So recently, a fellow fanpopper Snerkie postato a soapbox articolo entitled “Sydney = Overrated”. If te haven’t read that article, te may have to in order to get what I’m saying. To start, My name is Ali, I’m 17 and I live in Sydney.

Second, I want to pick a little bone with Snerkie.
te say Sydney is Un-Australian. Um... isn't that is what is so great about Australia? That that we are so MULTICULTURAL. Now te say te are not racist, but seriously, everyone has a right to live in Australia (given they're not terrorists, murderers o dangerous) and that fact that te put Un-Australian in bold worries me.

No Sydney is not great. When I was 12 my family moved from Melbourne to Sydney. I remember being so overwhelmed da the enormity of it all, I kept comparing it to Melbourne. Melbourne had trams and was easier to get around, Sydney didn’t. Melbourne had all my friends, Sydney didn’t. Melbourne was Melbourne and Sydney wasn’t. But then as I realized I was going to be in Sydney for awhile, so I sucked it up. I discovered buses and I got new and in some cases better friends.
I’m not blind o stupid. A lot of people smoke, there isn't a great rubbish regime and the homeless people are scary. But let’s just go over the highlights of Sydney. Snerkie liked the harbour, and she’s right, it’s beautiful and the locals enjoy it too, not just tourists. But what about the weather? It’s almost always sunny and the beaches are as close as 30 minuti away. Sydney is also very green, being so moist. There are a vast species of trees, mostly native. The national parks are close and easy to get to, most people have them on their back yards. Yeah I know, fuoco hazard, but ciao that’s Australia for you.

da now your thinking get off your soapbox(hahaha) Shizzali, you’ve only been to Melbourne and Sydney. You’ve never been to Adelaide, so quite being so defensive. Well that’s true. I’ve only every been to Rural NSW and Victoria, and I’ve loved it, but I never thought I took it for granted. I’ve also been holidaying in Europa and Canada, so I’m not ignorant.

To finish I have a few più points, so orso with me. Snerkie says that on TV “they say how beautiful Sydney is and it's like the cuore of Australia”. Well there’s her problem, Since when do te believe EVERYTHING te see on TV (WWE isn’t as sincere as she thinks, obviously). I credit Snerkie for taking that trip to explore più of Australia, my friend and I are doing a road trip around Australia when we finish school successivo year.

So that’s it from Shizzali, te may have gathered I like my feelings known. As a final point, I’m not saying that Sydney isn’t overrated, to some people. Everyone has a right to their opinion and to pubblica that opinion, and I’m exercising that right. I hope te enjoyed it, I certainly enjoyed Scrivere it!

Signing out