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"BARBIE VIDEO GAME HERO - Trademark Details"

"Licensing Hotline: May 2016"
"Papercutz to Produce First Barbie Comics Since 1990s

Papercutz has secured the rights from Mattel to pubblica Barbie graphic novels, marking the first time Barbie has been in the comic book format since 1996, when Marvel was the publisher.

The first titles, to be released in both paperback and hardcover, will release in fall 2016 and will be tied to the core Barbie brand and to two DVD movies, Barbie Starlight and Barbie cucciolo Adventures. Another DVD tie-in, Barbie Video Game Hero, which features Barbie as a game programmer who uses her tech skills to beat the bad guys, will follow in winter 2017.

“It was something we had been pursuing for a while,” says Terry Nantier, CEO and publisher. “Barbie has been under attack and criticized for promoting values no longer in sync with how society has been evolving. But Mattel has been mostrare a lot of creativity in relaunching her, and lately they’ve been stepping it up quite a bit. They’re empowering her a lot more.”

Nantier notes that Mattel has renewed its focus on Barbie’s various professions, and is stressing diversity in race, ethnicity, and body types. The Barbie graphic novel line will continue in this direction, featuring Barbie and her sisters and incorporating a “be what te can be” theme. libri inspired da DVDs will stick closely to the themes of the entertainment, including sci-fi/fantasy for Starlight and a simple sleuthing story for cucciolo Adventures.

The Barbie line will add new libri every three to four months, while various DVD-connected series will cycle in and out each year. All are wholly original, rather than adaptations of existing entertainment, and will skew slightly younger than Papercutz’s core audience of ages 8–12.

Separately, Papercutz has secured the rights for graphic novels tied to Trolls, a tentpole film release from DreamWorks animazione (which was recently acquired da NBCUniversal). The first title, published at the end of September, will be a prequel to the film; further libri will be released every three months. “Orders are looking really, really good,” Nantier reports."
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We should meet one day
I know you're a kind man
To your cuore I'll ask
"Love me as I am"
I hope Amore will be
True as te say

I'll be sure about it
If you'll Amore me as I am

The girl you're looking for
The one that you'll choose
In my heart, I think that's me
Look into my eyes

Maybe you'll remain upset
When you'll look for the truth
te must go deeper
And listen to the heart

I'll be yours
Together we'll be only one
Amore me as I am

(Dominick) //////// (Erika)
I'll be yours ///// Who can say where we'll go
Together we'll be only one //////Who can say where I'll be, but I am with you

Amore me as I am...

Amore me as I am...
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