The world is spinning too fast, and this feeling is a feeling I feel too often. I watch as a house goes up in flames, and shield my eyes from the vibrant colors. So much is happening I don’t even notice a little girl holding onto my leg sobbing.
“W-what’s happening? I can’t find m-my family,” the child has to yell through the chaos. I can’t help but pity that boy, who’s in a similar situation as I was a few years back. My mind trails off. But a fuoco ball nearly hitting me in the head brings me back to the matter at hand.
“It’s the fuoco nation,” I begin, but then another fuoco ball comes zooming at me and I have to anatra on the ground and do a summersault to keep from becoming toast. I realize if I stand here explaining to the girl who looks like she’s about four, we will be dead in a matter of seconds. I scoop up the little girl and head toward the forest about a mile ahead. I have only been there once o twice, but for now it will be fine. I would rather be Lost then dead.
“W-w- what are te doing to me?” the girl began to scream and kick trying to freeing herself, making it a lot harder for me to run with her in my arms.
“I’m-,” but the girl interrupts me.
“You are from the fuoco nation right? te are gonna kill me and everyone else and-“
“You want to know the truth kid, I’m saving your life, and if it wasn’t for me, te would be dead right now te would have been. Just look at where we were standing before, I haven’t seen it because I’ve been too busy running te to the forest to SAVE YOUR LIFE!”
The girl looks behind her as I told her to, gasps, and bursts into a whole new set of tears.
“So, what’s it like back there?” I know I’m torturing her but I’m beginning to get a cramp from running, not to mention I think I’m bleeding from one of the places she kicked me. It also didn’t help that she accused me of being fuoco nation. Yup, I’m not in the best mood now.
“I-it’s terrible. te were right we would have been dead. Thank you, for saving me.”
She gasps. “Oh, no what is it this time,” I think, “maybe she left her doll behind o something stupid like that! Ugh”
“L-look, t-the fuoco Nation, they are following us.”
“Well, duh otherwise I would have put te down a long time ago. They are probably going on a conquering streak o something. They probably are just going to burn down every town in their way. That’s why I’m bringing te to the forest. They are only looks for villages. Now I’m gonna stop talking now ‘coz I’m running out of breath.”
“Ok. We are almost there though,” the girl says.
I finally made it to the forest and I feel like I’m gonna be sick. I’m dizzy and…and….and….
“Are te ok?”
I wake up to the girl I rescued shaking me.
“What happened?” I ask rubbing my head which is throbbing.
“You saved my life when the fuoco nation attacked our village, and te brought me here, the forest, and then te blacked out.”
“Oh yeah, I think I remember now. Flippin’ salamanders, how long have I been out for.”
“I don’t know it’s hard to keep track. Anyway I don’t think I introduced myself, I’m Zola.”
“Oh cool. I like your name. I’m Jane.”
“No offense but that’s the weirdest name I’ve ever heard of.”
“Tell me about it I had a sister named Olivia.”
“Oh, did te have to leave her in the fire?”
“No, I had to leave her a long time ago.”
“I’m sorry but, I don’t like to talk about it.”
“It’s ok I think my whole family is dead now.”
“Join the club. I know this is random but how old are you?”
“Five. You?”
“Cool. Wait, did te hear that?”
“Yes,” I reply.
I look up and see the trees rustling and I can’t help but smile because I think I know what o rather who it is. Suddenly, a girl drops down from the tree. She has long silver hair that hangs down her back and purple eyes much like my own.
“Jane!” the girl exclaimed.
“Joselyn!” I couldn’t help but scream.
Joselyn and I embraced each other.
“Why are te here?” Joselyn asked.
“Fire nation.”
“Oh, holy crackers I’m sorry. Do te need a place to stay, because te can stay with me, Aang, Katara, and Sokka?”
“Flippin’ salamanders te would do that for us? Oh I never introduced te guys. Zola, this is my friend Joselyn. And Joselyn, this is Zola, a girl I rescued from the fuoco nation.”
I walked with Joselyn and Zola to the campsite, where the rest of the gang was. Appa greeted me da licking my face. Everyone laughed.
“Are te moving in here?” Katara asked.
“Katara!” I scream, and everyone automatically looks at me in a weird way. I blush and then continue. “It’s just I’ve never meet another waterbender before, and I need to master it. I mean I know how to waterbend but I’m not sure if I’m doing it right.”
“If te want to learn how to are gonna have to stay awhile. How about te stay here so te can learn?”
“I-I would be honored.”