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Barbie, Stacie and Chelsea camp out to buy tickets to a concert, much to the embarrassment of Skipper.
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Okay, so, I decided to just randomly make an articolo about Barbie characters. Then I thought, why not make it a countdown? So here it is:

#10. Nola from Secret Door
Nola may not be a huge character, but I loved her in the movie. She is cute and sweet and is one of my preferito characters. I just wish they made a doll out of her.

#9. Kara from Princess Power
I know, this movie hasn't even come out yet and I am yet very fond of Kara. I really like her superhero design and I can't wait to see più of her!

#8. Alexa from Secret Door
For me, Alexa is a lot like Nori in the sense that she wasn't very catchy....
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