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Oh no te didn't bitch! No...just no. No...
Bradley James
alex vlahos
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Enjoy. Have a great Saturday.
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It is gorgeous isn't it? It resonates and circles back to what is truly important from the family of man, to the family of a man. That is why it hit endlessly loving circle.
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AN: I should be finishing my almost two-year-old fic for UB on te Muses for abandoning me again!) but this just wrote itself out. (Goes to mostra how obsessed I am with this pairing) Not quite sure if it’s cracky but it’s modern AU o maybe an RLF masquerading as modern AU LOL.
Arthur scowls at Gwen from across the room as she laughs heartily at something Merlin says. She’s laughing so hard that she needs to hold onto both Merlin and Gawaine’s arms as they both stand on either side of her. Although he tries mightily to catch a hint of what they’re laughing about, he’s...
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ciao fanpop here is part 2 two my new fiction. I really hope te read and review. And I hope te enjoy this one. PS te should read part 1 before Leggere onto this one o it will not make any sense. Arthurlover7 (Cassidy)

Part-1 link

here is part 2

Later in the King and Queen's Chambers

"Uther?" I stepped in to see my husband sitting at the desk, head in his hands. "Uther honey." I tried again.
"Igraine te should have seen it. Arthur was bestotic, defending a mai-"
"Her name is Guinevere hon. And I know I just finished talking to Arthur. And I don't think he is enchanted, I honestly think he has...
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