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 Merlin 4.07 - Guinevere te Are Exquisite
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Seriously far too perfect.
Angel coulby
Colin Morgan
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This Arthur e Gwen foto contains ritratto, headshot, primo piano, and closeup.

posted by kbrand5333
Part 3: link

    “And, finally, we have six men wishing to petition for knighthood,” Leon finishes his report, standing and addressing the round table.
    “Worthy candidates?” Gwen asks, looking up at him.
    “I believe so, my lady,” Leon says, lifting a different parchment and looking at it. “Lord Clifton’s son Devon, Lord Ackerly’s son Lander, Lord Ulmer’s son Hyde, and then Judson the baker’s son, Oakley, who’s mother is, oddly enough, Lord Ackerly’s maid – apparently his father has passed…”
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posted by sportyshuie

    Merlin struggled with Arthur’s weight but his determination to get the king to the shores of Avalon was più pressing than his concern of the burden. Almost dragging the king now, Merlin reaches the barca that will take Arthur to Avalon.

    “What are te doing, young warlock?” Kilgarrah asks, looking at Merlin interestedly.

    “I’m taking Arthur to Avalon, to cure him,” Merlin says amid his struggle. He lays Arthur on the ground and pulls the barca closer.

    “But it is not his time, Merlin.”...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 8: link

    I have a convention on Thursday. Gwen looks down at the text she’s just gotten from Arthur, and remembers his “plus-one” threat.
    Oh, no.
    Don’t worry, you’re safe. Not a plus-one kind of thing.

    “What’s up?” Merlin leans over and peers over her shoulder.
    “Arthur has a convention to go to Thursday.”
    “Sounds scintillating,” Merlin says, making a face.
    It’s in Dublin. I’ll...
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Here is the issue I am having and have been having for weeks. I don't believe Arthur dies in the conventional sense. I know, weird as that sounds. I simply don't for various reasons I will not go into, most of them are fiscal and having a kind of understanding. Yeah, I will leave it there. So don't bother asking lol. I hate repeating myself, ask HQ lol. One thing that irritates the crap out of me are those not prepared to think for themselves. No time for it.

Enough about me.

As to the actual legend, there is no Albion without Arthur and Guinevere actually. Murphy twists it to suit his Queenly...
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With the way things are playing out, e.g. fast inoltrare, avanti to Camlann with no creation of the golden age, and it is looking più and più like Arthur is going meet his end. How the HELL is Gwen going to keep the crown? She is a non-royal/no royal blood, a former serving girl, sitting on a trono wherein the military has been weakened da a war. If Merlin leaves to fulfill his destiny, o at this point looking più and più likely that he will be touring the world embellishing the tale of King Arthur and sorcerer Merlin so that the legend of Merlin and King Arthur is created, who o what is going...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 7: link

    “So who gets to go first?” Gwen asks, holding the jar of body paint, standing in the doorway of the living room.
    Arthur looks up from the Macbook on his lap. He arches an eyebrow at her and smirks. “You’re the artist,” he challenges.
    She snorts and disappears, back to the bedroom. Arthur hurriedly slams the laptop shut, fumbles with the remote to turn off the TV, and scurries after her, swearing as he bangs his shin on the coffee table.
    “Nice princess sheet,” he says, striving...
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Arthur yawns, stirs and stretches out his arms. He feels tired and his limbs are aching all over. A good hot bath will do the trick for his aching body. He yawns again. Someone beside him shifts their position. Arthur yanks his eyes open and turns to his left, his mouth dropping wide open when he notices a female body, fully naked, lying asleep beside him. He immediately pushes himself up on his elbow, his eyes never leaving the woman beside him. He has no idea who the woman is o how she ended up on his bed. Arthur starts to sweat. His own topless chest is heaving fast, frightened da what...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 5: link

    “Shit, my phone!” Gwen exclaims as the elevator doors open on the first floor. She and Arthur were about to head home for the day, back to her house for a little cena and an evening in.
    “Did te leave it?” Arthur asks, looking down at her.
    “Yeah. te go on ahead, I’ll just go back up and get it and meet te at my house,” she tells him. “There’s a spare key in the back garden under a pot of petunias,” she adds quietly just before the doors slide closed again.
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 12: link

    “Long live the king! Long live the king! Long live the king!”
    The voices ring out through the trono room, cheering their freshly-minted young sovereign, looking absolutely resplendent in his dress armor and best cape, Excalibur at his hip, crown on his noble brow.
    He looks petrified, Gwen thinks. She knows that she and Merlin are the only ones who see the overwhelmed boy behind the charismatic leader, the fear just the tiniest glint in his eyes. The others will undoubtedly mistake it for grief over his father....
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 11: link

    “Morgana,” Merlin says quietly, looking at Lancelot. “Come here,” he says, and Lancelot steps over.
    Without warning, Merlin pulls the dagger from his friend’s chest and tosses it to the floor.
    “Ow!” Lancelot exclaims, uncharacteristically loud.
    Merlin places his hand over the wound and, with a few words, heals and closes it. Lancelot feels a pleasant warm sensation spreading throughout his body, starting at his shoulder.
    “Thank you,” he says.
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 10: link

    “Bors!” Elyan shouts, fighting his way through the fray. A guard descends on him, and Elyan manages to drop him with a well-placed punch.
    He had just caught a glimpse of Sir Bors, locked in a struggle with a guard nearly as large as Percival, and he thought he saw a flash of a blade just before Bors fell.
    Elyan reaches him, and turns him on his back only to find his chainmail tattered and a large gash in his abdomen.
    “Oh, no,” Elyan says, and drags him back into an alcove, away...
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With their asswipe comments, they find amusing they encourage the dysfunctional Merthurs, who bask in death pronouncements and vitriol dedicated to racism, violence and other bullshit. te are not serving the fandom when te make commenti like te did about the third wheel. No te are not. In fact, te are mostrare yourselves to be exactly the same manner of rubbish that te are advocating tacitly.

