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 Barbie: A Fairy Secret 2016 DVD with New Artwork
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Characters in Barbie as Santa Claus's Daughter:

Barbie as agrifoglio Claus: agrifoglio Claus is a beautiful, determined, rebellious, feisty, adventurous, and kind sixteen anno old girl who refuses to be pushed around. Often telling people she's not a toy o puppet. This doesn't mean she is selfish however, quite the opposite, agrifoglio Claus is a selfless girl who seems to care più about other peoples' lives instead of her own. She was cursed da an imprisoned evil sorcerer. With it cursing the entire kingdom of the North Pole. If she stays there that is.

Spirit the White wolf: Spirit is the loyal, wise...
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The teenage princess with a cuore of oro doesn't want to grow up and take on the demands of being royalty. She wants to laugh, pull pranks and rock out!

The world-famous popstar is an in-your-face girl whose career has made her grow up too fast. Now she needs to find the joy of Musica again.

Tori's posh pooch is from a long line of regal canines. She always keeps an eye on Tori to make sure that the princess is recitazione like a royal should.

Keira's super-playful pup is devoted to her. He knows all her dance moves and performs them with joy

The handsome prince is a polite royal, but also a modern teen. When he gets a charming crush on Keira, what he doesn't know is that it's Tori transformed into the popstar.

Keira's two-faced manager tells her what she wants to hear, but plots behind her back to take the spotlight for himself.
Since the lyrics were changed very much on Italian, this is the translation ;)


I don't have balance anymore
I believe I'll fall
I'd like più talent
It's not my world, I know...

I feel the pressure
It comes into me
I've never thought
I could resist but...

I wanna try because
If everything depends on me
And at the end I'll do it

On the world I'll be
And under me I'll see everything
And the sky I'll touch
On the world I'll be
There where my dreams come to life
With the wings I'll fly
On the world I'll be
On the world I'll be...

Nothing can stop me
I'll do it
If even a...
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