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Is it so much to ask for?

I been single so far an I just want to be with some I like and know. I'm not interested in anything sexual, I just want a boyfriend. but ont that's up to my standards:
-not a jock
-obnoxious (becasue if he weren't he wouldn't seem like a guy.)
-not a jock
-not afraid to talk (and I mean just talk, like about his giorno o what ever, anything.)
-not a jock
-at least somewhat into what I'm into

(sorry I keep puting that, it's just that so far those are the guy that I've been attracting, and I'm not a very sporty person)
I mean is it to much to as for a guy at least a LITTLE bit close to that standard?
am I setting to high? am I just being selfish for wanting a guy like that?
please tell me.
(random video I found, and thought it was cute, it's a K-Pop song..I think.)
 madening_mahem posted più di un anno fa
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saniya99 said:
hii misa....well many gals want a guy close to this standard...so it means ur not being selfish....very less guyzz r lik this n believe me many dont see anything else other than sexual relationship...but on the same side we should take care...n get a trustworthy guy...that r my opinions on this...!!
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posted più di un anno fa 
sehdt said:
I know exactly what te mean only trouble is its the same line I took and now I find I am 36 never had sex and I am single. Sometimes I wish I have what I have not got. So good luck with your hunt. te may have più luck if te lower your expectations I have a bit and I am now just having a bit of fun but on my terms which is great.
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posted più di un anno fa 
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