what happens in the end to Angel and Buffy and does Spike die???

i stopped watching BtVS after season 3 coz i can't watch it without Angel in it.i just can't watch Buffy o Angel with someone else.
so can someone please tell me what happens in the end.
does Angel and Buffy get together o does she end up with someone else??
and what's the deal with Spike???

please someone tell me...
 g3u16 posted più di un anno fa
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princess_16 said:
Yeah Angel comes back in last episode. He and Buffy kiss, and have a lovely conversation about their future. I mean, there is hope. And yes, Spike dies.

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posted più di un anno fa 
spike dies!thats sad...but i still support Angel and buffy
robertablue posted più di un anno fa
Spike doesn't really die, though it makes it look like he does. He reappears in season 5 of Angel.
Flickerflame posted più di un anno fa
DefineDelicate said:
In the finale episode Angel comes right when Buffy's Battling the first [the same evil in Admends] then, BAM Angel comes in and he goes "Miss me?" and she kisses him *SQUEE* but then Angel asks him if she see's them together in the future, and she says that she sometimes thinks about the future with him, but she's like a cookie, she's still got developing to do, and Angel says if it's because of Spike, and Buffy's all...well...
I'll just mostra te :)


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posted più di un anno fa 
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