Now, I don't personally know, other than Murphy at the superiore, in alto of the heap who has a failed Merthur predisposish, but do wrangle yourself and the chimps that te have manning MO Twitter and Facebook, because...
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Well after watching Arthur’s Bane- Part 2, I guess the whole magic the acceptance o lack thereof is going to be the main storyline.

When Gwen told Sefa “ Respect is to be earned, it can not be bought with blood.” She was right. But the problem is Uther used might (blood) to persecute those with magic, and now in turn some, who want magic to be accepted, are using violence (blood) to try to regain acceptance. Two wrongs don’t make a right. How does one fix this?

Some think that Arthur should lift the ban on magic and allow magical beings to live in freedom. If only it was that simple....
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posted by ellarose88
Final ficlet completed for the ag-fics Fic Battle!

Prompt :Arthur and Gwen film their baby's first, but Arthur goes overboard on all the filming. [prompted da wickedvampire]

Baby’s Firsts, PG, Arthur/Gwen, Merlin, OC


It started the giorno after they found out they were having a baby.

For some idiotic reason Merlin decided to give Arthur a video camera when they found out they were expecting (since Arthur Lost his at a market in Paris) and so everyday Arthur would film her, every giorno to check on her bump’s progress. And she would have made him get rid of it too, but then the look on his face...
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Title: Apart But Not Forgotten, Chapter Two: Virginity
Author: ella-rose88
Pairing/Character: Gwen, Arthur/Gwen
Rating: PG, light M.
Word Count: 948
Warnings: Set during series 4 episode 11 & 12. AU after episode 10.
Prompt: Virginity.
Summary:She may be gone, but Camelot is still with her. In the secondo chapter, Gwen remembers her first night with Arthur.
A/N: This was written for the Square tavolo Challenge over at square-table. The Theme for this chapter is Virginity.

This chapter has not been beta’ed so any errors are my fault. Once again commenti are very much appreciated ♥!


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    Arthur lies awake on his bed; face plunged sideways with his arms tightly circling his bolster. He can’t sleep and no matter how hard he tries, sleep is hard to come da at the moment. Sighing deeply, he recalls back the events of today. How happy he had been with her. The giorno started off pretty well and he had been looking inoltrare, avanti to many più afternoons with Guinevere, only to be short lived da those ruffians. But they are blessings in disguise because he found out about Guinevere’s father after that and that led to many più revelations between them. Whether...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 51: link

    Arthur wakes again some time later to find Gwen gone again. It is now light outside, but it is still very early. He sighs, rolls across the bed, and peeks into the trashcan. Still empty. Well, that’s good, I guess.
    He gets up and walks to the bathroom again and is not surprised to find the door closed. He tries the knob and finds it locked this time.
    “I know, it’s locked. te do not want to come in here.”
    “I don’t?”
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Now, I am not being offensive, o defensive, o any other 'ive', I am however, pointing the collective in the correct direction. I actually know, INTIMATELY of what I speak. Since a picture paints a thousand words, I give you, Gabriel Aubry and Nahla Berry Aubry. Now, those names may not be familiar to you, but he meets a certain criteria and his ex meets the other criteria...enough said.

I'm just tired of people getting it INCREDIBLY WRONG. Yes, her mother is that fine assed woman, Halle Berry and her ex is one of the world's best paid super models. That part is irrelevant, their offspring on the other hand IS RELEVANT.

Why am I sharing this shot? Cause I am tired of shaking my head.
posted by kbrand5333
Part 23: link

    Arthur opens the door, “Good morning, Tom,” he greets Gwen’s father.
    “Arthur, good to see te again.” The two shake hands and Arthur ushers him inside.
    “Father, this is—“ Arthur begins, but Uther cuts him off. The two businessmen’s reputations precede them.
    “Tom Thomas, GE Die Casting,” Uther finishes, extending his hand.
    “And te must be the mighty Uther Pendragon of Camelot Bank,” Tom chuckles, clasping Uther’s hand.
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 22: link

    Arthur wakes before Gwen. He decides to get up and shower, so that they can have plenty of time to get to her apartment before his father’s. He is able to reach up enough to wash his own hair, which makes him happy. When he returns to his room, he finds Guinevere awake, which also makes him happy.
    “Good morning, love,” he says, leaning to baciare her. She offers a cheek, which he kisses, then scowls.
    “I haven’t brushed my teeth yet,” she tells him.
    “I don’t care,” he tells...
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