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posted by Ieva0311

I slowly follow you
I quietly match my steps with you
Aww I just look at you
I hide myself in case te find out how I feel

You’re hidden under a veil veil veil
So I wanna get to know te more
Why are te eyes like that?
They don’t leave me alone, te keep provoking me

(SPY) Don’t look anywhere else from now on (Yes)
(SPY) Tonight, I’m your S.P.Y

Ah (ah) Come to me right now, feel me
You don’t know my name
I’m SPY SPY (wuh uh)
Ah (ah) Don’t go, fall into me tonight
I know who I am

To the left
To the right
Turn around

Yes I’m a SPY, wandering on the streets
In the end, I found...
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Start Date: Feb 20, 2016
Countries: 17
Shows: 30

Date: February 20-21
Country: link
Venue: SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium, Olympic Park

Date: Thursday April 14
Country/City: USA, San Francisco
Venue: link

Date: Sunday April 17
Country/City: USA, Los Angeles
Venue: link

Date: Tuesday April 19
Country/City: link
Venue: The Orpheum

Date: Thursday April 21
Country/City: USA, Dallas
Venue: link

Date: Saturday April 23
Country/City: USA, Chicago
Venue: link

Date: Sunday April 24
Country/City: link
Venue: link

Date: Monday April 25
Country/City: USA, New York
Venue: Playstation Theater

Date: Wednesday April 27
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Uh Yeah Yeah
Errbody come on
I can do everything can’t I
If I want to I can become whoever I want to be
My wishes come true as I thought they would
Or perhaps they won’t
In a few years I’ll be the president
Get funky lets live whilst having fun
Be happy let’s live while laughing Hey
Rowdy Dowdy We Like to party
Everybody let’s move
Your hands and your legs Come on
If I want te to Ride with us
What are te worrying about uh
Everything’s good yeh
Whenever you’re tired o feeling down
Don’t think, this song is for te for you
Let’s get drunk on this music
I say Yeah Yeah
You say Oh Oh
Shall we...
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posted by Ieva0311
English Translation:

You’re like an angel, who has left me and gone somewhere
I need you

I don’t know how I’m living
After te left me, I’m going crazy
Every day, every night
I can’t even sleep
I’m all alone, drinking away, cry

So I miss te (I think of you) and I need te (every day)
I can still hear your voice
Come back to me (I don’t have anyone) Come back to my side (but you)
You’re like an angel

The reason I live is you
I don’t think I can see te anymore, I think I’m really dying
The person to Amore me is you
Shine on me in the darkness

Look at me now
Come to me now
(Come back to me,...
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posted by Ieva0311
English Translation:

Turn the lights off
Sit back & Relax your mind
If you’ll be mine, I don’t need no more
We just ride tonight, come on!

Don’t be nervous and get comfortable baby
Tonight te are special, sexy lady
My cuore (you hear me? come on)
This ringing (can’t nobody stop me)

Your beautiful silhouette takes my breath away
Your deep ocean-like eyes that look at me
I’m falling for te (slow), I’m getting sucked into te (slow)

I really want your body
Even your cuore that revealed the hidden me
I want to check your love
This feeling that you’re giving me

Very slowly, with great detail...
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posted by Ieva0311
English Translation:

Ay, let me talk to you, drop it now
Uh, Yeah, Come On
Feels good, right?
Sexy, Special
Ah, girl, Tweet Me Your Mention

Sexy, Special
Hey, girl, Tweet Me Your Mention
Sexy, Special
She’s mine baby, let’s get’em!

