
Harry: He doesn't wake up for anything, until it's 7 in the morning.
Alan: We have to wait until tomorrow morning, when we get to the station.

successivo day, they talked to Captain Ford.

Harry: te better have that cerca warrant ready, because my wife, and cousin were kidnapped yesterday.
Captain Ford: The warrant, and everyone is ready.
Alan: Good. Let's get those bastards.

Alan, and Harry were together in the Corvette, followed da Scott in his Impala with another officer, and two police cars, each carrying three più officers.

Alan: We have a plan to attack these guys?
Harry: Who needs a plan? Just find them, arrest them, and that's it.
Alan: What if they start shooting at us?
Harry: Then we throw the warrant away, and kill them.
Alan: And te think I have a problem killing people.

They were getting close, but they were spotted.

Frank: *Looking through the 2nd story window*
Biff: *Walks over to Frank* What is it?
Frank: *Points out the window*
Biff: Shit! Get rid of them!
Frank: *Runs downstairs*
Alan: *Parks his car in front of the store*
Others: *Park behind Alan's Corvette*

The ten officers walked together to the front door.

Harry: *Sweating*
Alan: What are te nervous about?
Harry: I just hope they don't try to shoot at us.
Alan: You're the one that detto we should kill them.
Harry: I did? When?
Alan: *Rolls his eyes, and knocks on the door*

There was a pause, until Alan heard a click.

Alan: Get back!! *Runs to the right*

A shotgun blast took the door down.

Alan: Scott, take three officers with te to the back!
Scott: Let's go. *Runs to the back with three officers*
Henry: Alec, Tommy, cover the back!
Alec & Tommy: *Carrying Grease pistole as they go to the back*
Scott: On three!
Alec & Tommy: *Kick open the door, and shoot Scott, and the officers*
Alec: Three.
Alan: Okay, should be sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza now. Harry, open the door.
Harry: *Slowly goes to the door, and opens it*
Henry: *Shoots Harry*
Alec & Tommy: *Shooting the officers behind Alan*
Alan: Oh shit!
Alec: *Shoots Alan's gun out of his hands*
Tommy: Come with us asshole. *Moves Alan to Alec's car*
Harry: *Watches Alec, and Tommy take Alan away*
Alec: *Looks back at Harry* What about that other guy over there?
Tommy: Let him bleed to death.
Alan: *Gets in Alec's car*

Tommy sat successivo to Alec, as he drove away from Sunset Beach.

Camryn was walking to the beach, wearing a yellow bikini.

Alec: *On spiaggia Avenue, turns left onto Pittsburgh Avenue*
Tommy: You've been dating a lady that owns an inn on this street. Where is she?
Alan: te detto her inn was on this street, so you're heading in the right direction.
Alec: She's not anywhere else in this town, she's on this street?
Alan: How the hell am I supposed to know?!
Camryn: *Sees Alan in Alec's car* Alan?
Tommy: *Sees Camryn looking at them* How about that girl in the bikini?
Alec: *Turns around, and drives towards her*
Camryn: *Sees them driving towards her*
Alan: *Lowers his head, closing his eyes*
Alec: *Stops successivo to Camryn*
Camryn: Hi, are te friend's of Alan?
Tommy: Get in!! *Pulls Camryn into the car, and makes her sit successivo to Alan*
Alec: *Drives away*
Camryn: Okay, you're not Friends of Alan.
Alan: What are te going to do to us?
Alec: First, we're gonna take te to South Cape May Meadows to have te killed. Then, your girlfriend is heading over to Wildwood to unisciti the rest of the girls our boss kidnapped, to become one of our sex slaves.
Camryn: A sex slave? The only man that gets to have sex with me is this guy. *Hugs Alan* I hope te have a plan to get us out of here.

Harry was in a hospital. Captain Ford came to see him.

Harry: *Wakes up, and sees Captain Ford*
Captain Ford: Are te okay?
Harry: Yeah, but what about the others?
Captain Ford: Scott, and the others are dead. We don't know about Alan though.
Harry: He's probably still alive. We have to find him.

Song (Start at 0:11):

It's now night time.

