pallacanestro, basket Old pallacanestro, basket games on dvd's!

utakmica posted on Nov 23, 2008 at 06:46PM
Hello! I have many Dražen Petrović games on dvd ( 130 games ), Šibenka, Cibona,Real Madrid, New Yersy, Ex-Yu, Croatia,and more another games(Jugoplastika,Partizan,Aris,Barcelona­,Ol­imp­iak­os,­Pan­ath­ina­kos­,Ma­cca­bi,­Zal­gir­is,­Tra­cer­,Nb­a games,Eurobasket,World chanpionship,Olympic games....1100 games on dvd's ).If someone interesanting for this games, ,or have some games for exchange,please send me message on my E-mail:

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