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last airbender
Hi, all! This is a sequel to "The Moments Ahead, Part 4: One Stormy Night," but te don't need to read it to understand this story.

Aang and Katara lay on the grass, looking at the stars in the midnight blue sky.
"They're pretty, aren't they?" Katara asked, nuzzling Aang's neck.
He smiled at the girl he loved so much. "They sure are, but I have something even prettier in my arms," he said.
Katara smiled and they shared a deep, passionate kiss.
Aang smiled into the kiss.
The fiery liplocking lasted a full twenty seconds. It was the longest, and da far the most passionate, baciare they had ever shared....
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LOL - Sorry it took me so long (what, 2 weeks?), but here's some più KATAANG for you! (dodges a pomodoro that was thrown da a Zutarian) Oh, my God - I've gotta get the %*$& out of here!

Katara heard tossing, turning, and moans from the room successivo to her. Aang's room.
She frowned. She knew how stressed out Aang was. On superiore, in alto of spending time with his girlfriend, he had peace treaties to sign and conflicts to settle.
The moans had turned into short cries, and, eventually, Aang woke up in a cold sweat, tears streaming down his face. It wasn't long before crying could be heard from his room.
Poor Aang,...
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gist of it: air nomads go bad and were using the fuoco nation the whole time.

-we don't know too much about the airbenders besides "What everyone knows" ex. they're peaceful, etc

setting: fuoco lord dead. but the war rages on.

azula thinks she can claim herself firelordess in a half destroyed nation. but she actually learns her fathers were puppets to these stormbenders.now that the firenation has been compremised, they society of stormbenders go all macho, and accept azula as a general.

-a young group resembling the dai li in the air namad nation discovered the great potentional of their bending....
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