Biff: *Standing successivo to his car, waiting with Henry, and Frank, standing successivo to their cars*
Alec: *Arrives, stopping successivo to Henry's car*
Tommy: Okay, out!
Alan: *Walks out of the car with Camryn*

Stop the song

Alec: Henry, te still have this red '46?
Henry: te bet. Wanted one ever since they first came out. I ain't giving it up for nothing.
Biff: Good. Then te can use it to transport this whore to Wildwood.
Alan: *Looking at Tommy, pushing Camryn towards Henry*
Henry: *Pointing a gun at Camryn* Don't move, and you'll live long enough to get laid da dozens of men. *Gets her into his car, and drives away*
Biff: As for te Mr. Martinez, we got something for you. Alec, Franklin, the ropes.
Alec & Franklin: *Go to their cars to get ropes*
Tommy: When was the last time te did some stretches Alan?
Alan: If te kill me, the state police will be all over the place. te can't get rid of us that easily.
Biff: Tell that to your friend Scott.
Franklin & Alec: *Have the ropes tied on the front of their cars*
Biff: Good. Now tie the other end of your ropes onto his legs.
Alan: If te can catch them.

Song (Start at 0:37):

Alan: *Grabs Biff's gun, and shoots him*
Franklin & Alec: *Grab their guns*
Alan: *Shoots them out of their hands*
Tommy: *Grabs his gun*
Alan: *Shoots it out of his hands, and grabs the keys to Biff's car*
Alec: Tommy, come with me! *Goes to his car with Tommy*
Alan: *Starts Biff's car, and drives away, turning right*
Alec: *Chases Alan*
Franklin: *In his car, also chases Alan*
Alan: Wildwood, here I come. *Watching Alec, and Franklin chase him* Biff, te better have a good set of wheels here.

Stop the song

Alec, and Frank's chase against Alan begins on Sunset Boulevard. Going back into Cape May, they pass Pacific Avenue.

Alan: *Passes another intersection*
Cadillac Man 99: *Stops, honking his horn*
Tommy: We got anymore pistole that weren't shot?
Alec: Under the back seat.
Tommy: *Finds two pistols, giving one to Alec, he opens his window*
Alan: *Drifting to the right*
Frank: *Getting close to Alan*
Alan: *Looking to his left, trying to find a non crowded strada, via to drift on* Found it. *Drifts left*
Frank: *Turns left*
Alec: *Gets blocked off da a Mercury, and goes forward*
Alan: *Passes two più intersections*
Frank: *Looks behind him, still following Alan* Where the hell are the other two?
Alec: *Driving on spiaggia Avenue*
Tommy: Face it, we Lost them.
Alec: Did we? *Turns left on Pittsburgh Avenue* Wait a few seconds.

They both saw the chase, and Alec accelerated quickly.

Frank: *Looks back at Alec* Where did he go off to?
Alan: *Passes the entrance to a Coast Guard base*
Frank & Alec: *See the base as they continue to follow Alan*
Alec: Good thing we're not using boats, otherwise they would be chasing us.
Alan: *Honks twice as he passes a station wagon, then turns right, heading for the Garden State Parkway*

The three cars left Cape May as they went over a bridge crossing Cape Island Creek. They immediately crossed another bridge going over a body of water just before entering the Garden State Parkway.

Alan: *Passing a Station Wagon*
Tommy: If only we were closer.
Alec: Don't be a wise ass, I'm getting as close to the bastard as I can.
Frank: *Moving to the right side of Alan, getting closer to him*
Alan: *Looks at Frank*
Frank: *Hits Alan*
Alan: Feeling's mutual. *Hits him back*

Both cars kept hitting each other, and Alec was getting closer to them.

