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ciao guys , as most of te know how much on earth I Amore Blair so I am gonna explain the reason she’s in superiore, in alto of my list.

As we saw from the beginning of the movie that Blair is an ordinary girl and do all the house chores and take care of her mother and sister besides she’s so polite towards every single person she meets, I Amore how normal and grounded she behaves even after getting into such a big school, I mean come on wouldn’t a girl be excited and overwhelmed if this ever happens to anyone though I felt that she shouldn’t have made herself feel not worthy of being there after few...
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There are reportedly 3 Barbie Film that are coming on 2015
1. Barbie In Princess Power
2. Barbie In Rock 'n Royals
3. Barbie & Her Sisters In The Great cucciolo Adventure
The teaser trailer of Barbie In Rock 'n Royals will be released in Barbie In Princess Power Dvd bonus feature .
te can see the following movie . These are not fake . Wikipedia has stopped giving aggiornamenti on Barbie Film .
I'm just giving te true info and please accept this kindly
My instagram Id is www.instagram.com/barbieinprincesspower
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