Alot of children dream of being pallacanestro, basket players sometimes. Right now I am waiting on making the girls pallacanestro, basket team at my school. GO BEAVERS!
Not many people can picture me playing basketball- because I am too much of a girly girl.
Deep inside I have this Amore for basketball. I Amore to beat other people at it.

The trick to being the best is "Whoever has the ball the MOST is the best." And that is advise ANYONE should take.

pallacanestro, basket helps build your muscles, and being in pallacanestro, basket gives te something to do.
I'm only 11 years old and even I know that nowadays video games are taking over our minds!
So put down the X-Box controllers and Ps3's and go play outside.
I only take once and a while to be in the house all day- and that's SUNDAYS.