Alec: Now.
Alan: *Looks back, and brakes*
Tommy: *The force of the impact makes him drop his gun out the window*
Alec: te gotta be fucking kidding me. *Gives Tommy his gun* If te lose this, I'll be the angriest man in the world.
Tommy: Relax I won't.
Alan: *Gets on the exit for Wildwood*
Frank: *Behind him*
Alec: *Behind Frank*
Alan: *Turns right*
Frank: *As he gets on the road for Wildwood, he smashes a Chrysler, making it go off the road*
Alec: *Watching Frank chase Alan, and stays behind him*
Alan: *Holding Biff's gun with his left hand* It's time to put this to good use. *Holds it out the window, pointing it at Frank. He shoots his head*
Frank: *His corpse makes the car go left, crossing a row of grass, and going onto the other side of the road*
Alec: *Watches Frank car get hit da a Plymouth*
Tommy: He's got two bullets left. *Sticks his gun out the window*
Alan: *Shoots Tommy's gun out of his hand*
Alec: And we have none.
Alan: I need te bastards alive. *Stops the car*
Alec: *Brakes, hitting Alan's car, and goes airborne. He slides his car to the left immediately after getting back on the ground*
Alan: *Gets out of the car, and walks towards Alec*
Tommy: Idiot. He's out of the car.
Alec: That gives us the advantage.
Alan: *Points it gun at Alec* Don't do it!
Alec: *Looking at Alan* te have one bullet left!
Alan: One's all I need to blow your brains out. da the time Tommy pushes te out of that car to get in your seat, I'll be gone. te can't win.
Alec: Fine. What do te want?
Alan: Take me to Camryn, and the other women te have here. They're going back to Cape May.

With Alan sitting in the back of his car, Alec drove to a white building on the boardwalk.

Alec: Here te are.
Alan: Thanks. What would te do if I decided to let te go?
Tommy: You're letting us go?
Alan: Yeah. Your organization is finished, there's nothing left for te two. Restart your lives, do some good for once. *Walks out of the car* I'm giving te a chance, but if te double attraversare, croce me, I'll have più bullets to fuoco at you. *Goes inside the building*
Alec: *Drives away*

Inside the building, Alan looked around. He saw three shotguns mounted on the bacheca successivo to each other.

Alan: *Takes a shotgun, and sixteen shells* They must do a lot of killing here. *Sees a flight of stairs, and walks towards it*

In a room upstairs.

Amy: I won't do it.
Man 627: te will!
Amy: I won't! I won't give anymore blowjobs!
Casey: Why not? These cocks are delicious. *Sucking a man's cock, and swallows cum, enjoying it's taste*
Amy: You're a disgrace to women everywhere.
Man 853: *Walks into the room from a balcony* Look who I found trying to escape. *Pushes Camryn into the room*
Man 627: *Picks up Camryn* You. The sexiest girl we got here, and you're causing più trouble than anyone else.
Amy: Leave her alone.
Man 627: Don't te have a dick to suck?
Amy: I detto I won't do it! *Runs towards them*
Man 853: *Shoots Amy*
Man 627: Christ! te killed her!
Alan: *Shoots Man 853* And I'll kill te if te don't let her go!
Camryn: Alan!
Man 627: *Pushes Camryn down*
Alan: *Shoots him*
Man 627: *Looks at his stomach, and laughs* Good shot. *Falls down, and dies*
Alan: *Drops the shotgun, and hugs Camryn* Are te okay?
Camryn: Yeah, but Harry's wife is dead.
Alan: She was a piece of shit anyway. How about Harry's cousin?
Casey: I'm angry at you.
Alan: What?
Camryn: Believe it o not, she actually had fun here.
Alan: Let's get te two back to Cape May.


They walked out of the building, and a taxi stopped to pick them up. Once all three of them are inside, the taxi takes them back to Cape May.

SeanTheHedgehog as Alan Martinez
WindWakerGuy430 as Harry Penn
Ashleigh Ball as Camryn Jones
Kristen campana, bell as Amy Penn
John Pankow as Captain Ford
Mark Salling as Frank Sullivan
Scott Caan as Alec Baker
Joseph May as Tommy Ten
Mark Wahlberg as Wade Harvey
Jess Harnell as Biff Frederickson
Jamie Foxx as Henry Cahill
Cody McMains as Scott Elroy
Charley Atwell as Hilary McKinnon
Bianca Beauchamp as Emily Masterson
Bri Burke as Casey Penn

Songs used

Bony Maronie: Larry Williams
Dream Girl: Robert & Johnny
Louisiana Ferry: Roy Budd
The Hostage Escapes: Roy Budd
The Car Chase: Roy Budd

The End

This has been a SeanTheHedgehog & windwakerguy430 production from October 21, 2016

Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see.


The cerchio comes from the right followed da Wind's name. When they stop, a lightning bolt appears in the circle.