Ashley Greene Ashley Greene Medal lista :)

Juilet1234 posted on Jul 24, 2011 at 01:47AM
All you have to do is tell me your first name, and what medal you have. (If you have one) :)
If you get a different medal, then just send me a message and I'll fix it.

Nicole- Juilet1234
Diana- twilightlover73

Emily- CullenSisters-X

Marty- Martym
Cat- ashesandwine

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più di un anno fa Martym said…
Marty - Fanatic♥
più di un anno fa CullenSisters-X said…
Emily - Die-hard <3
più di un anno fa twilightlover73 said…
Diana- Dedicated
più di un anno fa ashesandwine said…
I've had a fanatic for a long time. Just saw this forum and thought I would say:P
più di un anno fa x-Sophie-Jade-x said…
SophieJade, Fanatic, and quite proudly the first fanatic on this spot from a looooooooong time back.