Your eyes, hot, your hands, hot
Your slightly slow body movements, hot
Even your lip line and mascara, up
Baby baby

You’re chic, not an easy girl
You provoke my pride
It’s not easy to obtain an expensive jewel
You’re a special jewel

You keep turning away from me
You keep avoiding my eyes
But don’t reject me anymore

Hey 1, 2, 3 to the 4
Stands up, Stands up, Go, Let me go...
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B.A.P – WARRIOR Lyrics

Romanization :

[Bang] Warrior Is Back
[Zelo] We Gonna Rock This
[Bang] Uh-huh
[DaeHyun] Oh~No~WoahWoah~
[Bang] B-A-P

[Bang] What’s Your B?
Matso ssaulkke i gorie yonghondeureul wihe Whoa
What’s Your A?
Seroun hyongmyonge sijakjom magaboltemyon magabwa nal
What’s Your P?
Akhan DNA virus
Urin jonsadeureul da irosso
Once Again
What’s the name
Of the game?
Da iroso

[YoungJae] Kkeut omneun jonjengeun nugul wiheinna
[JongUp] Bang, Bang bigophage da
Geude dwieso moril gyonunda
[DaeHyun] Geude deure wisoneun yongsobadeul su inna
[Himchan] Bomb Bomb odun gamyon sogeul da
Get it...
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Himchan detto not only him, but all the B.A.P members has a secret Amore with someone.

Himchan detto he can’t say who are those “girls”, but they call them da using a nickname … “Baby”

Yongguk was actually born in Incheon. Leejakdo was where he lived in briefly before when he was younger and he moved back to Incheon

Yongguk has had fun using Busan saturi lately, he’ll call Jongup like “Moon~Jong↘Up↗ee!”

Last year, Yongguk watched a movie called “World Invasion” with Himchan but he ended up with sleeping

Himchan older sis is taking too much interest in B.A.P. One time,she said....
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posted by Fitch
Honeymoon link

17/09/06 link
17/09/07 link
17/09/07 link
17/09/08 link
17/09/09 link
17/09/10 link
16/09/14 link
16/09/15 link
16/09/15 link
17/09/16 link
17/09/19 link
17/09/21 link
16/09/22 link
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English Translation:

(Yes I’m Hero), Yeah Get te out of my place
fan my fams and everyone that’s why I do the best I can
(I’m from Zero) Uh huh Cause I know what blessed I am
Yeah te gotta hold on te na mean? Huh

Anyone dreams to become Superman o Batman
But te act like you’ve easily become a hero
This is a stern warning, not a rap
Name Value is what separates te onto sides
When did this deteriorate like this
Idols being princes o princesses
Every time te fall in your delusions, recitazione like you’ve become something,
I learn from it I hate you

Hey my fellow listen to my words, hello...
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English Translation:

May I have your attention please
The king is back
Oh hoooo Let go

Uhh, we’re fearless bad boys
Make the new world
Just wait for main course

We don’t have to follow other entertainer’s music
Dream, mic, fan, what
Keep calm and play ball

Feel it right now
Everyone follow me
This is a real bam bam

My rhyme bewitches the little ladies
Following the rhythm, it tortures you
Make classic, a nuclear warhead

Get on the floor
Yo Everybody say B.A.P is back
(B.A.P is back B B.A.P is back B B.A.P is back
KI KI KING is back back)

Get on the floor
Yo Everybody say B.A.P is back
(B.A.P is back B B.A.P...
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Boy group B.A.P made the set of MBC Every1`s 'Weekly Idol' explode in laughter several times on the August 22nd brodcast.

Member Bang Youngguk reminisced with MC Jung HyungDon on his pre-debut appearance on MBC`s 'Lula-Lula',when he was teased for his lack of experience of TV shows.He also almost fell for the random domanda from MC Defconn,"Do te Amore Secret`s Ji eun?" referring to the duet they performed last year,'Going Crazy'.He was forced to say force to say "Yes,I Amore her"after being jokingly grabbed and threatened da Jung HyungDon,who hugged the poor idol after with his forced answer....
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Bang Yongguk
Birthday: March 31, 1990, 180cm ,65kg

Q: What’s your preferito song out of “Warrior”, “Power”, and “Punch”?
A: "Power." In "Power," there's the lyric "The weak are destroyed da the strong" about society, and I think it expresses (the point) well.

Q: When do te feel like you’re most manly?
A: When I'm performing songs like "Warrior" and "Power" on stage. Especially when I sing "Warrior," I feel I am putting out a lot of "manliness."

