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Avatar the last airbender
did te know?
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Kya played with her pet polar orso dog while Sokka, Suki, Katara, and Aang sat in front Aang and Katara's tent watched. She and her pet rolled around in the snow laughing and growling playfully until her pet pinned her to the ground and licked her face. She laughed and pushed the polar orso dog off of her.
"Ah, gross. Get off Avalanche!" Kya laughed as she gave Avalanche a big orso hug.
"Good idea letting Kya keep that polar orso dog as a pet, Sokka" detto Katara.
"Well I figured that since there aren't any other kids here her age she could use a pet." detto Sokka.
"Hopefully that will change when...
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Authors Note: Hello all! I haven't written an Azula piece in awhile. This is another imagining of her POV after her Agni Kai loss to Zuko and Katara. It's formatted as a letter to her mother from the mental facility. Enjoy!

Dear Mother,

I know te will burn this letter, and I know I've become an even larger disgrace to te than before, but I am lost. I know not what will become of me o my legacy. The legacy that was stolen from me. And the legacy I was weak enough to lose. "Such a spoiled princess.", the servants would say, "And such a lonely soul." I've caused many peolle so much pain and so...
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“I’m such an idiot, Momo!” the Avatar boy said
As he bitterly thumped his fist on his head.
Momo did not reply
But gazed hypnotically, wide-eyed at the boy….

“What would Katara say?” he mused;
“ ‘Don’t beat yourself up, Sweetie, you’re only confused’ ?“
“What would Sokka, her brother, advise?
‘Well, since I’m much smarter, you’re so right to surmise!’ ?
What would Toph say?” he thought of her too….
“ ‘Why beat yourself up before I’m through with you?’ ?
And I suppose Zuko would simply yell:
‘You idiot! Can’t te tell?
It’s as plain as distinguishing...
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