And so has passed the batterista of Avenged Sevenfold. The Rev. Though it was awhile ago, I still find myself a little broken inside. No I didn't know him personally but he always seemed to be a good guy and was really funny in the "All Excess" documentary and the rest of the band really seemed to live him. Despite what cruelity that was forced on the band, they're still going. It takes the strength of all of them, espically with all that they've been through to keep it up but the sheer horror of it is saddening.

The irony of the "Seize the Day" Musica video was sickening and I feel horrible every time I watch it, despite that I Amore it. The tears and blood shed are hopefully not enough to tear down this awesome band and all that they're stood for through out their carrer. I pray to God that at some point soon, the suffering will end. Not to say that worst things couldn't happen but this was certainly was too much to deal with at once. I guess te may find that there is no point to this articolo but I'd like it if you'd give a little shout out to the Rev and the band, and everyone else they love. Avenged Sevenfold: og agus saor go deo (forever young and free).