Q: Which member do te think has the most gaps in personality?
A: Hhmmm…All the members have those sort of gaps. Everyone's face changes...
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Like fuoco burning
I found te in the light
It’s the reason I found my life again
What did I see at that moment?
Your scent makes me forget everything

Your Amore Your way
A name that I can meet
Only when I’m lost
Your Amore Your way
A miracle that followed instinct
(yeh yeh ya)

You’re the only one for me
Can’t change with anything
Diamond 4 ya
Diamond 4 ya
You’re my everything
The reason I live
Diamond 4 ya
Diamond 4 ya
(Woo Woo)

You blossomed inside my hardship
You’re the melody (woo woo)
Always whisper to me da my side
So we can go together, hold onto me

Hug me deeply
Come to this black and red cell
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Bang Yong Guk previously gave fan a heads up with a handwritten page that seemed to hint at the tracklist for B.A.P's upcoming 1st full-length album 'First Sensibility', and now it has been confirmed da TS Entertainment.

It's detto that the B.A.P leader especially put his 'body & soul' into the album as a producer this time around. One of the songs should be already familiar to fans, like "B.A.B.Y" which the boys previously performed at their recente fan meeting '2ND BABY giorno : Be My BABY'.

There will be a total of 13 songs, but which will be the titolo track? We'll have to keep guessing until the official reveal!

1. B.A.P

2. 1004 (pronounced as chunsa, which means angel)

3. Easy

4. SPY

5. Clock On

6. Shady Lady

7. Lovesick

8. Bang X2

9. SNS

10. Body & Soul

11. Save Me

12. B.A.B.Y

13. With You

posted by Fitch
Hands Up link
Hands Up link

17/12/15 link
17/12/16 link
17/12/17 link
17/12/21 link
17/12/22 link
17/12/23 link
17/12/31 link Remix

B.A.P Arena Tour Ticket + 1st Single Sales

It was revealed that B.A.P's 1st Japanese single "Warrior," which will be released October 9, was to be be sold with a ticket to their Giappone arena tour.

B.A.P's arena tour (Currently no title) begins November 19 in Hyogo, Kobe World Record Hall and end in Tokyo's Yoyogi National Number 1 Gymnasium on December 4 & 5, a tour with a total of 6 concerts. The "Warrior" single + live ticket is available for order until September 8 through a special ticketing site, and that the tickets would be for special "Warrior" seats at the concerts.

Also, the Japanese...
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posted by Ieva0311
English Translation:

Without you, you’re my lovesick
Because you’re not here, I’m..

The moment I first saw you
My breath was taken away
My cuore pounded and I started to be sick
I get nervous if I don’t see te for a single day
I can’t hide my shy face

At the thought of meeting you, I get dressed up
I want to talk to te today, I strongly promise myself
Should I confess to you? I hesitate hundreds of times
But in front of you, my head grows blank at the smell of your shampoo

As if I’m possessed da something, my cuore feels stuffy
At some point, I became your patient, I can’t speak
This sickness...
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posted by Fitch
Skydive link
MelOn Premiere link

B.A.P MV Skydive link

16/11/10 link
16/11/11 link
16/11/12 link
16/11/13 link
16/11/15 link
16/11/16 link
16/11/18 link
16/11/19 link
16/11/20 link
16/11/22 link + link
16/11/24 link
16/11/25 link
16/11/25 link
16/11/26 link
16/11/27 link
16/11/29 link
16/11/30 link
16/12/01 link
16/12/01 link (no background music)
16/12/02 link
16/12/02 link
16/12/03 link
16/12/04 link
16/12/23 link
16/12/24 link
16/12/29 link
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The tickly sun and
The wind that is blowing gently
Are fragrant Because of you
Your pretty lips
The feeling that you’re always looking at me
Just puts me in a good mood
So Because of you
Don’t leave my side
As long as I have te I think I can fly anywhere
I Fly high Yoo Hoo
Don’t be wary
Today is the last Babe
Tell me anywhere te want to go
No one but te will do
Before this night ends let’s leave the party
Yes Whenever I’m with you
The whole world shines on us and
It feels like everything has stopped
The whole world is beautiful
Because of you
Cause of te Cause of you
Just stay da my side follow me...
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