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la scelta dei fan: From 2012-present
la scelta dei fan: Black Waltz
la scelta dei fan: Henrik Sandelin - bass, backing vocals
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Andy_F detto …
I saw te support Halestorm in Manchester on Wednesday 26/09/18.
Totally blown away. Why the fuck did I not know about te guys earlier?
I Amore the theatrics, but più so the music.If Alice Cooper,
Pantera, Rush (for the technicality and musicianship) and
System of a Down had a Amore child, it'd be you. postato ·4 mesi fa
Yume-san commentato…
I know right, they are really amazing and underrated. ·4 mesi fa
LittleMissJ detto …
I saw Avatar live here. The mosh pit was INSANE, otherwise I'd have gotten video and pics. I'm so in Amore with Johannes it's crazy. postato ·11 mesi fa
Yume-san commentato…
Yeah, they are really amazing! Haha I can totally understand why ;) ·11 mesi fa
Yume-san detto …
Hello everyone! Today I decided to finally make a group on here for this amazing underrated band. I think they really deserve any kind of support. They are really talented and humble. Let's spread our Amore and support for Avatar! postato più di un anno fa