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Looking for big Barbie pictures

Hello, I'm looking for special Barbie pictures. Maybe te can help me?

- Doesn't matter which movie
- Storybook o movie picture
- Good to very good quality
- Size like this (more o less): link

It isn't easy to find pictures like this, so I ask te and I think the community will be happy about a little collection of big and good pictures. In our gallery we can't cerca according to these criteria.

I'm happy for every picture te find.

 Sirea posted più di un anno fa
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Lorinna said:
te could always try Google: link
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posted più di un anno fa 
Thank te Lola. I'm looking for a few days, but most of them aren't good enough.
Sirea posted più di un anno fa
Nothing much. I am here for help. Oh; if you're having troubles with finding such pictures, I could send te links to these.
Lorinna posted più di un anno fa
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