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In the summer, Meribella, a magical kingdom, was soon going to have its five hundredth anniversary. Princess Tori and her younger sisters Meredith and Trevi were very busy. They had to attend ceremonies and balls, and always be poised and proper. The princesses thought it was hard work. Whenever they had the chance, they would sneak away and play together. Before Meribella's five hundredth anniversary, the princesses had to greet royal visitors, who came to Meribella for the occasion. Tori wished she could have an exciting, music-filled life like her preferito popstar, Keira. She wished she could watch Keira performing in an ampitheatre near her palace.
It all stared at a concerto of keira

Keira, a world famous singer-songwriter, was on the guest lista and was going to perform at the festival for the Meribella's five hundredth anniversary. Keira enjoyed touring, greeting fan and having extravagant, spectacular concerts. However, it left her with no time to do what she was passionate about: Scrivere songs.

Keira she thought being a princess would be carefree. The successivo day, members of the royal court were invited to the palace in Meribella to meet the royal family. Duchess Amelia, Tori's aunt, told off Tori for watching Keira's nearby concerto when she was supposed to be greeting guests. Tori had to go back to the guests, so she used a magic hairbrush to style her hair before leaving.

When Keira went to the palace for the festival, she met Tori. They became great Friends instantly, and so did their pet Cani Vanessa and Riff. Tori gave Keira a tour of the palace and so they began joking about trading places. Keira showed her magic microphone, that her aunt had dato her, to Tori. It transformed her outfit into a royal gown. Tori used her magic hairbrush, so she used it to transform her hair into a different hairstyle. They realised that they looked just like each other.

Tori and Keira stayed disguised as each other while Tori carried on giving Keira a tour of her palace. They entered the secret garden, where fate tended to the plants. There were gardenia fiori made out of diamonds, which were called Diamond Gardenias. Tori told Keira that the Diamond Gardenia roots spread through the entire kingdom. Without it, Meribella would wither and die. The Diamond Gardenia made the kingdom magical.

Later, Crider and Rupert, two evil men, uprooted the Diamond Gardenia. The fate tried to stop them, but their efforts were in vain. Tori and Keira stop them and they learn that it's important for them to be their own selves.
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I found this..it's pretty cool isn't it? but they don't seem as good as Pixar o Dreamworks...
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Here is the secondo trailer to Barbie In A Mermaid Tale 2. I sure can't wait to buy the movie.
At 0:15, Clara looks really pretty! And this commercial is so old, because it's 2001! Duh! Haha! But they're awesome, but Barbie's body wasn't! :P
'' Feel like Amore '' The Barbie Diaries
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